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Does stuff with #mesh networks and #freesoftware. 🦇

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I'm wondering, are there any articles on the case which elaborate on a what if Julian was released? Not just "superficially", e.g. that it would strengthen . But what that would mean for various institutions maybe, how they would need to change. As obviously that's what's been causing the clash all along, a clash with institutions. Could it maybe even change our view on and enhance the basic structure of democracy? Let me briefly elaborate: 1/

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If billionaires can litter the sky with routers, controlling our communication - maybe billions of us could outcompete them with routers here on earth, regaining control of our communication?

@battlemesh @mesh

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Phew, tried, to wrap how the protocol and the firmware framework handle into a 1 hour talk at the @battlemesh: https://media.exo.cat/w/tLUDuxomS61hhmJBgp5qim

I'm sorry in advance if some of my explanations might be a bit confusing or missing some pointers, didn't really do a practice run of it in advance and I was running out of time. But if there are any questions, feel free to ask here, too, I'll be happy to answer :-).

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@opencollective I'm a bit confused regarding how one could make SEPA transactions/donations. I've created an account, selected EUR as currency and set my country to Germany. But still I only see "Card, ACH Direct Debit", Paypal and "Bank transfer (manual)". The latter gives me details for a US bank, not SEPA. And I can't enter an IBAN in the first option. The docs say that in general SEPA would be supported: https://docs.opencollective.com/help/financial-contributors/payments
What am I missing?

futurebird, to random
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The way the supreme court is acting the chances of me living on the lamb in two years publishing illegal political 'zines on old ditto machines in people's basements is increasing far too quickly.

I like teaching math and having a mailing address and phone number.


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@futurebird @cpm @shekinahcancook oh yeah, if you mean the people from NYC @mesh - they're awesome! Had the pleasure to meet some of these people at a mesh (un)conference here in Europe in the past (@battlemesh ).

kuketzblog, to Matrix German
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#Followerpower ist gefragt. Nachdem großen Update der Messenger-Matrix habe ich noch den Line-Messenger ergänzt. Ich bitte alle #Follower mal einen prüfenden Blick auf die Matrix zu werfen - insbesondere auf jene Messenger, die ihr selbst benutzt. Sollten Angaben nicht stimmen bzw. überarbeitet werden, so meldet das bitte. Entweder hier oder über die Projektseite.


#messenger #element #matrix #signal #simplex #telegram #line
#threema #viber #whatsapp #wire

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@kuketzblog sehr schöne Übersicht!

Zwei Messenger, die mir noch einfallen würden und vll. Interessant für die Liste wären?

#Meshenger von @mwarning: https://github.com/meshenger-app/meshenger-android

#Qaul: https://qaul.net/

T_X, to linux
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Btw. my patch/fix for the weird #Linux #bridge #multicast snooping issue, where it'd stop snooping after 248 days of uptime on 32 bit devices (observed on MIPS on #OpenWrt at least, not sure what else uses CONFIG_HZ=100), got merged. And also made it's way into stable kernels already. And should land in OpenWrt with the next kernel bump.


And... cough... it was a bug in another fix I made more than a decade ago... (am I getting old? :D )

T_X, to proxmox
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Hrm, I think I'm calling it a day (or a night). Couldn't figure out yet why on this server a Linux bridge wouldn't forward Router Discovery () messages generated via @troglobit's mrdisc. While sending to ff02::6a via ICMPv6 echo request or UDP works just fine...
Disabling multicast snooping on the bridge does not help either. Nor does "ebtables -I FORWARD -p IPv6 --ip6-destination ff02::6a -j ACCEPT".

Likely sth. with the with nf-call-ip6tables enabled...

tripplehelix, (edited ) to debian
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Careful with dist-upgrade and full-upgrade right now on , they are upgrading to 64 bit time, which means all their packages are being rebuilt. A side effect is that it uninstalls a bunch of packages.

To upgrade during the transition, aptitude seems to do a great job at sorting things properly.

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@tripplehelix have had similar issues on , got task--desktop and by that a bunch of other packages removed by "apt-get dist-upgrade" here. apt seems to unable to resolve the time_t transition properly. aptitude however was able to find proper solutions for transitioning the libraries to their new libt64 variant. Could fix the system with that and reinstall task-*-desktop etc. Now "apt-get" seems to work as expected again.

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@tripplehelix here is an example where I simply tried installing "libopencv-dev", which apt-get wasn't able to resolve. However aptitude was able to do so with a long list of substituted packages: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1065360

kernellogger, to linux
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Linus does not "want some kind of top-level CI for the base [] project":


"'"[…] I would suggest the CI project be separate from the kernel.

[…] slack channel […] don't expect it to be some kind of agreed-upon kernel project when it's a closed system.


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@kernellogger generally, it seems like a nice idea to me. Have had it a few times that I had submitted patches which did not build with specific kernel config options.

These days at least some bot usually informs me about such issues, before it's merged. And the netdev Patchwork got a nice overview. But it would be nice if I could just add my branches on our Gitlab instance at our local hackerspace, @chaotikumev, and could let it's CI verify things, before I submit it.

T_X, to ipv6
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Question regarding , especially with : Is there any concept of signaling the availability of multicast route(r)s to hosts / potential listeners?

On I see it as a usability issue/bug that I have to manually type "ip -6 route add ff1e::/16 dev wlp1s0 table local". Otherwise, even for routeable mulicast addresses, listeners will be installed on the first non-localhost interface by default. Which for me is br0, not wlp1s0.


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If I announce ff7e::/64 via uradvd (it doesn't even allow using /16...) it gets added to the default table on . While it would be needed in the "local" table instead, so this is not working.

Also in when adding routes in there manually I cannot select the table.

And I can't use a netmask for () routes either? Like "ip -6 r add ff7e::/ff0f:: dev wlp1s0 table local"?

So I need to add 16 routes (or even 5*16 even considering all routeable multicast scopes)?

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Also, whenever my laptop goes into standby and wakens up again, has forgotten all these multicast routes I had manually added.

Generally all this is not a big issue for me myself. But for a mass adoption of , by non-technical people, it seems that this might need a solution? Or did I miss one?


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@wonka good question. Right no it looks like can't do that, as written before. For the manual route table selection that should probably be added.

For any automatic multicast route additions, I'm so far still not sure what would need fixing (all kinds of network managers? or the (and other OSes) stack? or RFCs?)

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Falls jemand mal für eine #Event und/oder unterwegs in #Lübeck spontan gutes #WLAN + #Mesh braucht: Es stehen (neben weiteren Geräten im #nbsp beim @chaotikumev) für @ffhl nun zwei kleine, portable Travel WLAN-Router von #GLInet zum Ausleihen zur Verfügung:

Diese werden nun dank des letzten Firmware Updates unterstützt.

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Does anyone know if @gstreamer supports (session announcement protocol, ) for stream transmissions? Ideally in a way that's compatible with a @videolan ( / ) receiver? Or is there some other, external tool I could feed an file that announces the multicast stream via SAP?

T_X, to linux
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I'm wondering, does something like this exist yet?

  1. Some way that encodes a @gstreamer pipeline into a URI?
  2. A mobile app with a GUI which could open it (either by clicking it, or by scanning a QR code) and run gstreamer on the phone accordingly?

The thinking is: When I've made a pipeline to share some content, it would be great if people not used to and command lines could still receive that audio/video stream. In the most easy way for most people possible, on the go.

T_X, to random German
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Ein neuer Firmware Release steht eventuell schon dieses Wochenende bei @ffhl an. Erste Test-Knoten wurden bereits erfolgreich versorgt. Neben neuen Geräten und ein paar kleinen Bugfixes wird es auch neue Features geben. #Freifunk #multicast #Gluon #OpenWrt

T_X, to firefox
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I used to use a addon for (DNS service discovery) / ages ago. Where I could click a button in my toolbar to list all websites discovered via mDNS. This one does not seem to work for me: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mdns-discover/
Does anyone know an alternative addon for Firefox? Would be nice for our network at @ffhl where we enabled/allowed mDNS again.

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Yaiy, found something which works now:
Slightly more complicated to install than back then, needs an extra binary installed on the host OS now (due to new restrictions?)

Kudos to the person in the Matrix chat who named Ciaocia, which then led me to zeroconf-lookup: https://github.com/fwenzel/ciaociao/issues/13#issuecomment-370217474

@T_X@chaos.social avatar

Yaiy, and the "mDNS discover" Firefox addon now works for me, too, after RTFM. Needed to install an extra binary for it, too: https://bitbucket.org/dalepsmith/avahi-mdns-discover/

farcaller, to ELI5
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Confused about VLANs. If my eth0's MTU is 1500, and eth0.200 VLAN's MTU is 1500, how can I icmp ping over vlan 200 with 1472 bytes of payload? That sums up to the VLAN MTU nicely, but that'd be over the parent interface limit, no? What's happening in here?

Edit: I do have "don't fragment" bit set, too.

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@jpl @kkarhan @farcaller what @jpl wrote. Or here is a visualization of what happens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1Q#Frame_format
In both examples the MTU for the payload part is up to 1500 bytes long. Standard compliant switches + network cards should be fine with either 1518 or 1522 bytes frame sizes.
(When tunneling ethernet frames then it'd be a different story though).

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We've known that weaver ants use their larvae like little glue guns to build the silk walls of their nests for a long time... but why isn't this "tool use" one insect using another insect as a tool?

Did you know the ant will tap her larval sister on the head with her antennae to signal to her when to start & stop making silk? It's very sophisticated.

Their common name "weaver ants" comes from how similar this all looks to a person working at loom.

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@futurebird question from a biology noob and programmer's perpective instead: I find it fascinating that these tiny creatures can coordinate and perform such a complex task - is it known if this behaviour is hard wired in their DNA ("firmware") vs. taught between generations ("software")? (Are there insects which teach each other in general?)

@T_X@chaos.social avatar

@futurebird this opens up so many more questions for me :D. Like, if they can memorize + learn, they probably can't store much. But if they were compartmentalizing, maybe their sum can have a quite impressive, dynamic, broad perception of their surroundings?
And I'm wondering if there are means/efforts these days to decode the original hard wired
parts ("decompile the executable to readable source code").

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