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aimilove_nur, to humanrights
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Child Faiz Abu Ataya passed away this morning at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Gaza due to malnutrition and lack of treatment caused by Israel's closure of the Rafah crossing. #GazaCrisis #HumanRights #EndTheBlockade

aimilove_nur, to random
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A child's head and limbs were 'severed' by Zionist regime's guided missile targeting a displacement center in Rafah, where their entire family was tragically killed. #GazaUnderAttack #StopIsraeliAggression #EndTheOccupation


aimilove_nur, to Israel
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Israel distributed leaflets designating area 2371 as a ‘safe’ area and advised civilians to go there. They did this only to SLAUGHTER them.

Block 2371 was then targeted by an Israeli strike, burning over 50 Palestinians in Rafah.

#Israel #Rafah #Massacre #HumanRights #Palestine #Injustice

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