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Queer trans gal, nerdy, with a wonderful partner and family. 💖 Growing into my witch hat. Almost all trans stuff, all the time.

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Impossible_PhD, to trans
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It's Pride month, and now that we're 55 years after Stonewall, it can be awfully easy to forget why it's all such a big deal--and what Pride exists to do.

This week on , we're diving into the lifesaving importance of Pride and the Prejudice that makes it so necessary. Grab a rainbow flag, show yourself a little love, and join us as we talk about internalized self-stigma and shame.


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@Impossible_PhD this is really beautiful, sis. Informative as usual, but also really beautiful and powerful.

I am very wary of transmedicalism. I don't want to be one of them, I love the diversity of our community. But I always get nervous when celebrating what HRT is doing for me (which is a fair bit more than I expected, in some dimensions, even if less in others). My brain screams "slippery slope!" 😕 Feels sucky.

But, I'm still considering taking "Extra" as a middle name. 😉

jacqueline, to random
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cant believe someone was convinced tangara's bms would overheat when charging, but it was actually so fine that we've even increased our max charge current since then

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@jacqueline the real question: can you limit charging to 80% state of charge?

recursive, to random
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The worst part is that to turn it off you have to be in a facetime call, it's not listed in Settings


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@recursive yep happened to me on a video call with a doc this week. If it were me I wouldn't allow telehealth to be provided over devices that do this...

JoscelynTransient, to random
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When did young people stop getting taught how to write in paragraphs? 😅​

Grading papers and it just mystifies me that so many don't seem to understand the idea that when you start a new topic/subject, you should start a new paragraph....rather than a 20-sentence-long paragraph that makes your teacher do the work to try to figure out if you actually are answering the different elements of the question. 😑​

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@gallowswitch @JoscelynTransient nah, that's old farts being old.

Kids don't have an innate sense of paragraphs, they're stream of consciousness. If you don't teach them about paragraph structure they won't know it magically.

(Paragraph structure is hard to assess on a standardized test... And it's not "stem"... And it's not helping them deal with trauma and instability in their lives caused by the hyperaccumulation of wealth by the elite...)

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@gallowswitch @JoscelynTransient source: I am a parent. I am married to a teacher. I grew up with instant messaging and can write a nice paragraph if I want.

Impossible_PhD, to nonbinary
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What happens after the end of the second year of hormonal transition, once all the doctors say you've seen everything you're going to see. Why is it that basically everyone sees... well, a heck of a lot more?

This week on , we're talking about Transition Timelines, and the science--and lack thereof--of later transition!


@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@Impossible_PhD thank you for both the "what" and the "why". I can't say I'm terribly surprised, but it does suck. Puts way too much demand on "community wisdom", which definitely sustained humanity for generations, but which we can out-do with science these days, given the will, the funding (just another kind of will), and the time.

dosnostalgic, to random
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What's the name of the song?



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@dosnostalgic that is definitely not the best midi of darude - sandstorm, I feel like I had a better one back in the day

Impossible_PhD, to random
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Okay, I'm doing one of those anonymous AMA thingies! I'm using Google Forms instead of that one app, but it's still 100% anonymous, and I'll be checking and posting replies over the course of the day.

Here's the link to ask or say whatever you want: https://forms.gle/hEwv6eU4CQHWqBeF9

The only stuff I won't respond to are:

  1. Questions about what I've got going on with my pelvis.
  2. Anything that's just being mean.

Everything else is on the table, including stuff I wouldn't usually answer. 😉

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@Impossible_PhD "eSIM" companies are often relatively and have little to no identity and credit checking. Alternately, even getting a SIM card mailed from Consumer Cellular barely took any effort, though I'm not sure if it involved a credit check or not.

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@Impossible_PhD oh dang, I thought there was research saying that E2 can make it a little worse, presumably it's just theory, that it affects the dopamine systems that are somehow connected to ADHD.

It did for me and for several folks I know, though e.g. for me it was a pretty mild change and I just had to bump my meds. I expected the change to be sudden (like an ADHD med change) and it was actually slow over a few months (just like everything else E2 does 😅).

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@Impossible_PhD however that's just on the chemical level which we know isn't actually perfect or complete. The trouble with HRT is that it does way more than that: if your despair and dysphoria makes your ADHD worse, and HRT helps that, it might be a net improvement (I have heard of those happening too).

If you stop using nicotine before starting HRT, you'll think HRT makes it worse, but it's really just that nicotine is a dangerous self medication for ADHD. (Another friend 😅)

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Oh anonymous, this sounds like HRT nuking one's libido (very common) or making it foreign feeling. I wish this was better understood, I would like help too. 😭


mcc, to random
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Git submodule question. Yes, I know, your advice is probably "don't use submodules". But.

Is it possible to clone a repo with submodules such the submodule branches are "activated" after clone?

Like, in .gitmodules we say:

[submodule "local/path"]
path = local/path
url = remote/path

We hoped branch = BRANCHNAME would make it activate BRANCHNAME on clone. But no, it checks out as "detatched head", which later makes VSCode confused. Can we do better?

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@mcc it tries to check out a branch instead of just a bare commit (detached head), if they match, I think.

The special thing looks like it's supposed to let your submodule branch be main if your outer is main, and develop if your outer is develop...

But I've never really had this option work for me that I know of... So you've basically had the same experience as me.

Git is full of mysteries.

IKEA, to random

We should sell estrogen. (And maybe testosterone too)

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@IKEA bundle deal with blahaj

Specialist_Being_677, to random
@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

Damn it!

I was having a great day!

I'll CW the rest, but want this out there.

Trans folks should not use Uber. If that's the best option (or possibly to prepare), delete your old account and make a new one with your correct name, including on the credit card, ideally before you get out of your normal cell service region.

(I am safe now. But there was an "undertone of violence" as Barbie says, and a shitty tech company that nearly put me in more danger.)

mcc, to random
@mcc@mastodon.social avatar

In my opinion a day on which I have to interact with Wordpress is a bad day

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@mcc better or worse than a day you have to interact with grade, though?

Impossible_PhD, to nonbinary
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

One of the scariest parts of coming out is coming out at work. Unlike your family--blood or chosen--work is just a bunch of people who get thrown together, mishmash, and have to make things work out.

This week on , it's a guide to give to your coworkers when they get that wide-eyed look and think "Oh, s#!t, my coworker just told me they're trans." At least, it should keep people from asking what's in your goddamned pants.


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@Impossible_PhD hey this is great, thanks. I'm pretty sure my employer did things well, but I'd also bet they don't have a written guide for the process.

(And I know that the insurance policy in the USA contains exclusions contrary to wpath 8)

Writing a congratulations email is certainly a lovely idea, though in some cases, the urge to do so might be indicative of some underlying trans-ness... 😅 Nope, I definitely didn't do that, no ma'am, not me 🙊

Impossible_PhD, to random
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

Transition: the more things change, the more things stay the same. 🤭

Specialist_Being_677, (edited )
@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@Impossible_PhD ah yes. Reminds me of how last year I managed to catch the entire grill on fire... While wearing a polyester skater skirt. Now I do not wear skirts while grilling. (PSA: Clean your grills!)

Also reminds me of this epic meme...

NanoRaptor, to random
@NanoRaptor@bitbang.social avatar

The quad-package 8-core powermac G5 ran a bit hot.

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@liamvhogan @NanoRaptor common mistake, it actually overheats when it's running lean, not rich. Open up the jets a touch to increase fuel flow and allow improved cooling.

Impossible_PhD, to random
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

I stopped at the gas station this morning and one of the clerks (who knew I was trans and had had top surgery) revealed that she was going to get her boobs done.

And she asked me who my surgeon was, so she could go there too.

I'm pretty sure that that's what victory sounds like.

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@Impossible_PhD nobody is beyond the power of the Atombusen!

niconiconi, to random

Why isn't "import things you're going to use into the main namespace first" an accepted code style in C++? Because std:: prefix in std::vector is short enough? Well, in modern C++ with things like std::chrono::duration_cast<std::chrono::microseconds>(t2 - t1)</std::chrono::microseconds>, I suspect "import first" is going to be the new norm soon...

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@niconiconi for things like the duration cast you should be able to omit the namespace and use argument dependant lookup...

Also "using namespace whatever" in headers, unless itself contained in a namespace, is a mean thing to do to people using your code.

hazelweakly, to random
@hazelweakly@hachyderm.io avatar

Once, back when my ex and I were dating, we were talking about her history as a swimmer in high school. She was on the swim team and had been pretty good, and was remembering how difficult her stroke was (butterfly) and how she got stuck with it partially because nobody else wanted to do it.

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@hazelweakly OMG I also did level 7 swimming, that was the top! I think it actually was a thing, like a Red Cross swimming and water safety curriculum? Like it's not just pulled from thin air. It was larger than the village park and rec department where I took swimming lessons, somebody else's name was on some of the papers.

Your point is still very valid, but I just had to chime in with "I'm level 7 too!"

aeva, to random
@aeva@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

I've been mulling over a joke to the effect of "well maybe someone should fork the old MIT license redis to keep it going, and call it [good redis]", but does anyone use redis outside of corporate cloud scale software development? Like who else builds a nightmare microservice spaghetti monster only to realize in a panic that their "big data" fits entirely in ram?

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@aeva yeah a lot of times you could probably migrate to a relational database and suffer less. But people seem to reach for it instinctively, I think.

(Iirc it also works well for session data? I think some session middleware uses it anyway...)

But I thought it was already not a great license and already used a substitute last time I needed it...

rygorous, to random
@rygorous@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

It's very funny to me how IKEA lamps I bought before (years ago) that used to have the "75W max to avoid fires" warning stickers now have "13W max to avoid fires" warning stickers because LED lamps

I mean it's possible they changed the wire cross section significantly but somehow I doubt it

anyway I'm pretty sure you could put a 75W actual electrical load LED light bulb in there and it would be totally fine load-wise but also lol not for indoor lighting

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@rygorous yes this drives me crazy. I think some of it is maybe a heat rating, not just cross sectional area, but it's still weird. There are literal dark marks on my parents' ceiling from the correctly rated incandescent bulbs in their bathroom lights, how is any reasonable LED of equal or lower consumption going to be less efficient?

Impossible_PhD, to random
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

This week on #StainedGlassWoman is something a little bit different. A little bit personal.

I'm writing this week on (Im)perfection, the heroic urge, and queer failure. My failures. And why they say to never meet your heroes.

So, if you have a moment, have a read. I'd consider it a favor.


@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@Impossible_PhD identification with one's work is always a bit of a double edged sword, it feels like.

But even though I'll try to not think of you as a hero, I can't say I won't be excited if our paths ever cross. Blame it on my social awkwardness, seeing anybody I know in meatspace is exciting and weird.

Thanks for being your imperfect self and being a part of my story.

azonenberg, to random
@azonenberg@ioc.exchange avatar

Assembling the trigger crossbar board over lunch.

Not thrilled with the paste print quality, very inconsistent. the top left corner was way too thick as the board flexed during printing, the middle BGA skipped some pads, and the WLCSP in the bottom right was near perfect.

These big boards bend too much in my paste fixture, I need to find a way to prevent that before I do any more boards of this scale.

@Specialist_Being_677@hachyderm.io avatar

@azonenberg @whitequark $5 with or without the SPI interface? How much obnoxious LUT mangling did you have to do to drive it? Because that sounds very handy and possibly more cost effective than rooting old Kindles...

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