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I make art and software!
I also fight fascists!

You can also checkout my art by following me here or becoming a supporter on Ko-Fi

GPG Key: 0x20E0635864445A177F8F7C0C6141FD27892AE9B4

PFP is Amelia, standing in front of a space wallpaper
Banner is the space wallpaper

gifted boy turned burnout girl

be gay do crime
be trans world domination

trans rights are human rights ​:vt:​

All posts on this account are All Rights Reserved

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only exceptions to the tags are fedi software like Mastodon, Akkoma, Pleroma, Firefish, Sharkey, etc... no bridges aggregators, or any non-fedi software allowed

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alexis, to random
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lesbian world domination :3

alexis, to random
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as some people may say, "my dms are not a confession booth"

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i finally found something that even mentioned passing a callback from native code to java via jni. i'm still not entirely sure if this is the best or only path to pass callbacks to java. the types of functions i'm planning on passing as callbacks are:

the page mentioning the callback is https://stackoverflow.com/a/1391240

pub fn positive_button_function() {
    info!("Positive button pressed...");


|| {
    info!("Positive button pressed...");

anyone have any suggestions on how to implement this?

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@zombierustpunk thanks! i'll have to look into it. i've also posted a question about this to the people who made the jni crate to see if they'd help, but in the meantime, i could see if this works. https://github.com/jni-rs/jni-rs/issues/533

ChloeCat, to random

Being cute is not your choice. It is mine.
I have decided that you are cute.
Nothing you do will change my mind.

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@ChloeCat awawaawawawawawwawawawawawawawwawa

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@julia @ChloeCat ive seen you Julia and you are a cutie ​:neofox_heart:​

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i can tell you, i personally know Ashten. she is a very kind and caring person who does everything she can to fight bigotry and you try to get different fedi instance admins to work together to try to provide a safer and more fun fediverse for everyone. i know this as im one of the many people who help her with these goals

i don't talk about this much, but im half cuban and a trans woman. i work with many people from many different backgrounds under Ashten's leadership. this includes BIPOC such as people from Japan and even Bangladesh. every one of us have been whitewashed at some point by some bigot who has decided they don't like queer people. especially queer people who stand up for themselves and each other. in that, not all of us are queer, just the fediverse is heavily queer, so this tends to be more common

the point is we exist all across the fediverse and work hard to make the place safer for everyone. it sucks that a small group of people try their hardest to make the place hostile for us and to try to isolate us and drive us into hiding. thankfully we have a lot of support from a lot of different people and we will continue to do everything we can to make this place as safe as possible from bigotry and harassment

if you want to help us protect the fediverse, let us know. we run the Sincerity Alliance and invite people after we have vetted them to be willing and decent people with a genuine interest in protecting the fediverse

RE: https://woem.men/notes/9r9rry9uqmqg3dbb

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@vantablack just giving you a heads up about threads.net. also, can you add foxgirl.land to the fedipact?


ada, (edited ) to trans
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Trans fems of the Fediverse, what does femininity mean to you?

Over the years, I've seen many folk talking about their relationship with femininity and how it relates to their transition and to their sense of identity, of who they are.

I've never understood it though. I don't feel like I have a relationship with femininity, or at least, nothing beyond pragmatic necessity. It doesn't relate to my sense of identity or who I am. In many ways, it feels like an obligation, rather than a source of empowerment or self understanding.

So, I’m curious how it works for other folk who find empowerment in it. What does it mean to you? How did it help you find yourself? How do you relate to femininity now vs earlier in your life?

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@ada feminity and masculinity are interesting concepts. i can't say i know how to put it into words or even how it works, but at least when it comes to my relationship with feminity, it's more about the connection with other women. doesn't her a difference on if they are trans or cis. probably doesn't help that feminity and masculinity are purely social concepts and have absolutely nothing to do with one's gender or sex (sex as in what your sex currently is. i don't believe in the essentialism bs. for example, i changed my sex to female)

the idea that feminity has to do with kindness or makeup or other societal pressures just doesn't click etc me and those ideas are not actually tied with either feminity or masculinity outside of this pressure

it's more about understanding yourself and the relationships you have around you. ive always felt more kinship with other women even before i knew what the lgbt is, and i still feel that kinship now

it's not really something with a concrete definition and is more something that you have to just discover for yourself. it's also something you have to decide if you care about. like, for example, im half cuban, but i never had a connection with my cuban side or really any of my lineage. instead my connection is with other women and queer peeps. it's what brings me joy and what i work so hard to protect. it's what i care about more than anything else

rysiek, to webassembly
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Okay so, with #WASM we can have pretty much any programming language in a browser, right?

So I could, say, come up with my own very special programming language and only use that client side on my website.

And you could come up with your programming language, and use that client side on your website.

We could have a different programming language for each domain even!

I will call these: domain-specific languages.


#Programming #JavaScript

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@rysiek yee! just gotta be careful with threads cause wasm does not let you block the main thread. ive been refactoring my code today in the hopes that i can now get around that issue with wgpu and async not playing nice with wasm

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random
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“My African American” redux?😳 1/…

Via Kyle Griffin:

Donald , late last night, said Black people like him because he has been "discriminated against" by the legal system.

He told the crowd the lights were so bright that, "I can't see too many people out there, but I can only see the Black ones. I can't see any white ones."

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@GottaLaff fucking hell that's racist

alexis, to random
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imagine if we didn't have blue leds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF8d72mA41M

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researching rust, i keep seeing something called RAII and mentions of how understanding RAII will make rust just click for you

Impossible_PhD, to random
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Like everyone else, I've enjoyed the heck out of Hazbin Hotel.

And I stumbled across this drawing of a lady Alistor.

And now I really want to cosplay her.

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@Impossible_PhD didn't know you love Hazbin Hotel! i'm hosting a watch party rn!

emmreef, to random
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@emmreef part of me wonders how many of these lawyers are bad lawyers and how many of them are intentionally sacrificing themselves to burn Trump

aredridel, to random

If your website is still http only, no https...

... are you okay? Do you need help doing archival work? this isn't shade, we just saw the long tail of the web forced offline with the move to https everywhere.

Are you holding on to an http only site for someone who's passed? DM me and I'll help you save a copy some place more durable than a personal or academic server sitting on someone's desk or in a closet. Let's save the remnants of the old web before they go offline entirely.

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@ernie @aredridel i can definitely see the point, as long as there's no need for privacy. i'd personally include both so that those who do HTTPs only can still access it and not have the exact content of what they're viewing known (assuming number of bytes can't be correlated). just basically choosing not to autoredirect from the server side when trying to visit HTTP. probably best to make sure one can easily tell when they are on HTTP vs HTTPs like have a banner or something say that they are on HTTP

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@puniko omg so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee! can i steal?

alexis, to random
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is there a way to tag a player in Minecraft that gets lost on server restart?

epsi, to random
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one of the greatest contributions to the fediverse is neocats and neofoxes :neocat: :neofox:

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@epsi you can thank @volpeon for them ​:neofox_heart:​

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@FediPact make sure to alert people to block both threads.net and www.threads.net. https://fedi.codepenguin.io/@mosseri@www.threads.net

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niconiconi, to random

Good meownyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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@niconiconi meow meow ​:neofox_up_paws:​

root, to random
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@root cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

puniko, to random Lithuanian


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@puniko mew mew mrrrrrrrrp

alexis, to random
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i wonder how many products can be safely converted to usb c. id be surprised if a toaster could be safely converted

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