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It’s ridiculous that SSI in the U.S. isn’t enough to even cover basic housing anywhere.



@autism101 @actuallyautistic my son is autistic and works a part time job at a grocery store. He can't afford to live on his own with his SSI so he lives with me. And then my dad just passed away and my mom's social security income just went significantly lower. She can't afford to pay all her bills at the place she lived with him because my dad worked a paper route every day so they could afford their significant expenses and debt. Now at 81 she's left with all those bills and no money to pay it so she likely will also have to live with me. We can't even afford a market rate apartment big enough for all of us in Seattle. That's with me working FT and both of their SSI. I'm close to taking another PT job just so I can get a big chunk of change to start saving to buy a house.

But of course I am still paying my student loans for almost 20 years ago so...wheeee!

It's DARK out there.

gemelliz, to Toronto avatar

A raccoon is behind the massive power outage tonight in downtown that is currently affecting 7,000 customers.


@gemelliz @grumpasaurus

I'm sad to say that critters don't tend to fare well making contact with power lines. Heck, for a person it would likely be fatal.

My neighborhood in Seattle had a power outage about 10 years ago because of a squirrel. My bf at the time and I were sitting on the patio outside and heard the zap. He thought someone got shot and he was ready to hide. I ran over and expected to find a gunshot victim to tend to (because I don't hide) and there it was...the smoking squirrel. Poor fella.


@gemelliz @grumpasaurus oh, then if this was the case, they probably caught him like...

Racoon Dancing GIF

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@Hey_Beth @coloradosun like, how do you just forget that you left your human head and hands in a freezer before you moved out? Just wild.

RickiTarr, to random avatar

In the 90's, a full grown man who was pretending to be a doctor, wrote a book called Men Are From Mars, and Women Are From Venus. The book simply stated that women are emotional, and men are rational, while writing about his downright abusive irrational treatment of his own wife, and somehow this was a best seller.


@RickiTarr don't forget there was also a board game.

Like....what is this bullshit?


@RickiTarr ah. This is why my ex would run away whenever he had to deal with his problems. I never understood this until I raised boys alone and then we realized that me raising them to be effective communicators was a whole lot healthier for our family. I'm so proud of them every day.

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What do you think I’m probably doing right now?


@thelaughingmuse @Mrfunkedude @nuncio we just watched Scrooged last night and were reminiscing to my kids the way that studio executives tried to figure out how pander to so many demographics back then and how now they're leaving it to AI and it's gunna be a wildly interesting future for a while.

Mrfunkedude, to random avatar

How long do you think it’ll be before we start thinking text into existence instead of typing it on our phones?


@Mrfunkedude ha. I don't even know what to think most times so it's probably just gunna be gobbledegook spelling out onto the keyboard on my behalf.

NerdRage42, to random

So what you're saying is...

...the Tenth Doctor is no longer wearing underwear?!

Oh Haythere GIF

NerdRage42, to random

It's very funny to me that the GOP gambled on these colorful criminal characters because they wanted to shake things up. Then they got bit in the ass and the bite would not let go.

NerdRage42, to random

The only thing that makes me sad about having died is that my dad didn't live long enough to see it.

Dad, we did it. He's gone now. You can rest.

Guardian Angels Guide GIF

NerdRage42, to random

For some reason I am trapped back on Facebook because of the need to communicate about my father's passing.

No offense to Mastodon, but my friend groups and family back home are still there.

But I made the mistake of wandering into a friend's post.

I forget how people are sooooooooooo fucking reactionary there. Over nothing. The "what's that supposed to mean" kind of reactionary. And I'm pretty sure it's by design. Facebook thrives on this kind of back and forth. So I quickly shut it down.

I've decided that if I'm on Facebook I will not wander outside my own posts. People are not good at healthy interactions on Facebook.

Jaden2, to random

Them Internet trolls be so pussy irl. Istg I been on mastodon 1 year now and y'all lit. They no racism or shit. This app fire frfr!
I love y'all ❤️


@Jaden2 it's there, but we try and weed it out quick. Other spots don't do jack about it.

Tengrain, to random avatar

They say given an infinite number of monkeys on typewriters and an infinite amount of time, they will come up with the complete works of Shakespeare.

One monkey, 12 minutes:


@Tengrain very "When you were partying, I studied the blade."

Jaden2, to random

Momma baking like sum crazy woman getting it all together fo thanksgiving 🤪
I be snooping round da kichen and picked this up?
This shit safe????
I don want nun at dat chemical shi on my dinner . No what I saying 🤔


@Jaden2 it's all chemicals, baby. It's about quantity because if you have too much of anything, even just water, you can be poisoned. Not even joking. There's people who have died from too much water.

But you're safe with this one. Corn starch has been used for a very long time to thicken up things like gravy.

mekkaokereke, to random avatar

👍🏿I like this framing, because it appeals to selfish people: Even if you're not Black, or brown, or trans, or have trans kids, you now care about school board takeovers by right-wing weirdos.

When they take over, they'll ban books and fire librarians. Again, you're not a teacher or librarian so you don't care.

But then the school district ranking will go down, as all the good teachers and smart kids leave. Your home loses $100K+ in value. Now you care!

H/T @jeffjarvis


@mekkaokereke @jeffjarvis I bought a bunch of books from Goodwill today that were on the banned book list. I read a lot of them when I was a kid and they have disappeared over time. I went to an alternative high school for my first 2 years of high school and then took my knowledge of book bans to the main stream high school after that and did a thoroughly researched assignment on book bannings and where they originated. It's times like this that I actually wish my mom would unearth a box of old homework binders so I could see what I wrote.

My current goal is to make sure I read these books again so I am able to more freshly and more eloquently discuss the forces behind banning them.

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You should sleep, unless you have anything weird to think about


@donni here ya go.

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Big #Insurance Met Its Match When It Turned Down a Top Trial Lawyer’s Request for #Cancer Treatment

Blue Cross and Blue Shield denied payment for the proton therapy Robert “Skeeter” Salim’s doctor ordered to fight his throat cancer.

But he was no ordinary #patient. He was a celebrated litigator.

And he was ready to fight.

#Health #HealthCare #BCBS #HealthInsurance #Patients #Doctors #News #Louisiana #Texas #Lawyers #Lawyer


@ProPublica I actually learned a lot from this article and I'm now saving the link in my notes for future reference because I live in America and you have to be incredibly dilligent when fighting these big companies that will throw you under a death bus when you get sick.

godpod, to random

stop trying to bring about the end times you weirdos

Hey_Beth, to random avatar


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  • NerdRage42,

    @Hey_Beth it's also my 1 year today!


    @Hey_Beth funny. That's exactly the word I just used on my main post. It is a cesspool.

    georgetakei, to random

    The GOP has introduced a bill to EXPEL Palestinians from the United States. I cannot read such things without remembering what happened to my own family after Pearl Harbor. After we and 120,000 other Japanese Americans were incarcerated in prison camps for years, without charge or trial, my own mother was very nearly expelled to Japan because of racial prejudice and hatred. Only the brave actions of a civil rights attorney saved her from being sent away. #NeverAgain


    @georgetakei actual psychotic behavior. However, they're not serious. They're playing to their base's fears and stoking them to be hostile. This is all political plotting. And it's only going to create more violence and tension.

    Free_Press, to news avatar


    Eric Trump was caught in a lie during questioning at the Trump civil fraud trial!

    After claiming that he had “never worked” on the Trump Organization’s statement of financial condition and wasn’t aware of it until the bank fraud trial “came to fruition,” the taller Trump brother admitted he was in fact aware of it dating as far back as 2013.
    #AureFreePress #News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA #Republicans


    @Free_Press that's what happens when you're frantically going through your receipts when high on cocaine.

    It's interesting to me that they are claiming that they can't fully adult so they're not responsible for being criminals.

    kevinrothrock, to random



    @kevinrothrock no notes.

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    A friend posted photos at a huge, crowded, loud concert two nights ago. Tonight, she posted a photo snuggling her face against her granddaughter.

    I wouldn't have thought twice about it four years ago. Now, I think, “Does she know there is more transmission today than in over half the pandemic to date?”

    I wish more people were cognizant of stacking their social activities. One way to protect others is to avoid close contact for up to a week after doing high-risk activities.


    @augieray I am pretty sure I got COVID from the corn maze I went to. I kept thinking about all the places I could have contracted COVID since I wasn't really all that much in contact with people, and looking back I'm pretty sure it was this moment making corn angels amongst a bunch of kids with a lack of good germ health habits. I went to eat right after this. Sigh.

    And COVID sucks so bad. Worst illness because it wasn't just a day or two of being sick, it's been a week and I'm just now recovering. That's WITH Paxlovid. And my youngest son, who did a good job of isolating in his room, masking and washing hands, still ended up getting COVID while his brother and I were at the tail end of recovering (in isolation in my room).

    I had gone 3 1/2 years being so careful and this was probably the first big contact event I went to where I dropped my guard. Worse was I was trying to schedule my booster but this month was full up busy.

    Not anymore. Masking at big events from here forward. Getting my booster ASAP. And no more crawling around in corn kernel pits for me.

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