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PhD in problems, markets, and design for sustainable outcomes in complex systems. 🚴🏼 🐱 🌍 💚 ✊🏽🧶 FRSA.

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alfiekohn, to random
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I love my neighborhood

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@alfiekohn same 😃

ronanmcd, to books
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I always judge a book by its cover. Go to the library. Pick something that looks barely read. The popular books tend to be uninteresting to me. Pick one with a thoughtfully designed cover. Something the designer felt they owed some effort to. Nothing where the author's name is the biggest thing on the cover. Read the blurb. Take a chance. It certainly paid off big time with this: huge ideas on the future we are building for ourselves

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@ronanmcd oh yes. A great read!

designthinkingcomic, to random
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Interviewing Ex-Big Tech Designers

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@designthinkingcomic in my experience they don’t have anywhere near this amount of self-awareness. They genuinely think they are doing something good and all the bad stuff is in spite of all the good they’ve doing, not the inevitable result of their blinkered ‘vision’

baldur, to random
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“AI hiring tools may be filtering out the best job applicants - BBC Worklife” https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20240214-ai-recruiting-hiring-software-bias-discrimination

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@baldur so all the students are using AI to write their assignments, write their CVs, write their cover letters (now a built in feature of LinkedIn) and all of this is getting assessed by AI to work out which humans can do some work… make it make sense 🤯😭🤦🏽‍♀️

DanielMenjivar, to FiberArts
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For my next pair of linen (pyjama) pants, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 choices for topstitching thread… @sewing

L to R:

• the darkest grey provides contrast; tex 45 is almost “heavy duty” for garment construction seams but on the thin side for topstitching thread

• sew-all Gütermann is tex 30 so I'd have to double it up for topstitching (a bit annoying)

• lightest grey is tex 80 so best to use it for topstitching only (and something else for construction seams)

• white is also tex 80

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@DanielMenjivar @sewing

Red? I've started using non matching threads for some things. It's unique (and easier to take out if needed), though you do have to be fairly neat where stitching can be seen

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@DanielMenjivar @sewing

Yes, maybe not everywhere. But could look like cool sporty stripes on an outside leg lapped seam

I like the neatness of your seam samples, I don't usually take so much care with them, but perhaps should

reginasbread, to bookstodon
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today, I've read about anticapitalist practice of building intimacy with literature.
capitalism teaches us that the most important expression of freedom is consumption, so we consume the world - goods, ideas, information, relationships. we want results!
it's the same with reading. we evaluate, optimise, and extract. we want to read quickly and to read more.
it's nice to be a glitch, to be slow, to reread, to let our intuition and imagination lead us.
is this anything?

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@reginasbread @bookstodon ooh, I’ve been pondering something like this… what were you reading? I’d like to build some intimacy with this idea!

josephcox, to random

Attendees of Bored Ape conference said they “couldn’t see anymore,” woke up with searing eye pain, vision loss. Looks like they were burned with UV light from the stage

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@josephcox Gives a whole new meaning to the laser eye meme....

pluralistic, to random
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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: Amazon is a ripoff; and more!

Archived at: https://pluralistic.net/2023/11/06/attention-rents/


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@pluralistic What a lovely (almost my) birthday gift! Thanks Cory :keanu_thanks:

Talia, to random
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Everything old is new again. The ‘future of food delivery’ is the automat

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@cstross I'm not sure, my partner thinks they're like a delivery locker for deliveroo-type services. There's no hint of any service workers at all.

Obviously we didn't try it.

I always think of automats being like this (from A Touch of Mink with Cary Grant and Doris Day)

marcel, to ai
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In a interview this week, @Mer__edith explains the relationship between and :

«VC's require hype to get a return on investment because they need an IPO or an acquisition […] You don't get rich by the technology working, you get rich by people believing it works long enough that one of those two things gets you some money.»

Quote starts at 17:35; entire statement on hype at 14:02
h/t @adfichter and on

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@marcel @Mer__edith @adfichter Hard agree with this. I've even got a diagram :)

erlend, (edited ) to opensource
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Marketplaces do not self-correct. Ecosystems do.

A marketplace is not an ecosystem. It is merely a single organism, a megafauna, whose sole purpose is to consume and grow as much as possible.

An ecosystem on the other hand has no inherent growth-imperative. The primary objective of an ecosystem is equilibrium; circular exchange of energy. A secondary objective is emergent diversity for the sake of adaptability & robustness.

Make ecosystems, not marketplaces 🌱

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@erlend While I appreciate what you're saying here, you've fallen into an uncritical neoliberal understanding of markets - even as you appear to oppose that ideological standpoint. Markets are a central feature of organised human society. They've been with us for millennia. They aren't going away nor should we seek to rid ourselves of what can be a vital tool of human self-organisation.

Talia, to random
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this overview of Dan Ariely's fake research is so depressing. Apparently Duke granted him a PhD for a 74 page thesis with 87 references, no appendices and no data to prove he'd done any work.


nixCraft, (edited ) to random
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Marriage v. The Ph.D 😂 https://phdcomics.com

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@nixCraft Ok. But why are there two men on the PhD side and not the marriage side?

sarenaulibarri, to solarpunk
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The folks at Solarpunk Magazine have launched a Kickstarter for their 2024 subscriptions, and you can get my novella STEEL TREE as part of the “ebook bag” reward tier! This is a great way to grab a bunch of amazing optimistic speculative fiction all at once.

Check it out and support them at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solarpunkmagazine/solarpunk-magazine-2024

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@alx Ooh. thanks Alex!

kcarruthers, to random
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🙌 Fat Bear 🐻 Week is here: Meet the contestants


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@kcarruthers I’m loving that! I saw 3 bears and a cub ❤️

parismarx, to random
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hear me out: what if we made useful electronics that didn’t have to be constantly connected to the internet and collecting data on us? 🤯

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@parismarx What if we made as many of them analogue as possible? My mom just bought a washer dryer with AI features... and I'm gonna suggest that this quite unnecessary.

MariaToft, to academicchatter

Let’s talk about the trauma of academia, baby! Colleagues from UK asked me to report about experiences with . Here you go. PhD Association Network in Denmark is ready to assist other unions abroad. @ucupostgrads @ucu @timeshighered @academicchatter https://forbetterscience.com/2023/08/28/please-dont-steal-my-work-by-maria-toft/

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@MariaToft @ucupostgrads @ucu @timeshighered @academicchatter Have you collected any stories or submissions from the UK? I had my PhD proposal plagiarised by a pair of potential supervisors. I found out years after meeting them that they had executed my project and published a paper on it. It was such a clear cut case that the PVC-R at my university complained to the plagiarists’ institution on my behalf

Talia, to llm
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I'm reading author guidelines for publishers and they've all got good clear guidance on the use of tools to write papers - they don't allow it.

This, from Emerald Insight, gets to the heart of the matter "the author(s) must be responsible for the work and accountable for its accuracy, integrity, and validity".

This is much better than what many academics are saying, who seem enthralled with no understanding of the tech. A bad look for people who value critical thinking

Talia, to random
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Reading this 🤯 article about a guy who his thesis and went on to fabricate results... And the fact that there is even a possibility of him 'correcting' his plagiarised thesis instead of having his degree revoked is just :angryplanet:

Not revoking the award devalues the whole enterprise.


alx, (edited ) to design
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So, while the Mediterranean is burning, the Global South is devastated by the effects of climate change with millions of lives on the line, the Design Council UK sends a newsletter titled: 'Can AI save the planet?', publishing ChatGPT article prompted by the question 'Can save the planet?' accompanied by a DALL-E generated image that looks like the architecture dystopian renders that colonise the web since the beginning of the 2000s



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@alx *** screams inside ***

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@alx You know I feel your pain. The Design Council is just... so frustrating. They seen determined to embody and practice the hell out of everything that is superficial and problematic about design.

When COP was in the UK, their big flagship event and contribution was a product design for an EV charger :picardfacepalm:

pivic, (edited ) to philosophy


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  • Talia,
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    @pivic @Cleopatra @princelysum @sinabhfuil @SteveClough @bookstodon That is why Monopoly - originally called the Landlord's game - was invented. To demonstrate the unfairness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Landlord%27s_Game

    maxleibman, (edited ) to random
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    Did I accomplish everything on my list this week? No.

    But did I prioritize well and make sure the few things that got done were the most important ones? Also no.

    But did I at least make a solid effort I can proud of, even if I did not succeed? Again, no.

    #productivity #goals #friday

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    @maxleibman Keep going - I'm still ignoring my list from last week. You can do it.

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