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Hi! I’m British, I like music (grime, garage, hip-hop, R&B, and more!). I like art, culture, history, politics, & doomscrolling memes.

Also a touch of programming :)

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Fair enough. Respect the lack of corporate speak

This is not ok (lemmy.ml)

Saw this today and now I’m reconsidering if Boost is right for me. I’m really hoping this is shitty boiler plate that was accidentally copied and over looked because that is some bullshit to say “unless we decide we want to use your personal data for whatever we want”....

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Foss fanatics being completely out of touch with how normal people interact with the internet will never not be funny to me.

99.9% of people do not give a shit. They want a good experience. That’s it.

I do what I can to block trackers on my end but if your app can’t give me the experience I want then I’m not using it.

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The Uyghur issue is on the other side of the world and entirely internal to China.

WW2 was an active threat to the entirety of Europe, there wasn’t an option to ignore it.

Madbrad200, (edited )
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You’re going to need to give more information than this zero context screenshot. Is this a virus scanner? If so, which? Why are you scanning? What caused this series of events? What’s the full content of this popup?

Absolute worse case scenario: whatever you’re doing will not irreparably damage your PC. If you break windows or whatever you can just wipe your pc and reinstall windows via a usb stick. However, it’s not clear what’s going on here.

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Because it isn’t free, from the perspective of your Lemmy instance you’ll be spam requesting until you find content. Doing it this way ensures you’re less likely to hammer an instance.

Zelensky Grabs Whatever Office Supplies He Can Get Hands On In Capitol, Saying He Needs It For War (www.theonion.com)

WASHINGTON—Following hours of meetings with lawmakers to try to shore up U.S. support for his country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly grabbed whatever office supplies he could get his hands on in the Capitol Thursday, saying he needed them for war. “We really need a bunch of these staplers for the war...

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Pretty much zero chance Russia is evicting the Ukrainian government at this point.

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Hosting a Minecraft server is an immensely easier task than implementing a livestream service, lol

Whatsapp has begun working on support for third party chats (Telegram/Signal) (wabetainfo.com)

The European Union has recently reached an agreement on a significant competition reform known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will impose strict rules on large tech companies that will have to offer users the ability to communicate with each other using different apps. WhatsApp is one of the companies that will be...

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People who use WhatsApp but have friends who want to use signal and vice versa.

Your average person really does not care about this stuff,they just want something easy and familiar. This is good for people who care enough to use signal but still want to actually chat to people.

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Because it doesn’t have millions of users in the EU and near a billion in revenue

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Centred design is way too similar to Laos

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Not quite. This isn’t an uncommon thing and appears in the log under the name “Anti-Evil Operations” (yes, really). In this case, it appears the admin probably didn’t activate their admin status properly or something.

It isn’t that they want to hide the action, it’s just not meant to appear under a personal username.

[Rumor] Nintendo Switch 2 Will Come With 12 GB RAM, Ray Tracing Capabilities; Unreal Engine 5 Demo Ran With DLSS 3.1 (wccftech.com)

Speaking on X/Twitter, Necro Felipe, Universo Nintendo editor-in-chief who correctly revealed information regarding Nintendo products and games in the past before the official announcements, revealed that, according to their sources, the new console will be ray tracing capable and will come with 12 GB of RAM, which is a big step...

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This is very deceptive if you’re using dlss or the amd equivalent.

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Kind of sorta not really?

It’s a fun wrap-up to act 1 before you dive into the underdark or the mountain pass. It also serves as an important relationship set-up - it’s where you’re meant to establish who you want to romance, if anyone.

But it’s probably not required so

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