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You know whats better? Having none of this shit

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Well its great to see a site like this that feels like when the internet was starting to mature still with active users.

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Just keep unrolling all of it into the toilet and flushing. Let it clog up. If management makes a stink say you have ibs or some health issue and with the tp so thin you just end up going through alot of it for medical reasons. This isnt a battle won directly or honestly. You need government backing. It needs to shift from you vs them to them vs a larger entity of power.

That is of course if this isnt in a state or place where the government has no oversight about unfair dismissal.

Is this too much for better toilet paper? No. Fuckem. Tp is cheap they are cutring corners in the wrong places. If a business cant afford standard toilet paper they have no right existing. If they are in the red but operating, they can afford tp. If they are doing good, they can afford tp. If there are bonuses going to literally any staff member, they can afford to buy tp. Theres no scenario where its ok that my fingers slip through these rice papers and i get shit under my fingernails.

If your colleague had just scooped shit under their fingernails and proceeded to literally clean the shit our of their hands for the next ten minutes, would you still feel comferable shaking their hands? Now imagine that happening to each and every one of your colleagues. Are they all gonna wash their hands for 10 minutes?

If i worked here I would take a fucking black light to the kitchen to scare the biggest karens/loadmouths jn the company. Scare the living shit out of them. Make them sick. Let THEM run to HR. Let health and safety get involved.

This is the kind of place that says we are a family but then you gotta bring your own fuckin ass wipes

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Imagine you’reblind and a new scene starts, and you dont know what characters are on set. You dont know who walks in halfway through the scene.

Helps a lot announcing every character in this way.

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Even those people are probably misguided, uneducated or scared.

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Yeah, look, the only reason we cant 100% fully customize everything about the homescreen is so they can control the ads. Every single discussion about the homescreen always boils down to what do we do about the ads.

At this point I wont be surprised if it played a 30 second add when you launched the damn thing, directly conflicting with all the marketing about how fast it booted in the beginning.

I like phil spencer as much as the next guy and im sure these kinds of decisions arent up to him but these guys arent our friends and they will market to us whenever they can.

Help settle a discussion between me and my wife: what side is the front of the bed?

This has been a sometimes fun, but most often infuriating discussion between my wife and I, as well as other family members and friends whenever we bring it up: which side of the bed is the front? Is it the foot end? The side where the heads are? Or are you a rebel and is it the side you get out of bed at?

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Yup and let a native American walk into spur and have a heart attack

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