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Microsoft has been trying to be more proactive about this: they changed all their documentation to say Entra ID instead of Azure Active Directory…before actually changing Azure AD to be called Entra ID…


He’s made them before, it’s one of his earlier videos. He’s specifically talked about how he doesn’t use shoes because his feet are basically leather at this point and he has better grip with bare souls than anything he could make.


I’m surprised it’s both this early and this late. The fact that he came in second in Iowa and then dropped out before New Hampshire is baffling.


The Volkswagen e-Golf was literally just an electric GTI hatchback but they discontinued it…


to the racism to a 33-year-old woman being called a “girl”

But you repeat yourself


I think there’s absolutely a space for an industry achievement/recognition award like the Oscar, Tony, etc. The Game Awards just seems like the most cynical attempt at forcing one into the video game space.


Recompiling my foundation and hoping it still holds the house up when I’m done.


This sort of shit is literally what The Jungle is about, but instead of manufacturing reforms we got food reforms. As long as those fingers and toes don’t end up in the food the main regulators don’t care.


Yeah that’s like saying someone setting you up on a blind date is arranging a marriage for you

Rekhyt, (edited )

To be clear, their transition has been quite public and there is no question of acceptance by this friend. It is simply a circumstance of lives going in different directions that these two people are not actively friends and there is not a safety question.

Edit: I see your edit and obviously this is an easy solution given infinite time, but tends to break the flow of conversation…

I know not all transitions are the same but is there a general rule for this sort of situation.


I just want to respect my friend’s transition.


Specifically I would say the following streams fit the bill:

  • Let’s Nope (horror)
  • Let’s Watch (Steam garbage)
  • Rhythm Cafe (rhythm games)
  • Talking Simulator (hard to describe)

“Politician does thing, maybe poorly” isn’t the same as “This is an issue that socialism could fix” or even related to workers at all.

This doesn’t belong here the same way “Lauren Boebert kicked out of Beetlejuice musical” doesn’t belong here. “Political enemy of the left does bad thing” isn’t even anti-Socialism, it just is.


Okay, I don’t want to be rude, and I am going to try to politely convey two things. Please don’t take these the wrong way, as I appreciate the fact that this community exists.

  1. You are the primary contributor because you post many, many articles in the span of a few minutes every couple of days. I’m not saying I’m a major contributing member, but getting my feed spammed every couple mornings with posts about climate news (which I accept can be marginally related to socialism), “Biden Couldn’t Care Less About Human Rights” (not really related to socialism, just another “Politician sucks” article, but sure, he’s doing it because capitalism, so just barely getting over the hurdle), and “Why are people frightened that kids will learn abouy sex?” (Absolutely not related to socialism, just a social issue), let’s just say it makes me feel like this community is a dumping ground for left-leaning gripes rather than an actual discussion of socialist action and values.

I will say that I appreciate the posts about the numerous strikes happening around the US and world, those are good posts for this community. However, posting them all at once isn’t creating a healthy community, it’s just making me go “Oh, Wednesday morning is it? How many posts today? 9?” If the posts were spread out in time, I wouldn’t have the same reaction.

  1. “I made it and I’m in charge, no other opinions welcome” really is the weakest of arguments.

You’re right, I tend to lurk and up vote when I feel it’s appropriate. I’ll try to do better at making my voice heard if you want to have more contributions and build an actual community.

I’m sorry that your posts in particular seem to irk me to the point at which I felt I had to speak up. I’ll tailor my browsing so that they won’t show up, but I’m not giving up on having the main anti-capitalist community on beehaw as part of my browsing.

Socialist critique of elected officials is absolutely relevant to a socialist community, as is a socialist view on sex ed and nudity; I really don’t know what to say to someone who doesn’t understand that.

When those topics actually engender discussions pertaining to socialism, sure. But based on the discussion under the article about sex ed, it’s mostly just more of the same discussion I would find anywhere else on beehaw — I would think you would want a community slightly more focused. I can’t speak to the discussion re: “Politician bad” because there wasn’t one.


Theoretically, if you are “extra productive” at a specific thing, there is a position you can move into where you do less of the things you’re less productive with and more of the thing you are productive with. And if you are “extra productive”, that should mean less effort for you to put into it: your reward is now less effort at work for the same amount of time and production, and if the thing you’re doing is more complex or dangerous, that slrt of position should be negotiated for better pay by the union.

Instead, the “extra productive” person gets exploited by the employer until they burn out or are Peter Principle’d.

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