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Content never really dies, it’s just recycled to lower and lower tiers.


Finally, i’ve been living in Germany for the past few years and this is one of lifes simple pleasures here I knew I would miss when I move back one day.


Kinsey! Continuing his crusade to shut down the stargate program!


Hello? Pedant Police?.. Whats that? Oh you are pedants who are also police? My appologies thats my bad for not understanding, have a nice day. Click

Wedding Guests Get A Surprise When A Cow In A Nearby Field Turns Out To Be A Furry Taking Pictures (

Of course when you have an outdoor wedding you always run the risk of nature crashing the party, like when a deer decided to crash a wedding and take a nibble out of the bride’s bouquet, or this grizzly bear that brutally mauled a moose in the background of a wedding at Glacier National Park....


I would not be surprised if it just nuked the player


So i clicked okay, not because i trust them but because they just said that THEY would stop showing me ads… They didnt say that they wouldn’t keep farming my data and selling it to other parties.

I didn’t read the whole contract, but from the blurb i got thats certainly what it sounded like


In the way that brexit made sense yes…

Muscle_Meteor, (edited )

Increased barriers for trade will reduce the number of businesses wanting to do business in the region (different rules, regulations,.and red tape)

They would also create their own currency eventually, so that introduces exchange rate problems. A single currency is almost always better for economic cooperation between states as it removes the uncertainty for long term contracts. Like before the Euro if a german company and an italian company wanted to do business they would have to use 2 different currencies, if one country sufferered a banking crisis that would basically screw over the other as their investment would then be worth a lot less. The UK already had their own currency so this part would actually be worse for Quebec.

Lastly there would be brain drain. Now Quebec is the 2nd most prepared province to go off on its own (diversified economy, warm water ports) but its still a bad idea economically. Despite being a net contributer to the EU budget the UK cant make up for the money the EU gave to the UKs poorer regions, or invested in the countries institutions and industries. Its highly likely the same would happen here. And with the xenophobia for non francophones no longer able to be limited to people from outside Canada i suspect a lot of non Quebecois would leave. Skilled labor being so economically valuable this would just do further damage. Much like the UK outside the union it is harder for them to attract skilled labor from the continent and they are actually now in a net loss for skilled workers dispite increasing immigration.

So no… not at all…

Edit: those rules and regulations i mentioned in the first part im sure would include something about mandating French be used (at least at first) for businesses. The global economy is based on the English language. I work, as a Canadian, in Germany for a Germany company, i work in English every day. my German boss went to China on a business trip, they spoke to every professional the met in English. So while many Quebecois might see independence as preserving their language… That will fall away really quick when they realize the economy is more important. Ironically Quebec is probably more insulated from English by being a part of Canada.


As a canadian id be happy if we met the 2% gdp target, as an engineer i see it as public spending to help boost our high tech industries and prevent skilled workers from packing up and leaving.

But the government needs to carve out an agreement as a part of NORAD where canadian companies can sell defence products to the US without being american owned and 51% american operated… otherwise were just paying money to lose industries and the biggest purchases most of our governments will ever make just go to building industries and jobs in other countries. Imo thats why we currently dont hit the spending target, wheres the economic benefit in an age of economic problems?


As an engineer i hate both, technical sales never have an understanding of their product and are never able to answer any of my questions (because i’ve read through the datasheet as their words are meaningless to me) but they are mooooorrrreee than happy to schedule an in person meeting to come to my office and show me their product line.

Tell me what i want to know or find me someone who can, im not going to buy 10,000 of whetever if i cant even determine if they will work for my use case.

The last time i had to deal with one of these assholes it took 3 phone calls and 2 emails to get a simple answer which wasnt in their datasheet, which was all of one page long.

My favorite experience with technical sales is we had these component guys come in, they had openned up our product and wanted to show how much better their “equivalent” components were (genuinely a great idea), but they had no context as to what the components were being used for so they all fell flat.

In my experience both are only a waste of my time.


Yes i am a “monthly” user of facebook. I log on about once a month as the strata for my building foes basically everything through facebook.

I look at it like internet explorer a few years ago, it has its claws in everything and its just easier to keep using than for people to find an alternative that satisfys everyone.


This is BCs provincial NDP, which may or may not be ideologically in sync with the federal NDP. Its a difficult thing to determine as they campaign on different issues typically, but as BCs liberal party was its acting conservative party i tend to look at our parties as shifted one to the right. It tends to follow a lot closer to the federal voting patterns that way.

Edit: that being said i did vote for them


Oh don’t worry im sure there will be a confession soon… Under totally normal circumstances…


Will only join nato if the country is attacked… Mm yeah okay… by Austria then?

Wont allow for reexport of its weapons. Sounds like a good reason to stop buying them.

Switzerland is in for some real pain the next few years with a lot of their treatys with the EU expiring, and one side or the other refusing renewal, they might want to consider trying to be likeable at some point. Sure they have a strong economy, but thats only as long as their neighbors continue to tolerate them, if trade barriers and tighter banking rules pop up they might be in for some real hurt in the wallet… The only pain the swiss care about.


Alberta doing something stupid and regressive?


I suspect the problem there is range, transmission range, and or payload.

If they can weaken the Russian black sea fleet enough they might be able to pull off some more complex operations in the future.

I hope they blow it up soon, and that its caught in 4k.



You must pay to use your own software


Discounting VPNs for a moment…

What if one person made an account with ID and then the entirety of the country just happened to know the login?

Usr: admin Pass: admin

Where are the good political songs? (

I feel like there are lots of parallels between the eighties and now (recession/inflation, yuppies/inequality, skin-heads/fascists, hot-cold wars etc.) but there used to be protest music! Where is that stuff now? Music that’s intelligent and outraged - like we should be!...


Dassault Systems experimental unmanned combat vehicle is called the nEUROn which i thought was clever.

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