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Trying to hope this will galvanise workers in Kentucky into unionising at last, but suspect it won’t, and that Republican strategists are primed to roll out all the usual tactics to discourage it.


And there was me thinking I was an only child!


Oh no.

Hope you heal up quickly!

Don’t be hard on yourself though - we’re all aware of the hazard, but we all do it.

Managing with slightly warmed olive oil when mine itch, but still go in with an earbud from time to time.

Robin - Augustus John (1918) (media.tate.org.uk)

Robin was the third son of Augustus John and his wife Ida; he was eight when this portrait was painted. John often used his family as models, particularly for his less conventional work. In this intimate study, the boy’s long tousled hair suggests both freedom and ambiguity of gender. The close-up perspective also disturbs the...


For English boys of that background, it was common for hair to be left long until they were old enough to be dressed in trousers rather than shorts, usually at around 12 or 13. The fashion was beginning to decline by 1904, but Robin’s hair here would not have been intended to indicate anything about gender, nor would it have been read as such at the time. The lack of ornamentation, such as a ribbon (whether tidy or in similarly carefree style to Robin’s) would have clearly marked this as the hair of a boychild.


Down with this milquetoast toleration of the intolerant!


Sounds like it was her husband who hoarded the wealth, and that she gave it up once he left it to her.

So though she’d have benefitted greatly from being married to someone so rich, that money wasn’t under her control until he died.

Seems her own work was worthwhile to the community.


On the other hand, can be useful to have a moderator in a totally different time zone to the rest of the team.

Lack of history seems more relevant, though not as much as a candidate’s personality.

Olympic with Returned Soldiers - Arthur Lismer (1919) (upload.wikimedia.org)

War artist Arthur Lismer captured the return of the troopship SS Olympic (centre) to Halifax harbour following the First World War. Olympic’s multi-coloured dazzle camouflage, added in 1917 at the height of the German U-Boat threat, was intended to make the ship more difficult to identify and target. The painting also provides...


Extra artporn titbit: the British hired artists during the war to design dazzle patterns for ships. Wouldn’t be surprising if other countries, such as Canada did too.


The extension of their arguments is firstly that women who wish to avoid the risk of being charged with manslaughter or murder in the wake of a miscarriage must abide by behavioural guidelines which are contrary to science. i.e., to rest indoors anytime she may be pregnant.

The intended effect being to remove women of childbearing age from the workplace & from public life.

Secondly: to severely undermine reproductive healthcare, such that clinics shut, specialists flee, research is stopped & general knowledge regarding reproductive health & access to care plummets.

The overarching ideology being the production of new labourers & to increase desperation, so that Capitalists can avail of ever-cheaper labour in order to lure factories to set up in the US. This is the endgame of “bringing back our jobs” + anti-abortion rhetoric.


Not if their policies increase the rate of reproduction, no, or at least, not for some time, because they know that unwanted & unplanned pregnancies increase the desperation of the women, both in the immediate sense & in slashing the numbers of women who can access education > good employment > sufficient societal security to unionise.

They intend to make it ever harder for anyone, but especially women, to obtain sterilisation or other means of reducing risk of pregnancy. This is why they chase reproductive health in general, even things such as IVF.

You already know these people to be dangerous ideologues - I’d caution against underestimating them or their grotesque vision.


To attach wood to an I-beam, you could drill holes in the flanges of the beam, then use bolts. There are also fittings that you can slide posts & beams into, with various ways of securing them to the material they hold. If you’re not using T-shaped fittings, you could bolt fittings together.


Try an image search for “beam connectors” and you should get an idea of the types of things that are available, but a trip to your local builders’ merchant & a chat with the people there may be more fruitful.


They’re our structural engineer now, Dave.

apis, (edited )

Think this artist may have had things in common with Joos van Craesbeek, going by this painting & the self-portrait posted here last week.

EDIT: seems they knew each other well, that that self-portrait was previously attributed to Brouwer, that van Craesbeeck may have been Brouwer’s pupil, and that they feature in each other’s paintings.



Depends whether or not they hide some code to give them the option to remote disable your files after you’ve downloaded them, and if they to restrict your ability to create backup copies & play your files on devices you own.

There’s no reason why they couldn’t make stuff available in ways which buyers could feel confident in.


Likely going to have to be forced on the industry, by some mix of piracy, legislation, reality & artists’ choices.

Meantime, convenience has considerable sway. For the generations for whom music was expensive & awkward to acquire (& who have the most disposable income now to spend on music as well as the most faith in companies), this still seems easier than pushing back.


Love the tiny details, like the match with the failed head in the jar & another on the shelf by the used match, the not-fully-burnt crumbs of tobacco in the bowl of the pipe, and evidence of wear from teeth on the mouthpiece of the stem.


Just me or are there aspects of influence from this painting apparent in Picasso’s Guernica?

Feel a bit insane making the suggestion.

how's your week going, Beehaw

pretty quiet week this week if you ignore whatever the hell is going on with our bathroom toilet, which has a diagnostic issue we can’t troubleshoot and which has flooded once this week. calling maintenance once again to see if we can figure this out so i don’t have to plunge every third time we flush (ironically it’d be...


Sounds like my parents’ kitchen. It used to be somewhat sensible, and my mother doesn’t have much interest in buying stuff for it, but my father will just appear with things for her.

She’s finally got him to ease off a lot lately, but he’ll still try to persuade her to let him order things she doesn’t need or want.

Happy Birthday vacationing!!


Oooh, this is exciting. Has been so lovely to hear all your updates about how things are going for you & this latest girl.

Have a beautiful time!


Ahhh, the self-doubt that drives people who excel in their areas to continually strive to improve even more… I don’t mean to be dismissive, but I think this is a feature of your passion & determination, and these things carry people far further than raw aptitude alone.

Had typed out a longer reply but Memmy ate it. Apologies if both appear at your end.

Let us know how it goes.


Squee. This is one amazing turnaround!


Just sometimes get twingey about upvoting the comments without replying.

Countryside thing was some bus-related confusion (only partly my fault), supposedly on a trip to a suburb, but which saw me on the side of a very dangerous rural road in the mountains in terrible visibility. Determined to hike out over what turned out to be remarkably perilous footing, so had to rethink that and return to where I’d begun.

Eventually got verrry lucky with an option out, but once back on flat terrain indoors, discovered my balance was especially screwed.

Am fairly experienced with wilderness survival without tools or supplies & in very adverse weather, but this basic situation, close to a city & in temperate zone early spring, had me somewhat alarmed.

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