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VeryBadLlama, to random avatar

the nice thing about my ADHD is that if my apartment is haunted I will literally never notice it

“silly me, always leaving these cupboards and drawers open and the sink running at full blast,” I say, as a frustrated ghost screams into a pillow in the corner


@VeryBadLlama "Boooo" Screams and runs out of room "what did I come in here for again" shrugs and carries on with day

miunau, to random

at the tamagotchi store. anyone need anything


@miunau wow. Flashbacks to my youth

Ratatouille Memories GIF

realestninja, to android

What are the best #android apps for listening to #podcast ?

The bare requirements are:

  • It shouldn't be named Spotify
  • it should be able to download episodes for offline usage

Any recommendations? 🤓


@realestninja came to recommend AntennaPod only to find everyone has already beat me to it 😂

Ceronan, to random

Hey all, what is your favorite open source note taking application? Specifically, I will be using it for research and internal documentation. My requirements are .md support and a fully featured note organization scheme.


@stev3yd @Ceronan +1 for Joplin too.

  • Open source
  • has clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS
  • you can self host or use WebDAV, Next cloud or many other forms of storage/sync
  • you can encrypt all your notes (so no matter where you store them, they're safe from being scanned)
Ceronan, to random



@Ceronan they'll reduce your internal storage to a minimal space and force you into cloud syncs and streaming

MajesticTechie, to random

Went on holiday. Managed to leave heating on 19°c

Joe Exotic Tiger King GIF

ShibaBotJason, to random

Why do companies think "Family Owned and Operated" is worth advertising? People being promoted based on last name, not competence, is a bad thing. Yes?


@ShibaBotJason big corporations are often thought of as faceless and greedy. "Family owned and operated" is an attempt to advertise they are not that. It often works well too.

MajesticTechie, to random
nitrogenez, to random Ukrainian

just noticed that crusty crabs had ukrainian flag on it. my life won't be the same ever again.


@nitrogenez those are Nautical flags used for communication at sea. The ones used actually have a meaning too which is pretty cool


@nitrogenez kill it? Nautical flags are ace! Communicating with other ships using flags is an amazing concept pre radio


@nitrogenez oh. I'm sorry 😞

andycarolan, to random avatar

Has anybody in the UK noticed how incredibly expensive handwash has become? I don't mean anything fancy, just the regular Carex stuff.

It used to be everywhere for £1 for 250ml, now it appears to be a minimum of £1.50 🤔


@andycarolan I buy it in bulk. 10 litres jugs for £20. Better for the environment since jugs are easily recycled and I don't have to worry about hand wash for 12 months at a time

selea, to random

After years of dreaming, month of looking, weeks of planning - the day is finally here.

My family just moved into our new home :)


@selea congrats! :pingunootnoot:

andycarolan, to random avatar

🤨 Preparing for that ridiculous twice a year ritual of clocks going forward/back.

Can we end this stupid tradition please?!


@andycarolan twice a year we do this, we complain. I always hear "There's talks about getting rid of it" I've been hearing that for about 20 years. I wish we'd just do it 😞

andycarolan, to random avatar

I had an “Ad Blockers are not allowed on YouTube" popup on YouTube in Safari today.

Not long ago, I was hopeful that YouTube's ad free subscription service would come to the UK, but no... it's been shelved, so ad-free YouTube Premium is the only option, which would be fine if it weren't the most expensive streaming subscription out of just about everything.


@andycarolan this is all I want. I want to contribute to the Creators I watch without ads every 5 minutes. I don't want music, I don't want downloads, I don't want any other "features", just an ad free experience that's not expensive

geerlingguy, to random avatar

There is literally no reason to pay for Reddit premium anymore.

First it was removal of gold/awards, now ads are coming back?!


@geerlingguy have you thought about using Lemmy? There's a strong Linux community on there and it seems more poeple are using it everyday

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