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Being a translator of some sort (hard, tbh), but also a #musicbrainz editor and uses #listenbrainz to store listening history.
Still goes to school sigh..
Loves music, and I mean a LOT (maybe too much..?).
I mostly post stuff in English, sometimes Lithuanian.
Currently living in Palanga. Formally lived in Mosėdis.
Pfp art by Bubbles (b9bbles on Discord.) and banner art by Chy/Abstract (abstract2571 on Discord.)

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Vac31, to Meme
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arstechnica, to random
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YouTube rolls out warnings for AI-manipulated videos

YouTube wants "realistic" likenesses or audio fabrications to be labeled.


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@arstechnica let's hope that it, at least, works decently, or it's really not going to help..

Vac31, to music
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arstechnica, to random
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Linux continues growing market share, reaches 4% of desktops

Report: Linux was on 6.34 percent of computers last month if you count ChromeOS.


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@arstechnica maybe I should try Linux someday..

Vac31, to Eurovision
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This was fun night. Luktelk won the Eurovizija.LT!
Funny how I also ended up adding it in while time ago (which you can check out here: https://musicbrainz.org/release/4ce4d731-ef64-4d25-adc1-c955f563bfc0). Even added all credits that I was able to find. ^^

Anyway, that's enough for now.

Vac31, to music
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There goes my 2023 – not bad.

From top, there's username Vac31. and year 2023. After that, “My Year In Music” text written, then 9 album cover arts: “SOS” by Evgenya Redko – has a sort of blue-ish cover, on top SOS, with a head on the front that has two faces: one is blue, other purple. “Leidžiu tau viską” (I'm letting you everything) by 2Kvėpavimas – cyan-coloured artist logo in the front, with person in the orangey background. “Žydėsiu” (I'll bloom) by Gabrielius Vagelis – artist name on the top, with the actual artist in the middle, surrounded by pink-ish flowers, and the bottom has album's name. “Pasaka” (Fairytale) by Jessica Shy – artist at the front, mostly surrounded by brown-ish stuff, with sky also being brown. “Letting Go” by Fishcracks – artist's mascot “Jugg” in the front, being surrounded by yellow, purple and blue fishes, somewhere in the deep of the ocean… “Omamy” (Hallucinations) – artist on the front with slight hallucination, and also with album's and artist's name on the cover. “1‐800‐OŚWIECENIE” (1-800-ENLIGHTENMENT) by Taco Hemingway – album's name on the top, with the human looking like sitting in a radio office, with all focus on the human. “Leisk man šlykštėtis” (roughly translates to Let me be nasty) by Lilas ir Innomine – girl in the front, with almost naked person in the background on the right, car on left and half-destroyed house. “Best of imase: NIGHT DANCER & Viral Hits” released by Universal Music, artist: imase – artist laying on the red ground, with text at the top.
On top, username (Vac31.) and year 2023. “My Year In Music” text written, with silly plant pot having headphones, and being on a board. As per board: “I partied hard (or hardly!) on saturdays”. “Listened to 25222 songs”. “Mainly played music from 2023”. “Listened to 3534 artists”. “Discovered 1866 new artists”. Then there's “” written, a dog with headphones, and “ListenBrainz” text.

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