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Police Union Defends Forfeiture By Saying Anyone Carrying A Bunch Of Cash Is Probably A Criminal (www.techdirt.com)

Charlotte, North Carolina’s NBC affiliate, WCNC, tells it like it is. Although it puts quotes around a couple of phrases, it at least uses those phrases in the headline and subhead. “It is like highway robbery” says the headline. In the subhead: “policing for profit.”

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It could have been worse, at least you didn’t manage to set your’s on fire like I did lol

Techrights — The Effort to Silence (Squash) GNU/Linux Advocates and Press Coverage (techrights.org)

THE Google ‘News’ (Gulag Noise [1, 2]) mentions of “Linux” diminish again, partly because sites that used to cover GNU/Linux every day suddenly stopped a few weeks ago (our coverage of it had struck a nerve, attracting about 3,000 readers). No need to shame the publisher or anything (it had done a great job until it...

q3k :blobcatcoffee: (@q3k@hackerspace.pl) I can finally reveal some research I've been involved with over the past year or so. (mastodon.social)

We (@redford, @mrtick and I) have reverse engineered the PLC code of NEWAG Impuls EMUs. These trains were locking up for arbitrary reasons after being serviced at third-party workshops. The manufacturer argued that this was because of malpractice by these workshops, and that they should be serviced by them instead of third...

@mrtick@infosec.exchange in front of an Impuls.

Trump says he'll be a dictator only 'on day one' if elected (www.rte.ie)

Donald Trump has said that he will not become a dictator if he becomes US president again except “on day one”, after warnings from Democrats and some Republicans that the US was in danger of becoming an autocracy if he wins the 2024 election. Fuck, well at least he’s honest on this statement

Thomas 🔭✨ (@thomasfuchs@hachyderm.io) 23andMe just sent out an email trying to trick customers into accepting a TOS change that will prevent you from suing them after they literally lost your genome (hachyderm.io)

23andMe just sent out an email trying to trick customers into accepting a TOS change that will prevent you from suing them after they literally lost your genome ro thieves....

We encourage you to read the new terms in
full. Please notify us within 30 days of
receiving this email if you do not agree to the
terms, in which case you will remain subject to
the current Terms of Service. If you do not
notify us within 30 days, you will be deemed
to have agreed to the new terms.
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Yep I saw that a few days ago (I live in rep. of Ireland), I then deleted my account because fb for me is just a time waster. My mother decided to opt for the free version and so now she sees more ads than friend activities. She’ll probably deactivate her fb account so she can continue to use messenger.

Court rules automakers can record and intercept owner text messages (therecord.media)

A federal judge on Tuesday refused to bring back a class action lawsuit alleging four auto manufacturers had violated Washington state’s privacy laws by using vehicles’ on-board infotainment systems to record and intercept customers’ private text messages and mobile phone call logs.

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