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Ceasefire Now! From the river to the sea, Palestine will soon be free, with justice and equality for all.

Here, where I want to be.

I am susceptible to poetry, excited by technology, especially making fabrics and textiles.
Sumerian myth rocks my world; so do some bits of math and some bits of poetry.
I ferment things.

I translate for a living. BDS! BLM! Trans rights are human rights!
"It's inconceivable that something should be lost forever." - Šurupag.

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Shunra, to Palestine
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The local press came out with a delightfully helpful story about why a local group of activists have been spending so much time out in the streets and in the rain, with signs about “Ceasefire Now”, “Let Gaza Live”, and “Love, Not War” (among others).


faab64, to Palestine

Breaking News Israeli Channel 14 says that several senior officials in the army’s information unit, including military spokesman Daniel Hagari have resigned.

No further news is available about the reason for their resignation and who will replace them.

@palestine @israel

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@faab64 I don’t see any mention of it on Haaretz or Ynet.
This piece on Channel 14 says Hagari’s second in command has quit, and named other senior figures who did, too.

ct_bergstrom, (edited ) to random
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A long shot but let's try.

When I was photographing birds with a very long lens on the empty beach south of 's airport, this magnificent gentleman waved to me, pointed to himself, and immediately struck a pose. I fired off this frame, we shared a laugh from 50m apart, and went on our respective ways.

I'd love to get it to him. Anyone know him?

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Perhaps you can help boost this to your networks @ahe?

Shunra, to palestine
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Beautiful people, in beautiful protest, reported from Seattle.

“Gaza, Gaza, don't you cry, we will never let you die!”

May we have the force and tenacity to make good this vow.


Teri_Kanefield, to random
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Hi, Fediverse,

I have my weekend blog post.

Click here: https://terikanefield.com/why-some-prefer-oligarchy/

Why some prefer oligarchy (and what's Russia got to do with it)

No, the members of Congress carrying water for Putin are not useful idiots or easily fooled.

They are Putin's allies and willing partners.

I offer some history and a timeline to explain how and why.

(Nobody should get the error this time. If you do, wait a few minutes and try again. Let me know because I have something else to try.)

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@Teri_Kanefield Dang, I got the error.

(I usually read your posts in a leisurely manner, hours after you put them up. But you asked to know, so I checked - and there it was.)

Shunra, to random
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@Teri_Kanefield your writing is a joy.

I can’t wait to see why the stork landed in the post.

(And thanks for being a solid voice for reason.)

jake4480, to random
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I've done it. My phone's autocorrect has finally given up and no longer changes Kong to Long. This is a huge victory over the machines, people. Put it in the history books. Songs will be written of this day

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There once was a spell-binding schemer,
With a spell-checking B-movie dreamer:
It changed Kong to Long
But got stopped by a song
Sung by a hero of bit change, our Beamer.

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@jake4480 (that got a little convoluted with the rhymes. I am, however, truly impressed.)

Teri_Kanefield, to random
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For this week's blog post, I thought I'd do some housekeeping and organize my blog.

I have law, history, and political book recommendations all over the place. Now they are (mostly) all on one page.

Come for a brief history of how the Party of Lincoln became the Party of the Ku Klux Klan.

Stay for a few heart felt mea culpas.

A Bunch of Good Books: https://terikanefield.com/a-bunch-of-good-books/

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This is very timely, I was just talking about this process with @aRubes.
Take note, @aRubes!

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@Teri_Kanefield the image didn’t attach, but the link did! So @aRubes is all set.

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I see @Teri_Kanefield as a far more authoritative and thorough interpreter of American political and legal history than I am.

And her list of books is now in my to-read list. (Yay, libraries!)

Shunra, to random
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Oooh, I got the receipt for another year of @ivory.
In a year of heartbreak, being able to keep up with goings on around the fediverse in the comfort of Ivory has been good for my heart and soul.
Few apps can be described that way.

Onward to another year 💖🐘

Shunra, to random
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My current computer (an Intel-based MacBook Pro from 2019) has been having a hard time, poor dear, probs 'cause I am pushing its limits in new and creative ways.
So after a whole bunch of optimization and a certain amount of invective (in Sumerian, natch) I went ahead and bought the first desktop Apple I will have owned since a IIe.
This one will be a smidge faster.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (also, I am feeling my years.)

oconnell, to Texas
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“We must pass a ceasefire resolution. … We must join the growing chorus of voices saying ‘never again’—’never again’ for anyone.”

Great work by my colleague @gusbova, wrapping up efforts to pass a resolution in city councils across : https://www.texasobserver.org/texas-gaza-ceasefire-austin-dallas-houston-san-antonio?utm_campaign=mastodon


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My city - Port Townsend, WA - has just passed a resolution along those lines.
The county commissioners passed one first, and the county board of health did, too.
The school board didn't even want to hear about it.

Our congressman is Derek Kilmer, and he adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism, which defines criticism of Israel as antisemitic.

I'm a Hebrew/English translator. :: sigh ::

@gusbova @palestine @TexasObserver

Shunra, to random
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Friends, it has finally happened.

This afternoon I outnapped my cat.

Shunra, to random
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Shunra, to random
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Is it even possible not to be in love with cormorants?

Shunra, to random
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Intro to Akkadian!

I'm going. Who's coming with? I can vouch for the teacher (the wonderful Megan Lewis of ) and the subject matter (starry-eyed wonder).

Starting in January.


SoniaSulaiman, to random
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I just checked in on SFWA's Discord and... it's a hot fucking mess of anti-Palestinian racism. I am legit shocked. I no longer wish to be affiliated with this organization, in any form. I'm shaking... I was expecting apathy, but it's a violent. It's not safe for me, for any Palestinian. I'm gone.

This is coming literally on the cusp of me trying to write again. They just didn't think there would be any Palestinians in the room.

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@SoniaSulaiman I'm so sorry.

researchbuzz, to Raleigh
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I connected 's of to a API query for finding nearby items of interest and then to a OpenAI API query so the trees could describe themselves and the area around them.

As you do when you're a weirdo

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@researchbuzz and larches are gloriously silly.

@Shunra@tooot.im avatar

@researchbuzz here's a larch friend of mine, a few blocks away from where I live.
I have often wondered if Dr. Seuss made them up.

A larch in Port Townsend, looking like it is doing a complex dance move while also being a little like a llama.

CatherineFlick, to Electricvehicles
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My 1 year old son has just started making noises when he plays with cars. He doesn’t say “brrrrm” or similar, he says “eeeee”. We own electric cars.

Think of it, a future where cars, buses, trucks, tractors go “eeeee” instead of “brrrrrm” in the minds of children.


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@CatherineFlick reminds me of my son’s VERY perplexed expression when I sang him a song about clocks going “tick-tock”.

ifixcoinops, to random
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Lost Harley the cat this morning.

We've had him spread out on a towel downstairs the past couple of hours, took turns telling stories about him, the usual wake stuff, you know.

Kid's been watching over him while I do the work outside. Mad respect to sextons, it's hard bloody work.

Had to come in and do the grim job of measuring him, now having a quick cup of tea before I go back out and widen his grave a bit. Well, a lot really.

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Faved in sympathy, with empathy.
Cats are such a light in our lives, and their absence darkens things so sadly.

timnitGebru, to random
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The only place I have found Palestinian voices is on Twitter, even as a broken site, and even with all the censorship of Palestinian voices. And the most heartbreaking thing is when journalists who were updating us with the most horrific updates, photos and videos tweet "this might be my last tweet," and their friends say "X's home was bombed and we haven't heard from them in 3 hours" "a new day and there is no news about X."

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In Saturday night’s press conference, Netanyahu invoked a biblical command to commit genocide - quoting a passage about the Amalekites.

It is taught to all schoolchildren in Israel, around fifth or sixth grade, with an emphasis on the penalty paid by king Saul for sparing the life of the Amalekite king: he died on a battlefield.
That is part of the curriculum. Invoking it is not a dog whistle.

emilymbender, to random
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How can we support a pathway to peace if any speech in support of Palestinians is demonized as pro-terror? I've signed this letter, with gratitude to its drafters & organizers.

(My name isn't showing up yet, but I am confident that it will, when the page is updated!) 1/

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The only other end-game would be a genocide (of one or the other) and that is not ok. Ever, for anyone.
Never again. Never again for ANYONE.

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