A recovering entrepreneur. I live on a farm in Ireland. Passionate about human/tech relationship. A believer in the power of GDPR and ethical use of data to make things better for people, companies and policy makers. An optimist by nature, I see progress being made everywhere, albeit more slowly than we would all like probably. A big fan of the EU. It's a remarkable success given European history. This account is monitored, like most things in my day to day living, by my cat.

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Sinead_Quealy, to animals

"What do you mean? I AM smiling"

philippsteinkrueger, to Rugby avatar

Bit behind because I had to pacify my kid, but Ramos is such a great kicker.



@philippsteinkrueger @rugby it's or the kid Philip, you can't have both. I speak from experience.

Sinead_Quealy, to Trains

Train trip to Dublin from Waterford today.


I closely observed and they made me very happy

1, helpful train station staff, cheerful and interested at 7.45am - remarkable.
2, super Heuston station security guard helped a confused lady by carrying her bags and explaining the station, boards and her train time to her. He was fab.
3, pianists on the public piano in Dublin. Wonderful.

Sinead_Quealy, to delhi

Always first one to attend, last one to leave the monthly Dublin (online) .

@erinmikail @rjrodger @pachicodes

Sinead_Quealy, to random

At work, we run a monthly online meetup. We've welcomed speakers from all over the world, and continue to do so. Our next meetup is on Wednesday Nov 22nd and our first speaker will be from Brazil.

If you know anyone that would like to speak, or if you would like to present to a friendly, supportive audience of professionals in developer relations, drop me a line. Find me on LinkedIn if you wish

@jasonstcyr @andypiper @contentful @suze @reverentgeek @alvin


Ouch! @mtearle I'm so sorry for your scheduling screw-up. Sounds horrific. Thoughts& prayers.

I'm old enough to have bad memories of facing All Blacks. A lot of bad memories. Like, ridiculous, record setting bad memories.

We'll discuss next step AFTER tonight.


Sinead_Quealy, to random

I'm not going to lie, I've seen more nail-biting matches.


@andypiper not even he can help make this enjoyable. Poor Romania.

jaz, to Rugby avatar

Made it to Manhattan to watch with @newyorkwelsh @rugby


@jaz @newyorkwelsh @rugby Australia seem at a loss. Enjoy your evening.


@eibhear @WatchingTVnFilm @rugby here we go again. Me nerves.


@Schnuckster @rugby lulling boks in to false sense of security?!

Sinead_Quealy, to random

Next Wednesday, Sept 27th, the next Dublin Meetup - online, with thanks to our new sponsors Contentful.
There are two main risks to joining:

  1. Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is promising an "interactive" session.
  2. @andypiper was just an audience member at last few sessions and has been promoted to be a speaker this time.

Seriously people - this meetup is only for the brave!

If you're ready, sign up and let me know how many virtual sandwiches to make.

Sinead_Quealy, to ToeBeans

Content warning. Explicit.


@Schnuckster @rugby it's pretty chronic rugby to watch though, isn't it? Both sides, but one is inexcusable.


@Schnuckster @rugby credit to Japan's try line defence 👏

Sinead_Quealy, to random

Fifteen Love to Fiji in the kick tennis.


@rugby I think he got Player of Match too?! OMG. Love him. ❤️

Sinead_Quealy, to rugby

TV dinner.



@rugby and just served dessert.

Sinead_Quealy, to community

At work, we run an online meetup each month. The community is developer advocates and anyone working in developer relations in general. It takes place online and the chat/Q&A sessions are friendly and fun.

Sept 27th will be our 7th, so we're getting the hang of it.

Speakers this month are @andypiper and Anil Kumar Krishnashetty.

Find out more and register at through this dedicated meetup site where you'll find the previous talks too.



I'm particularly looking after @andypiper 's talk. I'm here on Mastodon as part of the mass November Migration last year. Given his long time working with (as it was) and his role supporting at Mastodon, his talk on "community everywhere" should give more of us the confidence to imagine and thrive in this new world.


@Cassandra @andypiper @miss_s_b Thank you, and Hi! 👋 am happy to learn from experts.

Sinead_Quealy, to animals

"This is my box now. Got anything to say about that?"


Settling in nicely. Making a house a home.

hacks4pancakes, to random

We need to have a talk, and I’m having a really hard time having it with my awesome hacker friends, because everyone is super duper emotionally invested and is deeply hurt by it.

I hope you all aren’t - because it involves all of us and it’s important. It’s not about any of y’all individually or your hard community work.

The talk is about how to make all of our cybersecurity conferences and events and meetups more accessible and conformable for young hackers because I’mreallysosorry, we’ve somehow become Old, and the stuff that we are ingrained with as “hacker culture” like movies, music, and memes all were created before they were born - and they may or may not have any emotional attachment or enjoyment of them at all.

That’s the conversation we need to have and that we are all responsible for and I swear it’s not aimed at any conference or person because we are all in this filter bubble of watching the Matrix and listening to Prodigy and remembering the hamster dance and all of that stuff while awesome was like a quarter century ago.

Part of building a community is thinking about including everyone and their culture under a mantle of good ethics and goals. So we really, really need to start having a chat about when we lean on the 90s hacker aesthetic and memories to the exclusion of people under 30. I had a wake up call hearing some students complaining about it.



So this post struck a chord with me because at work we talk to community builders and members ALL the time. And then we had @carlagaggini deliver a talk at an online meetup and I think her VALUES based community guidelines could help. She has a framework. And gives an example of when it proved very useful!

Reach out to Carla and check out her talk here:

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