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Software developer in Sydney, Australia.

Works with PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Laravel, Vue, AngularJS, Inertia, Livewire, Vapor

Enjoys TDD, CI, Algorithmic Art, Mathematics, Languages, Music Creation, Coffee

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stephaniewalter, to random
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There are the people who say "hi" in every DM conversations, even when you continue a discussion from the day before.
And they are the chaos raccoons who said "hi" 8 months ago, and just continue the async discussion, as if days didn't exist in between.
Which one are you?

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@stephaniewalter Hi!

Both, depends on mood.

Warm regards.

ai6yr, to Aviation

NBC News: Naked on a plane: Man arrested after alleged nude aisle run forced plane to turn back https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/naked-man-plane-australia-perth-melbourne-arrested-rcna154237 #aviation

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@ai6yr We have Floridians here too.

ErikUden, to random
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like all people

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@ErikUden Oof.

Daojoan, to random
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The fallacy at the heart of trickle-down economics is the notion that making the rich richer will somehow benefit everyone else.

But when so much wealth is concentrated at the top, that simply doesn't happen.

The rising tide does not, in fact, lift all boats.

Instead, yachts rise while many other boats spring leaks or sink.


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@Daojoan Well, the rising tide does lift all boats, it’s just that the rising tide is not a metaphor for shared wealth but an actual literal rising tide caused by climate collapse which, of course, disproportionately affects those with the least wealth.

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@Lane @Daojoan “Get off my lawn!” I yell, shaking my fist at the encroaching waters off the ocean.

jacqueline, to random
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> Just one quick question about your purchase! If asked, on a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

I click 10 because I'm not a nark

> Wow, incredible! What's the reason for your score?

bro u promised me just one quick question :(

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@jacqueline I remember when the Docker app used to ask this all the time. (Maybe still does). I used to answer 10 because I “literally [was] not aware of any other options.” After a while I got curious. If they’re asking me then maybe there are other options. Anyway, now I use OrbStack and I don’t have to keep filling in this form.

madbarrister, to HashtagGames
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Donald Trump Jr. - Cocaine Bear


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@madbarrister Cocaine Weasel?

Chrishallbeck, to random
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Are we sure geese aren’t just some sort of mech suit for snakes?

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@Chrishallbeck I think it works the other way around.

ollieread, to random
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I know the convention is for singletons to have an "instance" method, but I quite like the idea of a "get" method.

Though I suppose as a convention it can be an issue, as a class is more likely to have a get method as standard.

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@ollieread What about summon()

superbetsy, to random
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18+ virtulis, to random
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A guy submits his manuscript to a publisher. The publisher skims over it for a few minutes and says:

The plot certainly has some potential, however your words are rather crude and repetitive. Perhaps you should read more of the classics, see if something inspires you.

The guy is dumbfounded:

I think you misunderstood. I am a writer, not a reader!

(it me, I'm that guy)

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@virtulis A real … er page turner!

foone, to random
@foone@digipres.club avatar

Apparently DoorDash has started filling in missing item descriptions by generating them with AI.

I'm sure this'll not cause ANY problems

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@DoodlestheGreat @pseudonym @foone You might be interested in my new app Rabbon™️ - Whatever you need, wherever you need, whenever you need it, delivered by rabid gibbons.

andrewfeeney, to HashtagGames
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Horse With Propane


janl, to random
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curt, a universal shell networking client with one word error messages.

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Error 400: BAD

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Error 404: WHERE?

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Error 500: US

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Error 429: CHILL

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Error 503: LUNCH

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Status 200: K

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@janl Error 401: WHO?

andrewfeeney, to random
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The worst part about getting into disagreements with @codebyjeff at work is that I can't come here and subtoot about it afterwards.

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@codebyjeff I assume they assumed.

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@codebyjeff Agreed.

BlackAzizAnansi, to random
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What tech issue radicalized you?

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@BlackAzizAnansi Having to replace my perfectly good MacBook Pro because it's no longer compatible with the latest MacOS.

BigBoppa, to HashtagGames
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A) ketchup
B) mayonnaise
C) grape jelly
D) tuna
on your hot dog.

@andrewfeeney@phpc.social avatar

@BigBoppa I would probably try one with the lot to be honest.

cmconseils, to random French
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The first 3 letters of 'Sweden' and 'Denmark' spell out 'Sweden.'

The remaining letters spell out 'Denmark.'

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Another way of saying this is that the name Denmark starts with the first half of the name Sweden. It would be true of any two words for which that is true. Some examples off the top of my head:

Germany and Danger
Medicine and Harmed
Secretary and Parsec

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