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Always with the questions.

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ottaross, (edited ) to Ottawa
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Hoping my local friends in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec are waking up to warm homes and didn't lose power overnight.

The wild winds eventually faded away and we are back to normal winter cold, albeit without much snow left.

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@stephanie @ottaross @Dianora

Spent the night wide awake and listening to the various crashing sounds in the forest behind our home waiting for the sound of one that might hit our roof.

Thankfully and like you all, it was branches that landed in my yard and frozen pond.

I could do with some boring weather right about now.

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@Dianora @stephanie @ottaross

I'm betting you feel all the more inspired to take care of that chore.

Me, I have to rely on the NCC to do its part and well...

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@Dianora @stephanie @ottaross

When it comes to trimming my own trees, I have found Ottawa Tree Surgeons to be quite good.

Might be worth getting them to climb the ladder, ha.

glynmoody, to random
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Caveat emptor: 90% of inks have unlabeled or mislabeled ingredients - https://arstechnica.com/science/2024/02/caveat-emptor-90-of-tattoo-inks-have-unlabeled-or-mislabeled-ingredients/ yeah, injecting unknown, possibly poisonous substances under the skin always seemed folly to me...

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@glynmoody Yeah, not my idea of a good way to stand out from the crowd.

These days, sporting an unadulterated outer layer is a statement in and of itself.

neurovagrant, to random
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Can't decide if people calling the Change Healthcare attack "healthcare's Colonial Pipeline moment" is overwrought or not.

Below from the Wall Street Journal's Pro Cybersecurity newsletter.

links to https://www.wsj.com/articles/hospitals-urged-to-disconnect-from-unitedhealths-hacked-pharmacy-unit-11c9691e?mod=tech_feat3_cybersecurity_pos1&mod=djemCybersecruityPro&tpl=cy

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Newfoundland-Labrador's health system might have strong views on that question:


It took a lot of work and help from Communications Security Establishment to get the system up and running again.

jd, to Ottawa
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I may just tempt fate and put on the summer tires.

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@jd Awe now, don't forget the mercurial ways of April. ❄️🌨️🥀

Still, I love your optimism.

_thegeoff, to random
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Oops. Looks like I need to spend 5% more on gauntlets...

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@_thegeoff the problem is that you didn't buy from the "evening wear" line.

Those gloves are for more informal blast furnace events.

w7voa, to random
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Japanese yakuza leader charged by a US federal prosecutor for trafficking nuclear materials. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/us-attorney-announces-nuclear-materials-trafficking-charges-against-japanese-yakuza

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@w7voa "A U.S. nuclear forensic laboratory later analyzed the samples and confirmed that the samples contain uranium and weapons-grade plutonium."


RandomCanuck, to Canada
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And the thing is, people seem to be smoking weed almost continuously, regardless of circumstances.

I smell its distinct stench floating behind passing vehicles all the time.

Walking at 5:30 am today, I saw a young couple leaving their lovely home, getting into their vehicle, and driving off on some errand.

The smell hung in the air for the next two blocks.

I get it that people get high to escape the current reality. I'd prefer it if they avoided doing so while driving.

DanielMenjivar, to FiberArts
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For my next pair of linen (pyjama) pants, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 choices for topstitching thread… @sewing

L to R:

• the darkest grey provides contrast; tex 45 is almost “heavy duty” for garment construction seams but on the thin side for topstitching thread

• sew-all Gütermann is tex 30 so I'd have to double it up for topstitching (a bit annoying)

• lightest grey is tex 80 so best to use it for topstitching only (and something else for construction seams)

• white is also tex 80

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@DanielMenjivar @sewing

Sign me up for Team White but with an option for Team Light Grey.

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@DanielMenjivar @sewing

Number 4. Do Number 4 right now.

Also, I hope you didn't break anything.

flexghost, to random
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@flexghost the whole thread's sweet/weird but, you're right, this one is special.

Really, we should all be talking to the trees.

ottaross, (edited ) to random
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Oh hey, it's day and I may actually have many of the ingredients on hand for pulling off a reasonable .

Plus there's a bit of Scotch on hand, if I'm not mistaken.

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@ottaross Oh, that's just offal... 😉​

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@ottaross All punning aside, a very long time ago, before I became a vegetarian, I dined on my first and only haggis.

It was while I was visiting a friend's rich relatives, who basically owned Ronachan Bay, near Clachan. (Ronachan House now seemed to have sold off and is being run as a luxury rental.)

The haggis was not served as any kind of celebration, just a normal Tuesday thing.

Quite good, actually. But, then again, I happen to also miss blood pudding...

TheSauce, to random
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TheSauce, to random
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I prefer to think that this dying mobster's theft of Judy Garland's ruby slippers was really a frustrated quest for the platonic ideal of a red shoe.

Sometimes when I'm feeling low, I'll do a search on red shoes.


AAKL, to infosec
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This Reuters story was recently covered by Politico. It was scraped clean from just about every corner of the internet after Reuters received a request from the Indian government to have it removed. And since this is a different part of the world and the stakes are high, one of our intrepid members dug up the archives so you can learn about this shady outfit. Thanks, @joriki

How an Indian startup hacked the world https://archive.is/ICHpD#selection-2725.108-2725.234 @Reuters @politico @robchapman

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@AAKL @joriki @Reuters @politico @robchapman

Thank you for making sure this doesn't disappear. I had read it when it first came out, but wasn't aware of what the Indian government efforts to erase it.

TheSauce, to Ottawa
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I go for a 120- to 90-minute hike every morning with a bag of shelled peanuts to feed the birds and squirrels who wait for me at assigned spots along my route.

They know me well and show up without fail, rain or shine.

Today, though, it was clearly too damn cold for them to roll out of bed that early.

Finally, proper Canadian winter.

SethRudy, to random
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Education is increasingly looked at as an inconvenience, and it won’t stop with eliminating college. When that gets renormalized, look for high school to last two years so kids can start their apprenticeships.

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jd, to Ottawa
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We now have 30 minutes more daylight than we had at the solstice and increasing by about 2 minutes a day (Ottawa).

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@jd It's amazing how much good that little extra stretch of light in the sky does the soul.

Dianora, to Ottawa
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So a story on the local tv news (cbc.ca) claims there is immunity debt which is resulting in increased illness. Dr. Earl Brown

but there is this story


So is immunity debt nonsense?
Dr. Earl Brown is a virologist but not an immunologist.

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@human3500 @Dianora

Actually, the guy does have some expertise in immunology.

Doesn't mean he is incapable of holding onto some pretty crackpot ideas, though.


briankrebs, to random
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E-Crime Rapper ‘Punchmade Dev’ Debuts Card Shop

The rapper and social media personality Punchmade Dev is perhaps best known for his flashy videos singing the praises of a cybercrime lifestyle. With memorable hits such as “Internet Swiping” and “Million Dollar Criminal” earning millions of views, Punchmade has leveraged his considerable following to peddle tutorials on how to commit financial crimes online. But until recently, there wasn’t much to support a conclusion that Punchmade was actually doing the cybercrime things he promotes in his songs.


p.s., yes, that is a functioning diamond-crusted card skimming device hanging from his neck.

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That was a great read.

Why do I get the feeling that this guy did not exactly tax your sleuthing capabilities?

drwhax, to random
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My kingdom for never ever having to work with office365 ever again.

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We regret to inform you that Microsoft has acquired a controlling interest in your kingdom.

glynmoody, to random
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‘An aged hobby’: enthusiasts struggle to keep model railway industry on track - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2024/jan/14/an-aged-hobby-enthusiasts-struggle-to-keep-model-railway-industry-on-track "Ageing population, rising prices and shrinking living spaces blamed for downturn, but creatives are fighting back"

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@glynmoody the best model train set-up I have ever seen, was housed in a one-room basement bedsit.

The guy's lovingly crafted rail-line ran at eye-level around the perimeter of the room, occasionally with a lovebird named Crazy aboard.

If you care about something deeply enough and have an inventive mind, there are no obstacles.

TheSauce, to random
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One of three wild turkey hens who likes to hang around on my backyard gate.

At night, I see them all roosting in the tree tops, unperturbed by the cold and howling wind.

Not everybody's cup of tea, I know, but I have a soft spot for these enormous but gentle birds.

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