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Why are Europeans more effective at passing big legislation than the US?

EU has done really well on passing big laws such as GDPR in the recent years, while the US can’t even seem to decide whether to fund their own government. Why do you think Europe is doing better than the US? One would think that since EU is more diverse it would be harder to find common ground. And there were examples of that...


I would agree. To the extend that OP’s thesis is true (which I don’t think is fully true, but also not fully wrong either), I also find that the readiness to compromise both at the EU level and in most member-state parliaments that eventually need to transpose the directives into national laws, is a difference that stands out.

A multi-party system helps too, because there can be situational alliances that do not divide the parties internally. E.g. in one topic the Social Democrats, the Moderate Right and the Liberals can be on the same side and pass something (probably a free-trade deal) and on another topic the Social Democrats, the Greens, and the Left can pass something else (probably an environmental regulation). When there are only two parties in the legislature, such alliances break party lines, so it’s a higher hurdle to overcome.

Hinweis: Im ganzen Oktober gibt es die BahnCard 25 erheblich reduziert. Eine BahnCard 25 2. Klasse kostet gerade einmal 33€, 1. Klasse 66€ ( de

Für viele lohnt es sich jetzt erst recht, eine BahnCard zu kaufen. Für 33€ (für ein Jahr) reicht bei vielen ein einziges Flexpreisticket, weil man bspw. mit dem ICE nach einem Rückflug fahren möchte aus, um den Betrag zu sparen. Sogar eine Kündigung und Neubestellung der aktuellen BahnCard sollte sich für viele lohnen,...


Oh, lucky. Meine Probe BahnCard läuft diesen Monat ab. Guter Deal, danke OP!


Thunderbird’s Calendar supports local, off-line calendars and tasks.

It’s the best FOSS calendar I have used, even if it has its rough edges.


Ich war lange Zeit sehr zufrieden mit BackInTime.

und diese dann synchronsiert werden wenn ich die Festplatte angeschlossen habe

Es gibt zwei Optionen unter Schedule: Repeatedly oder When drive get connected.


That’s how American ISPs do it.

That’s how the German Telekom does it too with other connection options. It’s definitely not an insurmountable problem for ISPs.


At the face of it, it seems plausible to me that cargo bikes do not offer the capacity needed to guarantee same-day delivery to all of those who currently use such services.


I’m inclined to agree with you. For me personally, at-home delivery is a new thing completely, let alone same-day. Where I came from, that’s still not the norm, we would just go to the post-office to pick up our items.

After some initial interest in at-home delivery when I moved to Europe, I realised that I now find it much more comfortable to redirect my parcels to a Packstation and pick them up on my own schedule.


Please note that the question is not whether delivery vans can be replaced by cargo bikes. In most situations, the answer is clearly yes, no doubt.

It’s about whether cargo bike-based delivery can guarantee the same level of service that customers expect now from delivery vans, or that, indeed as the Dutch politician warns, people will have to accept that same-day delivery can no longer be promised.


Thanks for the proposal. That gets us somewhere already, although only for non-landlocked countries. Using the perimeter also opens us up to the coastline paradox.

I guess you’d have to decide if archipelago nations are measured as the geometry of the sea they own, or as discrete islands.

I think that it might serve us better to consider them as distinct islands, to keep the measures comparable with landlocked countries.


I would imagine using some sort of shapefile that I can run calculations in a scripted manner. So, in that case it will depend on the resolution of the shapefile.


That seems to capture the intuitive idea of discontinuity for me, thanks!


Perhaps intermittently so? I have obviously booked tickets in the last year with direct debit. hence why I expected it to work this time too.


That’s likely.


I’m not sure if we are on the same side, and honestly in this case it doesn’t matter, since you are right: a corporation only has to care about the externalities as much as they are forced to and not even an inkling more than that.

People who think that an enterprise in a free market will respond to any other force than economic force are wasting activism time that could be better used elsewhere.

If you want a corporation to stop performing a socially harmful business, you need to make that business unprofitable.


My intention was to suggest that you make those businesses unprofitable by intervening in the market with far-reaching regulations.

Our View: MPs should not back supermarkets over stretched shoppers | Cyprus Mail (

The cabinet approved the proposal for the creation of a digital platform, known as the e-kalathi (e-basket), that would list prices of 300 consumer goods in different supermarkets in April. The idea was to inform people during this period of high prices what was being charged for similar products in different shops, with the...


This is ultimately a minor story on a European level, but I am just astonished on how creating a price comparison tool has become the most hot-button topic in Cyprus right now.

Before I finally came across a piece that describes what the proposal is, I only saw the opposition statements which never clarified what they were against, just that those proposing it want to destroy their businesses. I was imagining then that this was attempt to set price caps. Nope, the huge scandal is a price comparison tool for groceries (something that Cyprus already has for fossil fuels)


„Mir steht es als Politikerin nicht zu, zu urteilen: Diese Autos stehen hier zu viel im Straßenraum herum“

Trotzdem bist du die Verkehrssenatorin. Wer keine Lust auf den Job hat, kann kündigen.


Es gibt Möglichkeiten im Privatsektor. Man muss nicht unbedingt Politiker:in sein, man kann einfach mit einem befreundet sein.


Something that I mentioned to a Ukrainian colleague who asked for my take as someone who is coming from Cyprus is also the effect of time on a conflict.

A politician can make passionate speeches about how faits accomplis will never be accepted and that justice cannot be anything other but the return to the previous condition and so on, but at the end of the day most Greek Cypriots understand that almost a century later, you cannot start kicking people out of the houses they lived for three generations without becoming the bad guy, even if the grandfather stole that house in the aftermath of an illegal war. You can’t punish the grandchild for the sins of the grandfather, you need to find a way to work with them.

So, for Ukraine, the moral of the story is that if it becomes a frozen conflict, every next attempt to settle it will require more compromises on humanitarian grounds. And so far, I think they get it, since they do not consider a ceasefire. But if they end up having to agree to a ceasefire, they should be very suspicious of politicians who tell them at there’s no need to rush to pursue a settlement because “in the future we can negotiate something better”. With every passing decade, fewer and fewer aspects will be up for negotiation at all.

How hard is it to build an open source alternative to Duolinguo?

Speaking as a total ignorant from a coding perspective. But I guess that wouldn’t be the hard part, considering that most of Duolinguo is just boxes and text inputs. How difficult it is to create a database of competent linguists with an efficient training who can progressively enhance your understanding of languages?


Let’s not overstate Duolingo’s effectiveness for language learning.

The technological challenge to adopting a self-taught language learning method into an app is rather small. You just need the content. Either you develop the course under a Free Culture license, or you purchase the rights for an existing method and you port it. Plus maybe some volunteers to handle user-interaction.

A good example is the VHS Lernportal which implements three levels of German class in a way that actually has some pedagogical merit. It’s killer-feature is nothing technological, but that they have some teachers in the backoffice that will read your occasional text-production exercises and offer corrections (no, language tool wouldn’t be able to replace humans in that case, because language tool doesn’t know what you are trying to say and therefore gives you multiple guesses but no way to know which one you actually need).


I cannot emphasize enough the mind-boggling culture around urban vegetation in Cyprus - something that only became apparent to me once I experienced other countries.

This is normal in Cyprus. It’s common for residents to defend it by saying that fallen leaves are a nuisance, and that mature, tall trees facilitate pests entering higher floors of buildings.

At the same time, more than half of the year is unbearably hot in Nicosia, and walking, cycling, or waiting at public transport stops between 08-20h is indeed incredibly challenging.


What? No, they’re not. Not for me, at least.

I had truly internalised that one up until my late 20s. In Cyprus, we do see leaves on the ground as trash that needs to be cleaned. Having a lot of trees means a lot of leaves and you need to keep cleaning your yard/balcony and municipal services needs to keep cleaning the streets. Too much work, it gets expensive. You stop doing it, the people start complaining that the area is getting neglected.

It wasn’t at least I was made fun of by Europeans for asking “so when is the city coming to clean this” in my first autumn outside Cyprus, that I realised that it’s not a universal fact that “leaves = trash”.


I think it’s fucked up that the federal government introduces a policy and then tells the states “you figure it out”, indeed.

But I think it would be reasonable to add a time commitment to the ticket that will allow enough revenue to be collected after the period of intensive use (referring to the line in the German article: “Die Option zur monatlichen Kündbarkeit werde intensiver als erwartet genutzt. Das nimmt den Verkehrsunternehmen Planungssicherheit.”) The Probe BahnCard still has a minimum running period of 3 months, so making D-Ticket’s running period at least three months would be understandable. I can’t say if that will be enough to keep the pricetag of 49 Euro even remotely sustainable of course.


I think this article totally (but only implicitly) ignores young men and boys being sexualised by other men in ways that are as dangerous as the way young women and girls are sexualised.

Aside from that, I agree with the comment from @Pons_Aelius that it’s about misidentifying sexualisation as positive attention and seeking the latter by ways of the former.

Thuringia's CDU pushes through tax cuts with votes from AfD and FDP (

Last Update: 14.09.2023 18:11 Uhr The Thuringian state parliament passed a tax cut by 46 votes to 42. The CDU’s bill was pushed through with the votes of the AfD and FDP. The red-red-green government criticised the CDU for giving the AfD influence over the budget. The opposition has pushed through a tax cut in Thuringia...


EDIT: Rebuttals are welcome, otherwise I have no idea what you are negatively reacting to.

The cordon sanitaire approach always had a definite expiry date. Once the excluded party grows big enough to be able to make or break majorities, it’s inevitable that they will use that power.

Then what? Do we say that we will withdraw any law proposal or bill that doesn’t have a majority without the excluded party? Then congratulations, you now gave them veto power over all legislation. They can set the agenda.

The goal of refusing cooperation was to deny them the change to grow bigger and win time to deal with them. If they grow bigger regardless, the strategy has outlived their usefulness. We need a new strategy.

As another comment says, the problem with CxU and FDP is not that they were seen to work together with the AfD. It’s than on many issues they have the same or similar policies to the AfD.


The problem with that stance is that there are always behind the scenes talk, before the actual parliamentary vote. So the CDU and FDP-Legislators didn’t just coincidentally voted the same way as there AfD colleagues. There worked actively together to let this law pass.

I will accept that perhaps this might be the case in the specific case, and then I agree with your judgement.

But we have seen the AfD exploiting this in secret ballot votes, from Thuringia for the OG fuckup all the way to the recent repeat elections in Berlin where they wanted to cast doubts on whether the CDU-SPD coalition was voted in by them in the end (and iirc, they pulled something similar with a Left mayor in one of the districts).

I stand by my main thesis, the strategy has an expiry date and it also hasn’t produced the expected results. AfD has grown despite this strategy. There needs to be an escalation of measures against them, because otherwise thinking that only refusing to vote the same way as them is enough to push them away verges increasingly on Aktionismus.


Greece is a relatively large country though, it’s not a city-state by any means. Tourism can still be possible there without over-burdening the few islands that suffer under their name recognition.


Es ist lächerlich, wie die Linkspartei sich von einer einzigen Person zur Geisel machen lässt. Mach endlich Schluss, dann kann die Linke ja im nächsten Jahr anfangen, Politik zu machen.

What open source programs do you recommend for Windows? (Windows exclusive or not)

I am and all my life have been a Linux user, I have nothing against Windows or MacOS, I just like Linux, and lately I have been experimenting with Windows in a virtual machine and I don’t really know much open source software there apart from the one that is cross-platform like Firefox or Joplin....


Greenshot (GPLv3) is a powerful screenshot tool with its own basic image editor.


How is it breaking new legal ground, if toll roads already exist and are legal and overnight stay tax (aka tourist tax) is too?

Spanish soccer player Jenni Hermoso accuses Luis Rubiales of sexual assault for World Cup kiss (

The prosecutors’ office in Madrid said that, according to a sexual consent law passed last year, Rubiales could face a fine or a prison sentence of one to four years if found guilty. The new law eliminated the difference between “sexual harassment” and “sexual assault,” sanctioning any unconsented sexual act.


Not sure if relevant, but in recent years, several countries have proclaimed universal jurisdiction for certain crimes. Increasingly often, countries assert the right to prosecute their own citizens for abuse of children even when committed abroad, which has been deemed necessary to counter “sex tourism”.

Given that this is an accusation of sexual assault, I won’t be surprised if Spain claims jurisdiction for sexual abuse of/by its citizens anywhere in the world.


Mein Herkunftsland, leider. Da ich selbst ein Einwanderer bin, empfinde ich das ganz anders.

Das passende Wort für dies ist “Pogrom”. Nichts Geringeres. Die Faschos haben Menschen in Läden verfolgt und angrifft. Da wir Zyprioten und Araber identisch aussehen, haben sie auch Zyprioten aus blindem Hass angegriffen.


I have been very disappointed that Fedora stopped making changelogs accessible for years. It used to be that you could easily toggle them on in Yum, but with DNF it’s always “no info found”.


Okay, that sounds like it hits the spot. I’ll read up on them. Happy to hear testimonials for existing users.


If you are willing to self-host and are scared of the gitea license shake-up, use forgejo.

When it comes to self-hosting, there’s also the costs. Hosting providers have been hitting me with price hikes one after another this year, so I’m looking into shutting down some servers instead.


It might not be a solution for everyone, but you can self host a git repository on your static site!

I like the concept and the aesthetics, but I guess you still need to run a git server?


I can give it a shot, certainly. One of the main contributors behind it is in my RSS reader so there’s some name recognition there. Future pricing is not final though, so I can’t budget for it before committing.


TIL, thanks. This might be a viable path for me.


Emissions per passenger per kilometre.

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