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Why I Keep My Bipolar Disorder Secret at Work (

Last winter, I was declined by five health insurance companies. I am 26, do my preventative screenings like clockwork, and have no physical health problems. As my boss told me when I started working at a small start-up a few months ago that has no group health plan: “You’re young and healthy, I assume you’ll have no...


Joining a union could solve half your problem. I’m in your exact same situation dealing with mental health issues and how they affect my job. Only difference is I’m in a union so my health coverage is top notch. I wish we lived in a country were health insurance wasn’t tied having a job but that’s a little harder to do.


Growing up we always used heat lamps in our coops but I did some googling and came across this article, they seem to know what they are talking about but idk, I am not a professional in any way.…!

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