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Consider me a consultant and confidant conveying coherent communications.

“But that won’t happen to us, cause it’s always been a matter of trust.” - William Joel

The Perfect Spotify (A Tribute)

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♪Episode Song References♪

ᕕ( ᐛ)ᕗ


  • 00:23:06 Laudna:"Just as Orym wishes to wield that sword, I wish to wield Delilah."
  • 00:28:25 Dorian gets caught up on Laudna + Imogen and the attempted assassinations. It is theorized that when Laudna killed the assassin, she set forth on a path of increased vulnerability to her inner demons.
  • 00:32:32 We’re just hanging out writing a song called "Can She Be Trusted"
  • 00:35:37 Chetney:“This is about resistance, it’s not about giving in.”
    Imogen:"I just want her to want to fight it."
  • 00:50:47 Chetney:“Laudna, do me a favor. Hold out your hands and close your eyes.”
    Laudna:“Please don’t put your dick in my hands.“
  • 00:51:35 Ashton pulls out the pipe to feel good again
  • 01:00:19 Dorian:“Do you put your hands in the center and say, ‘Bell’s Hells!’?”
    Chetney:“Chetney needs sleep, on three.”
    Fearne finally loses her last point of exhaustion
  • 01:04:24 Dorian chooses a blue lapis button for his flute.
    Marisha busts out her fan which reads:
    LIAM+I=STILL BUDSActivating one of the blue lapis buttons uses the magic of Bertrand Bell’s Gambler’s Blade. This gives Dorian +1 to attacks, but leaves him with only two death saves after falling unconscious.
  • 01:06:06 Travis:(as the ghost of Bertrand)“You’re welcome.“
  • 01:06:20 Matt:”…after a night of rough rest, you see Seth…”
  • 01:06:47 Chetney:“You shut up. It’s just us. Sit down. Let the masters work. And go.”
    Taliesin’s face is red from laughter.
  • 01:08:40 Essek:”…magic gets a bit strange to the north, and I cannot guarantee my first attempt at getting us to our destination will be smooth.”
    Chetney:”…it’s like pulp in my orange juice, just get it the fuck out…Chilly up there and chilly here. Let’s go get the others.”
    Marisha:“I like pulp.”
    Chetney:“You’re not here!”
    Taliesin:“Was it her or Delilah?”
    Marisha:"Only Delilah would like pulp."
  • 01:10:23 Marisha announces a “Suit-Up Montage” and Travis emulates the intro to Hot Shots Part Deux. Marisha:"Bat nipples!"
  • 01:11:18 Fan Art Moment Descriptions for new winter gear for the team.
  • 01:13:08 "Touch of (dreamy) fey"
  • 01:14:26 “Pay-unts"
  • 01:16:00 A completely mature exchange about nipple freedom.
    Laura:“Imogen’s are like this big!” (makes a 9” diameter circle with her hands)
    Matt:"Every time she casts a big spell, they just grow."
  • 01:17:00 Dorian’s switch from silver to gold represents the passing of his brother Cyrus
  • 01:23:12 Taliesin mimics the old rock candy on a string experiment to describe Ashton’s hair growth. His new jacket reads “Smiley Day” in a scary font.
  • 01:29:00 Nobody laughs at Travis’ dick joke
  • 01:31:50 Matt does the Shia Lebouf SNL Magic hand motion
  • 01:32:40 The floating city of Aeor was brought down during the Calamity (sounds a bit like Avalir, eh?)
  • 01:39:36 Lore Drop Lyrengorn, the city built into twin snowy peaks
    Teleportation failure montage continues into the break.
    Lost in the snow, an icy, mountain-surrounded landscape of an unfamiliar place among the continent of Eiselcross. You and your (now apparently a bit nervous) guide, Essek Thelyss, look up at the massive fortress not too far off and the numerous undead frost giants that lumber around its exterior, one of which seems to have taken notice of you upon the top of this snowy hill and has turned in your direction.
  • 02:05:30 Travis:“I got this.”
    Travis:"My wife’s got this."
  • 02:11:32 Essek permits his mind to be read to give an image of their destination to Imogen. She is shown a fortress primarily submerged in a massive cracked glacier, with towers and ruins jutting out of the ice in various places.
  • 02:12:38 Marisha’s reaction to Matt saying "You can certainly try."
  • 02:12:55 Imogen:"Chetney, move the bag.“
  • 02:19:19 Fearne’s foot fetish
  • 02:23:09 Matt:”…eventually you crest beyond the panicky top, the canopy’s top…"
  • 02:25:07 "Pocket bacon."
  • 02:40:50 Laudna probably doesn’t want her immovable rod back after Chetney’s done with it.
  • 02:49:26 Essek:"All right, so first things first, do not touch anything brown. That’s not dirt.“
  • 02:52:23 The Praesidis Ward, Convocation Grounds, Central Deliberations
  • 02:58:45 Essek:”…many of the original civilians at the time of the cataclysm still remain in those domes, locked in a point of time."
  • 03:00:08 Imogen:“Is it like if I cast a spell, I could go bald or turn blue, or somethin’ like that, or is it more serious?”
    Robbie’s look says "What’s wrong with being blue?"
  • 03:01:35 Liam:"Funny strange, or funny ha-ha?"
  • 03:06:36 Chetney’s Grim Psychometry flashback to the final moments of this frozen city
  • 03:08:03 Laura busts out some Zemnian/German to impress Liam a bit. (Naturalicht, ja)
  • 03:20:52 Successfully arrived at the Genesis Ward.
  • 03:22:16 Travis:(nervously laughing)"Muthafuckin Matt Mercer"
  • 03:30:51 A tent with a red glow is discovered completely out of place in thise frozen blue graveyard. Chetney busts out a new (to him) ability, Arcane Eye, to investigate from a distance. 5 bodies wearing Vanguard attire with slashing wounds.
  • 03:46:18 Chet comes through again with Grim Psychometry revealing a scene of possible mind control over the elven member of the Vanguard in the tent. The vision ends with the elf carving symbols into it’s flesh (similar to the K’nauthi in Cataclysm) before plunging the dagger into it’s throat. Chetney is reasonably freaked out.
  • 03:50:54 Chetney:“Fearne, you should call your boyfriend.” (referring to the soldier of Asmodeus who tattooed her finger)
  • 03:52:09 Chesty McCarvey
  • 03:53:15 Sonovabitch
  • 03:54:25 Rubble rubble shout out to Hamburglar
  • 03:56:22 Marisha rolls a 1 on her stealth check and gets into her infamous ‘Perch’ position in preparation for punishment.
  • 03:57:59 15+ ft tall humanoid dragging an equally large hammer.
  • 03:59:26 Matt tries to avoid overusing terms and is happy that ‘toothy maw’ fits the scene.
    From the creature’s chest come 8 pale gator-sized scorpion minions.
    They head straight for Laudna.
  • 04:05:02 Liam:“So Chet, Dorian: The three of us, we could just leave.”
    Robbie:“It’d be a great spinoff!”
    Taliesin:“This week on a brand new EXU!”
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  • 03:36 Remembering the Tomb Takers
  • 05:40 Black Ops clerics?!
  • 06:53 Reminder: Ludinus is here because Dominox had taken up root in Aeor and was hindering his progress.
  • 07:07 Have we not told Essek about Dominox?
  • 08:38 Robbie:"That’s not old Dom, is it?"
  • 12:16 Lore Drop There’s only one known time, through all of Exandrian history, that the “good” and the “bad” gods ever said game off and that was when they destroyed this city.
  • 13:14 https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/pictrs/image/b65fee35-859a-4d3e-aa46-ce100b81e818.jpeg
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Re-Slayer’s Take Group Composition

  • Farah Vallari (Jasmine Chiong) Level 5 Half-Elf Blood Hunter, Order of the Ghostslayer
  • Frog (Caroline Lux) Level 5 Aeormaton Monk, Way of the Cobalt Soul
  • Heera Agneheart (Jasmine Bhullar) Level 5 Tiefling Rogue, Inquisitive
  • Idrin Shadowstep (Jasper Cartwright) Level 5 Uniya (Elf-Orc) Wizard, Chronurgy Magic
  • Timpani Guff (Nick Williams) Level 11 Firbolg Druid, Circle of the Shepherd NPC
  • Poogs (George Primavera) Level 3 Goblin Fighter NPC
Ultragramps, (edited )
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have contrib­uted much to the impoverishment of the French artistic genius, which is already so scarce.


Vox Machina Season 3 footage will be shown at IGN Live (www.ign.com)

The cast of The Legend of Vox Machina will be in person at IGN Live to reveal an exclusive sneak peek at Season 3! Grab your tickets to the event to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun. IGN Live, IGN’s new in-person fan event, is only one month away, and more exclusive game, entertainment, and comic partners are being...

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I suspect the digital ticket is likely the angle. It doesn’t seem to give much exclusivity on broadcasts outside of their planned media promotion, interviews and whatnot. I think you get mailed a care package with a funkopop, and some other stuff.

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I really like the application for cosplay, though!

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♪Episode Song References♪

ᕕ( ᐛ)ᕗ


  • 00:03:00 Matt finishes the ad while slowly morphing into the Moviephone voice
  • 00:19:11 Marisha reveals her fan for the episode, it reads: HOT BOI
  • 00:20:00 Not judgeeee
  • 00:21:18 Partner?
  • 00:21:50 Essek:“…all of the Assembly, after the Solstice, vanished.”
    Imogen:“Are they all as powerful as Ludinus?”
    Astrid:“In their own ways, maybe.”
    Essek:"No. Not like him. He is a particularly focused individual."
  • 00:23:58 Lore: The Cold War between The Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire.
  • 00:28:11 Chetney:"Wanna come to Eiselcross with us?"
  • 00:31:55 Matt:“For all the goofiness that you sometimes present…”
    Travis: air quotes “Sometimes.”
    Marisha:"What do you mean?"
  • 00:33:15 Astrid:"Not always, but every now and then, he (Luda) would have an itch, a recurring little itch scratches the back of his neck right around the back of his neck. Now, I have my theories, perhaps it was an illness. Perhaps some sort of challenged echo of his experimentations, I do not know. But there was one time when he saw that I noticed him and he shot me such a glare."
  • 00:35:45 Astrid:"What I do know is that some terrible flaming bird of black and purple fire soared through the sky
    [Travis’s face is so precious]
    It briefly skirted the skyline and streets of this town before it was either stopped or set off somewhere else."
  • 00:36:47 Whispers turn into a quick booger check by Ashley. Friendship goals.
  • 00:39:56 Crafting Moment Small wooden circle with the words:"Farts are funny."
  • 00:42:54 Astrid can dance. Canon.
  • 00:44:44 More titles discovered: Just the Tip and Prismatic Spray while Laura and Ashley drop back-to-back nat 20s for porn discounts. That’s just right.
  • 00:48:02 Travis:"Some of those pages stick together."
  • 00:49:30 Matt:"His name is Yussa Errenis. He’s been a pen pal for a bit. Hasn’t responded to my letters recently."
  • 00:50:36 Fearne gets hustled for 10 gold for smut.
  • 00:51:47 Next stop: the Pentamarket
  • 00:55:07 Ashton is inspired to craft clothing that will let them carry a memory of F.C.G. with thm as they travel.
  • 00:55:28 Chetney:“This velvet tracksuit won’t cut it.”
    Imogen:“Yeah, it’s getting a little…”(sniffing)
    Orym:“Well, you can only split it open so many times, Chet.”
    Fearne:“It’s gettin’ a little thin. You can see through it.”
    Laudna:“Yeah, threadbare.”
    Imogen:“We’re seein’ those jingle-jangles, Chet.”
    Chetney:“That’s function, not fashion.“
  • 00:57:28 Matt:”…little goblets that enhance the alcohol content.”
    Marisha:"What?! I want that!"
  • 00:59:47 Laura cuts off Liam from spoiling parts of Campaign 2 while referencing “the other dead person in the basement”.
  • 00:59:57 Marisha:“Matt, question. Above the table.”
    Travis:(mouth fart)
    Marisha:“I said Above the table, not below.”
    Matt:"It’ll be above shortly."
  • 01:00:20 Laura absent-mindedly making a babbling noise with her finger on her lips, followed by hiding her face from Travis.
  • 01:02:42 “Tooms” at The Emerald Curtain and Chetney’s Porky Pig impression
  • 01:05:56 Dorian seeks the Exandrian equivalent of a Bedazzler.
  • 01:09:55 Dorian finds Damid, the half-giant with elven tattoos and a silvery laurel crown, to be the ideal staff member to assist with his outfit.
  • 01:13:35 Imogen:“I froze my cooch off the last time we were in cold weather, I don’t want to do it again. Some pants.”
    Laura:"Some Pay-unts!"
  • 01:17:40 Fan Art Moment Chetney’s leather, fur-lined, outfit with an F.C.G. shoulder guard (like Orym).
  • 01:24:12 Pumat Sol!
  • 01:25:30 Pumat tells how the Dark Phoenix emerged after Mt Mentiri split form a great earthquake.
  • 01:28:09 Pumat:"Well, as part of the initial enchantment process, and should any of us be disenchanted or destroyed, we would probably return to snow. But that’s not a thing we like to think about often because it sends us into an existential spiral and that’s a real dark place to go for things that were created and crafted from nothing and will return to the nothing."
  • 01:56:01 Chetney:"That’s just the Bank of Chetney, baby. Interest rates are hiiigh.“
  • 02:00:16 Travis lays out the budget like a pro
  • 02:00:42 Including her platinum purchase at the Chastity’s Nook, Fearne has 69 gold left.
  • 02:02:32 Orym suggests Chetney-claws could use the harp for Winter’s Crest music.
  • 02:05:22 Ruidus is stationary and unseen by more than half of the planet and Imogen wishes it could’ve been evidence for F.C.G. to abandon their flat-planet theory
  • 02:06:36 Pumat:“Oh, by the way, if you’re going to Labenda up north, swamp’s flooded, avoid that. Merfolk have reclaimed the region there. There’s a massive sinkhole in the middle of the Cyrengreen Forest and the surrounding trees begin to turn black and lean towards the pit. Maybe avoid the Cyrengreen asa well.
    Druvenlode’s dead have been rising and climbing from beneath the dirt, so maybe stay away from there for a minute.
    Rexxentrum has been dealing with a number of phantom explosions and rumors of devilish entities, seeing the shadow of night amongst the streets, so maybe avoid the capital for a while now, too.”
    Orym:Thank you, Pumats.”
    Pumat::"Our pleasure, Hells."


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As you crest into the sunset of the day, as jumping to this side of Exandria, it is quiiet. Far later in the evening; a dull change of color begins to creep in. Essek, incognito, leads you to the edge of the Pentamarket, looking for a place to stay. The first place you stumble upon, the name of the locale is The Lodge of the Eclipse. It is quite a decent-sized inn. You can already hear laughter and conversation from the exterior, as well as some undertones of music playing, not gently, but more of a fiddle and a drum and sure we’ll say jazz flute. Why not? It’s fun.
As you step into the interior, the smell hits you before anything else. This floor is deeply ale-stained, mixed with the smell of bodies, and it is fairly crowded here. You get the sense that the establishments that offer alternatives to reality in these times of strife and fear tend to be very popular once the end of the workday concludes. A number of the Pentamarket populace are folks beyond within the city of Zadash are here, or in the process of gathering into the crowded interior of the tavern portion of the interior of The Lodge of the Eclipse.
As you push through the crowd a bit (Essek leading the way over towards the edge) there’s the folks that are running the bar, and you can see there is a clerk desk that leads to a staircase that heads upstairs and to the right, you can see there’s actually a sitting pit with a number of benches set up and some other extension of the tavern tables and a small stage. The curtains are closed, there’s no lights on it yet. You do see here, with one of the raised smaller platforms (less of a stage, more like a platform) you see three musicians that are playing the atmosphere. They’re playing and bantering to each other. Most folks aren’t paying attention to them directly, but just enjoying the atmosphere.
Essek goes up to the clerk (and you can see there’s a halfling man, probably in his early 50s ro so, massive mutton chops that are mostly gray at this point, with streaks of dark brown, his hairline is deeply pulled back to what could be almost described as a skullet at this point) and he leans up towards Essek and the rest of you.

“Oh, right! Hello there. You’re looking for a place to stay for the night? We’ve only got maybe two rooms left at the moment. Lot of travelers comin’ through. You’ll have to pay a premium on that.”
Essek raises a hand to stop him, "We’ll take both, whatever you have."

  • 02:32:56 Liam:"I want him to float and I want him to be purple."
  • 02:33:33 Matt describes Essek as svelte and likely has to do exercises to improve muscle tone.

BBL Drizzy (click)A recent viral song about Brazilian Butt Lifts has been applied to a famous dark elf (drow) named Drizzt from the DnD lore, but he’s copywritten. Since Essek is a dark elf, and a canonical hot boi, the song rightfully applies to him.

Liam:(Essek voice)"Time to bake those cakes."

  • 02:37:10 The burlesque show starts to set up. Dorian and Chetney head for a good seat.
  • 02:38:10 You take a moment to look at the crowd around. You can see most folks in here, as deep into the cups they might be, there is definitely an air of necessary escapism. You can see the sinking of posture. There’s a certain energy after people suffer trauma. You can see a lot of these folks are engaging eagerly at this opportunity to celebrate art.
    Essek’s still sitting in the back with Imogen. As much as he’s standing frumpily, you can’t help but catch him occasionally softly clap.
  • 02:39:25 Fan Art Moment Laudna:(casting Thaumaturgy with scary amplification)“Appreciate the performance.” and causing at least one attendee to lose bowel control.
  • 02:40:24 Essek:"I understand more than might have long ago. In years of late, I’ve come to appreciate the necessity to carve moments of joy. I think that’s maybe something those of us that live longer lives have a harder time appreciating…I felt that way for a long time but I don’t believe that anymore. It feels that way only because so much of our history tells us that pain is what gives purpose. But as a wise man once told me, 'It is not pain that makes people. It’s love."
  • 02:44:50 Travis:(Chetney voice)"Chetney’s sitting in the front row, legs out, slumping in the chair, baguette in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other. Fucking riveted."
  • 02:45:52 The way Marisha says “she would be ‘of age’” (referring to Kiri) looks like she’s almost ashamed to be making the point.
    Matt:“Not everything is connected.”
    Marisha:“She could be working her way through college at this point in time.”
    Robbie:"Every NPC is a cameo!"
  • 02:47:14 Matt accidentally says handling the Wench rather than Winch. Chat establishes the new book at the Chastity’s Nook Handling the Wench.
  • 02:47:54 Matt:"Hupperdook’s The Best."
  • 02:49:36 Ashton preps himself for an examination by Essek with a rage to activate his strange abilities.
  • 02:52:38 Essek:“Dunamis is a particular pillar of esoteric magic within Exandria. It is a speciality of the Kryn Dynasty and is (in essence) derived from…where to begin? There is an entity (believed within Dynasty circles) to be called the Luxon, that (long ago, before the gods and spiritual elements even took this world for their own creation) divided itself amongst Exandria into a number of artifacts. These artifacts (whether or not the myth holds any particular anchor to it) are extremely powerful sources of dunamantic magic. It is magic that tugs at and manipulates the very fabric of reality. Time becomes malleable. Gravity and entropy become weaponized and altered. The very space fabric becomes a weave to pull and stretch and fold. It is a very primal and rarely understood magic. Elements of it have been borrowed in other more conventional practices. But dunamis, the basis, the energy of this magic is primarily a Dynasty focus and my particular life’s long study. What you hvae, whatever this is, is a unique, organic source of dunamis…You are a dangerous entity.”
    Ashton:“People keep saying that.” Ashton gives one more Rage and gets the rainbow sparkles of the Probability enhancement.
    Essek:"Now you’re just showing off."
  • 02:58:36 Chetney:"She gave me a feather!..the goddess noticed meee!"
  • 02:58:57 Ashley:“What does it smell like?”
    Robbie:“A feather! What do you want me to say? Cloaca?”
    Matt:"My favorite incense."
  • 03:03:12 Imogen:“You’re kinda like his dad.“
  • 03:03:19 He goes and begins to craft this weird glow of ephemeral magical energy in his palm, and then he flicks it in the air, and you see this illusion appear of a 12-sided relic that sparkles in a similar cosmic way as your (Ashton) head does.
    Essek:“This is a beacon. These are the supposed fragments of the Luxon, and it is a mystery as to how many of these exist across exandria, but a number of them have been long under control of the dynasty and considered the most holy of relics. They are the most powerful source of dunamantic power in all the world. Since the Assembly has acquired one or perhaps more since, they have exploited it in ways, been able to distill some of its power into a multitude of devices. This vial you speak of, they are one of the numerous byproducts of the Assembly’s research.”
    You do very much recall seeing something of a similar shape and design at the core of the Key right before everything fired the bridge off to the moon.
    [Liam trying not to have a meltdown for choosing (as Caleb) to give a beacon to the Kryn Dynasty (which may be the same one used for the Malleus Key by Ludinus).]
    Essek:”…you continue to realize how long and wide the ramifications of your actions might be.” (MFMM twisting the knife)
  • 03:05:50 Ashton:“I got enough blame for us blothe.“
  • 03:06:56 Essek mentions his “partner” again
  • 03:08:07 Essek:“If I could assemble a few other dunamancers who can see past my previous infractions, and I have a few ideas, together, we could disrupt, theoretically, the beacon that resides in the Key. Now, to do so would cut the moon free and end this bridge. That would mean nobody on or off.”
    Laudna:“Well, we sort of found a little back door portal to the moon…“
  • 03:09:53 Essek:(about his “partner”)”…but he is kind and he is smart, and he is so strong…”
    Essek:”…of heart.”
    Travis:"The smell…"
  • 03:11:36 Imogen:“I want to float everywhere.” casts Fly
    Dorian:“Oh! That’s so neat! (I’m still a little tipsy)” casts Fly on Chetney “Go! Do it, too!”
    Chetney thuds hard into the ceiling “Fuck!”
    Laudna:"You stole fizzy lifting drink…"
  • 03:12:51 Lore Drop How Ashton met F.C.G. in a mine shaft.
  • 03:14:28 The unstoppable force of “moody Laudna” meets the immovable object of “drunk Dorian"
  • 03:15:10 Liam:”…and lays the blade across his legs, this sword that he’s seen at three pivotal moments in his life…the day he saw this sword run his father and his husband through…watching Laudna and Fearne struck down…watching from the ground in a cave on the moon F.C.G. erupt into light…"
  • 03:19:12 Liam:"I can still hear the music from the burlesque playing from across the road, and I can’t help but think of the people just trying to live their lives in the face of the impossible and how that’s something worth fighting for."
  • 03:21:54 Fan Art Moment Laudna casts Animate Object on Sashimi, her backpack hut sprouts legs in Baba Yaga style, and a series of other items animate to assist with crafting.
  • 03:23:23 Dorian meets the upgraded Pâté
  • 03:26:36 (drunk) Dorian:“What are you two doing out here? Hi. I feel like it’s been so much of them and not a lot of us. Hello…Is this a group hug? I’ve been waiting for this since the moment I saw you. 17 strength. I’m giving it everything I got!”


Ultragramps, (edited )
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  • 03:32:00 Gathering back up in the room, you all finish your evening of crafts.
  • 03:32:30 Marisha:“Before you continue on…”
    Gaslighting 101 with Professors Laudna and Delilah
  • 03:34:30 Lore Drop Delilah’s membership in the Cerberus Assembly and mild familiarity with Ludinus Da’leth.
  • 03:36:27 What does Ashley’s finger smell like?
  • 03:36:37 Travis instantly recognizes the heartbeat noise of corrupted desire that Matt used with his days leveling Fjord as a warlock. His desire to participate manifests as a demonic voice trying to jinx her rolls.
  • 03:39:49 Travis:“16 and 1/2.”
    Ashley and Laura examine Orym’s player sheet to see how his passive perception is 33.
  • 03:42:37 A belch temporarily increases the acid damage in Travis’ breath.
    Travis:(evil voice)“Now we’re talking…”
    Marisha:“Just the vines.”
    Travis:(evil voice)“Not just the vines…”
    Marisha:(laughing)“Shut! Up! Fucking Willingham!”
    Taliesin:"I love everything this is."
  • 03:45:05 Orym reacts to the blindness and sudden pain with a wild slash of his sword.
  • 03:51:51 Marisha gives the unsure Fry meme face after Matt’s ruling on tripping attacks against Spider Climb.
  • 03:53:31 Travis’ giddy reaction pulling up his hood for PvP.
    Dorian:“But we’re friends…”
    Travis:“We’ve been crafting!”
    Robbie:"That was MY Mod Podge!"
  • 03:54:54 Travis and Ashley exchange excited eyebrows.
  • 04:01:30 Ashton gives solid advice to “start with ‘I’m sorry’” but Laudna chooses not to heed it.
  • 04:02:55 Imogen casts Detect Thoughts on Laudna and gets whispers from Matt (explaining the RP with Delilah influence)
  • 04:06:15 Marisha:"Should’ve fucking cast Blight, it’s more direct."
  • 04:09:15 Fearne:(to Chetney)“The thing where you see geometry and stuff.”
    Chetney accepts the blade and proceeds to fall back asleep.
  • 04:10:29 Lore Drop The life of Ishta, the Summit Blade has been filled with dishonorable murder from the moment it’s maker was killed upon it’s completion.
  • 04:17:51 Imogen:"With the harness…"
  • 04:21:31 Dorian:"It’s just a thing. I’m so tired of things having control over us. You two are friends…It is just a thing. It’s history doesn’t shape us, our actions do. Your actions tell me that you do not have enough trust in your friends."
  • 04:23:10 Marisha:(to Matt)"You tell me, Delilah."
  • 04:24:10 Imogen:"Let it go."
  • 04:28:41 Laudna’s Form of Dread has taken the form of Delilah Briarwood
  • 04:30:42 Robbie holds his head in his hands and hides his eyes from seeing the nightmare of Opal’s possession replay with Laudna.
    Marisha:“Welcome back.”
    Robbie:"What’s happening? What the fuck is happening?! I thought there was gonna be shenanigans!"
  • 04:32:28 Ashley’s reaction to Matt’s echoing Marisha’s words with Delilah’s voice is precious, she holds her Mister plushy tightly for a while.
    Imogen:“Why’d you give her more power?”
    Delaudnah:"It must be done."
  • 04:33:45 Love conquers all
@Ultragramps@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar


  • 03:33 Matt:“Look under your feats.”
    Robbie and Ashley look under the table at Marisha’s feet.
  • 05:26 Calm Emotions = Cone of Xanax
  • 05:50 Void Puppet: Advantage on Intimidation and Charisma checks.
    (3/day bonus action) Summon a Screaming Spirit within 30 ft, lasts for 1 min, Laudna’s targets within 5 feet of the spirit have disadvantage on saving throws against spells, upon causing disadvantage to a target, the spirit vanishes.
  • 09:01 Scream Needle: +2 to damage rolls, damaging a creature that is concentrating on a spell will double the DC check after damage calculation.
    Marisha:“So we had Scream Needle, and now I have a Screaming Spirit.”
    Matt:“That narratively worked out in an unexpected way, that’s kinda cool.”
@Ultragramps@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

A Moment of Recognition

The 30 minutes of pre-stream chat on Twitch and broadcast were placed upon the shoulders of our dear Alex Jordan and I have to give commendation for his efforts. Not only did he keep up with the chat scroll, but he made the sensible tech support decision when it came to difficulties getting the broadcast audio working properly:
1) Unplug it
2) plug it back in

The little mistakes that happen make the experience visceral (to me at least) and I had a blast. The delay was barely 5 minutes, but poor Alex was already sweating as though he had failed in some spectacular way. I hope the stress of the moment has left him and we can all smile back at a memory of a tough job well done.

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