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“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”

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“..history today is roughly in the same place astronomy was “when Galileo first looked up with his telescope…
Once you have physical pieces of the past … the entire toolkit of the scientific revolution can be applied to it,” he said. “If you have leather, you can look at what the cow drank. If you have lumber, you can see what forest it grew in...”



anemoi, to Astronomy
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Comet Pons-Brooks in Northern Spring
by Petr Horálek

anemoi, to books
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“When I think fondly of bookstores, I’m not thinking of how smooth the cashier transaction was, how large or well-organized the shelves were, how many employees asked if they could help me find anything. I’m thinking of getting uninterrupted time to read.”


anemoi, to random
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anemoi, to coffee
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very sunny
plus, is waiting

anemoi, to Astronomy
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two supernovas were hidden from humanity’s view. two!!
savour the photos.


anemoi, to Astronomy
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“Πλειάδες - It probably derives from plein ("to sail") because of the cluster's importance in delimiting the sailing season in the Mediterranean Sea”

Seven Sisters, rising right ahead of me in a surprisingly clear sky.
i love this cluster, and always check my peripheral vision when it’s up.
they are always a fantastic sight, whatever you use to see them: your own eyes, binoculars or a telescope.

anemoi, to random
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anemoi, to space
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“ Europa’s ocean could be the most promising place in the solar system to go looking for it…
Europa’s ocean – 40-100 miles (64-160km) deep, 10 to 15 miles beneath its icy surface – has made the moon a leading contender in the search for life.”

keeping an eye on Europa
all the way from Europe.


anemoi, to writing
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“The late, great Douglas Adams found writing so arduous that his publisher,Sony Mehta, was forced to take extreme measures.”


anemoi, to languagelearning
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made of river pebbles in 12th century.

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“The map above shows the incredible journey of one arctic fox in 2018. Over the course of just a few months she walked up to 155km per day all the way from Svalbard (a Norwegian archipelago) to Canada’s Ellesmere Island via Greenland.”


anemoi, to ukteachers
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“Look, what educators do is design a program of instruction that builds the basics first, that the student can then build on to reach more complex topics. It’s a tree, where attention must first be paid to the trunk, and then the branches. The stuff in this cartoon is a collection of twigs…some useful, others specialized, others mostly irrelevant.”


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@teachpaperless some are useful, but not to be introduced at the expense of science, languages…

anemoi, to climate
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“This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but applause.”


anemoi, to Battlemaps
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stancarey, to languagelearning
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anemoi, to Astronomy
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The Atlas Coelestis (1742) of Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr

a thing of rare beauty.


stancarey, to hiking
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@stancarey looks like an interesting book.
the straggly bits on the nest on the cover further add to its beauty.

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@stancarey sounds good enough for me. Thank you.

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