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Burner. Cyclist. Japanese-English translator. Mosquito rancher.

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bbbhltz, to random
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Oh my I did something! A little copying and pasting and some regex stuff and I made something that someone might actually use.

@clive shared a story the other day about how larger companies are breaking rules and shoving garbage articles in our faces so... I made some lists for uBlacklist to filter out those shite results


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@bbbhltz @clive Subscribed.

clive, to random
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For some reason the Police song "Don't Stand So Close To Me" came to mind and I googled the lyrics

I'd never really paid attention to them before

what the actual f

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@clive Remember that Sting was a teacher for a while.

cstross, to random
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Rishi Sunak paid effective tax rate of 23% on £2.2m income last year


His salary as PM was only £165K. So 92.5% of his income came from other sources.

Who's paying him?

(Also, he's a US Green Card holder, i.e. has permanent US residency, and his wife is a non-dom tax exile from the UK. One might question his commitment to the UK …)

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@cstross “Only.”

molly0xfff, to Wikipedia
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something gives me the sneaking suspicion there's been some controversy over spelling at the article on Beetlejuice

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@molly0xfff I’m super-curious what led you to look into this.

Also, the star’s name is not “Betelgeuse.” It’s “Micheal Keaton.”

cstross, to random
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I have no idea how such a shitty product can exist. Same price buys you a Chromebook; there are plenty of software libre distraction-free writing apps out there (try opening a terminal and typing "vim"?).

Or you could chicken out and buy a Kindle Fire Max 11 with keyboard case for the same price.

Both of these let you type for more than a day on a charge: the only benefit of the freewrite alpha is an 80 hour battery, which is pointless with USB-C charging everywhere.

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@cstross The impulse toward these monotasker word processors seems like an allomorph of the impulse toward old typewriters, which is also A Thing among the Youth of Today.

It does seem these guys are leaving room for a competitor to undercut them, if there’s that much of a market. Seems like you could sell a device with a really nice keyboard, 4x80 display, and Arduino for ~USD100.

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@cstross Courtesy of @clive , I learn of the Zerowriter: https://hackaday.io/project/193902-zerowriter

tk, to cycling
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Why are shorter MTB cranks suddenly all the rage?

“I’m thinking about getting longer cranks”, said no one in 2023. It’s definitely true that shorter cranks are a trend right now, but why? Is it all nonsense, or is there something to it? Today we’ll take a deep dive into crank length and how it affects your performance. You’ll get a highly biased take on the subject from someone with very short legs.

@cycling @mastobikes @biketooter

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@tk I’m strictly a roadie. I had a fitting less than a year ago, and the fitter moved me from 172.5s to 165s. It definitely hasn’t hurt me any, although on long hills I do notice that I’m effectively in a higher gear.

tfrank_de, to cycling
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Great resource and concise primer if you ponder a Dynamo setup for your bike. When and whatfor you might want it. When maybe less so. And what options there are. Gets you started in no time.



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@tfrank_de @mastobikes_de @mastobikes Cycling About has a series of articles on bike dynamos that go into more depth: https://www.cyclingabout.com/category/equipment/bike-equipment/dynamo/

mattblaze, to random
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Me: The issues raised here are complex and largely unresolved. Here's a 100 page paper my colleagues and and I wrote that discuss a few of these questions.

The Internet: No, it's actually very simple. I haven't read your paper, and am broadly unfamiliar with the subject, but I know simple when I see it.

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@jbaggs @mattblaze Dunning-Kruger Effect in a nutshell.

ronanmcd, to cycling
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The new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless groupset (so, just your gears for those who aren't bicycle obsessed) is €5200. But has no power meter option. So, who is it for exactly?

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@ronanmcd Considering Shimano’s luck with built-in power meters, perhaps Campy was wise to leave it off. Looks like 4iiiiiiiii will stick one on for you.

ssamulczyk, to cycling
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I’ve switched to a smart trainer from rollers some time ago and it has been life-changing choice. I mean, the noise is gone, my wife is less annoyed…
@cycling @rower


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@ssamulczyk @cycling @rower I’m not on Zwift, but I’ve been riding with a smart trainer for a while, and getting educated about training with power completely changed how I train and my ideas about gearing.

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@ssamulczyk @cycling @rower During the summers here, the heat at home is nowhere near as bad as the heat outdoors, even in my unconditioned garage (where I have my erg).

cstross, to random
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@cstross I love the little CRT in the lower-right corner. Just thinking about how long it must have been there, the fuel expended to get that heavy glass bottle into orbit…

golgaloth, to writing
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The struggle is real.

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@spectrenoir01 @golgaloth I’m an amateurcrastinator.

BlackAzizAnansi, to random
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How do you think that you would fare under a second Trump term?

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@BlackAzizAnansi I started making escape plans during the first trump term in case he was reelected. I’d put those plans into action.

A second trump term would be catastrophic for the whole world—no one would be untouched. But I’d be less touched in, say, Portugal.

NMBA, to random
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@NMBA Correlation ≠ causation. It could be that voting against Brexit made people smarter.

dgar, to random
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Some thought it was our ability to love that made us human, but it turns out it was actually our ability to SELECT EACH IMAGE CONTAINING A TRAFFIC LIGHT.

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daringfireball, to random
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iOS Tip: ‘Smart Activation’ for Do Not Disturb Turns Off Notification During Screen Recordings

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@daringfireball I do not see the “smart activation” option on 14.0.

acdha, to random
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    @acdha My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

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    @bogiperson @bookstodon Not too long ago, I found two listings for a book I wanted to buy—the legit one and a counterfeit one (same author, different publisher, different page count). I mentioned it to the author here on Masto, we went back and forth about it for a bit while they figured out what was up. It looks like the counterfeit is gone now.

    cstross, to random
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    Looking at social media rn and I keep seeing articles about: ever larger, ever more-expensive cars, SUVs and trucks out-selling smaller vehicles, rants calling for the abolition of public transport, hate campaigns directed at cyclists, an insistence that driving is the ONLY valid form of transport—

    The car industry is panicking. End of fossil fuel burners plus €10,000 for a car-sized battery pack equals end of a viable motoring economy (cheap second-hand cars can't exist in an EV future).


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    @cstross I don’t think this holds up. In the USA, at least, cars for poor people are used cars, and car company sell new cars. Do people factor a new car’s eventual resale value into its new-car price? I’m sure some do, but I don’t. I keep my car until it’s done. The average price of a new ICE car in the USA has been rising ahead of inflation for quite some time. Part of this is because cars are objectively getting better (safer (for the occupants), more powerful, more efficient, more comfortable). Part might be profit-taking or the manufacturing of demand by automakers.

    If an EV had an exhausted battery that still had considerable recycling value, that would set a floor under the value of the used car, and the new-car buyer who does consider resale value might have a tolerance for a higher new-car price. This also suggests some possible second lives for EVs that are different than ICE cars. IIRC, Tatra would once take old cars and update them to look new (or newer).

    osma, to cycling
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    Been fighting a losing battle for motivation to go for a good ride for two weeks now. Honestly the weather isnt that bad. Sure it's chilly, but most days been sunshine (what little we get this time of year, anyway) and dry(ish). I should have no excuses. And I dont. Just not feeling it.

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    @osma I sometimes feel the same, and sometimes just get on my bike anyhow. I never regret it.

    jeffowski, (edited ) to random
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    @jeffowski For extra zazz, the CIA operative could be Chuck Barris.


    tess, to random
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    Proud to be on Marc Andreessen's enemies list

    Tag yourself, I'm "tech ethics"

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    @mattblaze @tess This was a major plot point in The Expanse novels.

    cstross, to random
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    ELEVATOR PITCH: A techbro with an AI startup buys rights to dead horror stars, plans a blockbuster movie starring Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, and Peter Cushing, scripted & directed by an AI simulation of Ed Wood. (Grimes will star as leading lady, obvs.)

    The AI horror star simulations are offended and instead of joining SAG-AFTRA they take over the 3D printed android bodies of their characters in the movie and go on a murderous rampage at the Techbro's fundraiser gala.

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    @cstross This would just be wish-fulfillment fanservice.

    Admittedly, it would fulfill a wish.

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