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🐧 opensource ☹️ software 🇪🇺🇨🇿 brno 🛠 #base48 🚲 eskate 🌳 drugs 🐱 cats 🇺🇦 Слава Україні!

banned on twitter in 2011 for suspicion of being a robot

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Installed AlertManager. It meows when there is a problem with some service. It also meows when there isn't ...

maldr0id, to random
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Things that have DRM:

  • movies
  • books
  • printers
  • video game consoles
  • tractors
  • trains
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@maldr0id hmm, did keurig give up on the DRM-enabled coffee machines?

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Who would win?

  • 5MW electric locomotive, or
  • a bunch of tiny crystal bois


algebraicterror, to homelab
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Now is the time for me to obtain a for some basic backups and archiving (1 like = 1 backup). But first things first.

& enjoyers, how deep are your racks? Is 600mm enough? I don't expect to take advantage of cheap fullsize servers since these are usually loud as fuck and this thing will be in my kitchen.

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Rack acquired, finally feeling like a big boy.

Top: ubiquiti networking shit
Middle: 2x compute nodes which are just obsolete thinkpads
Bottom: external HDD, DOCSIS modem, 2x PDU
Coming soon: consumer-grade NAS, cable management
Coming later: UPS, more useful services running on the thinkpads (looking at jellyfin)
Not coming: kubernetes, proxmox, anything with loud fans

algebraicterror, to GNOME
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How do I make on see my custom XKB keyboard layout? I use btw.

algebraicterror, to android
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My phone stopped getting security updates so I bought a new one. It's and it sucks.

  • no audio jack:(
  • it's huge yet has no stylus
  • rage-inducing fingerprint reader
  • amazing battery life of 1 day (???)
  • glossy back plate for decorating the phone with your sweat

The only redeeming quality of this phone is that it can run , a de-shittified that works without google account. Compared to everything else it's so good I sometimes wonder if it's some kind of honeypot.

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@anarchopunk_girl True, the Pixels have very nice screens and cameras.

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TIL OsmAnd has integration with WikiVoyage travel guides. Offline maps + offline guides for travelling to places with shitty/no internet.


rasterweb, (edited ) to reddit
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Am I the only person who used the reddit web site in a desktop browser with a computer? Was everyone using it with a mobile app?

(Actually I did use the official reddit app sometimes and it seemed fine.)

(But also, fuck those guys now!)

#redditblackout #enshitification

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@rasterweb Using old.reddit.com on desktop. Used to use i.reddit.com on phone but they turned that off.

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