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Software Developer – iOS Seattle area... Kitsap Peninsula. Personal projects include: "DeadRun" & "Zen of Snow" https://mastodon.social/@apphands on twitter.
Apphands on GitHub.
randyedmonds.com #pnw #iOSdev

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danielpunkass, to random
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I wonder how much of a panic is going through the halls of the company or companies that supplied Apple with stickers.

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@danielpunkass I guess I missed the memo. Is Apple not including stickers now?

apphands, to random
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Hey @hotdogsladies I’m almost afraid to ask.. What’s up with Back to Work? 😬

craiggrannell, to random
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Assuming that GBA emulator was taken down for anything other than its ability to load external ROMs, I’m hoping the quality of iOS-based emulators will improve soon. Someone pointed me at a C64 one earlier and, well, yeah… It’s… not great. (Not even remotely close to that great C64 emulator that was on the iPhone waaaay back in the day, and that Apple killed by its cunning ‘death by a thousand cuts’ method.)

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@craiggrannell yeah, not too surprising. I’ve been a Mac user and iOS developer since 2007. Love my iPhone and love my Mac, but for retro gaming nothing beats Android or Linux on a small Chinese handheld like Anbernic or Powkiddy.

craiggrannell, (edited ) to retrogaming
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iGBA is on the App Store. So whether it stays there will surely determine what Apple meant regarding emulators. (Although it’s quite possible iGBA does dodgy things and iC64 or something would be OK.)

EDIT: I should also note that it’s not much cop. I imagine/hope far better emulators will rock up before long.


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@craiggrannell I wonder if RetroArch has been submitted to the App Store yet? If we could get that and EmulationStation, I'd be happy.

drahardja, to tesla
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Blatant racism and overt sexual harassment, that’s the way.

“The Toxic Culture at Tesla”


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@drahardja it’s a shame that Musk has tarnished the Tesla brand in recent years. I’d love to feel good about supporting an American EV company.

davew, to random
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I asked ChatGPT to illustrate a post I wrote yesterday.

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@davew is that Moses with a tablet

jsq, to random
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  • apphands,
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    @jsq yes you can, mostly just don’t install from the App Store. Download Xcode from Apple Developer downloads. Or use this wonderful little tool… https://github.com/XcodesOrg/XcodesApp

    hotdogsladies, to random
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    I need an AI art generator that'll let me do stuff involving living people and copyrighted things.

    Because developing an array of really good images of Billy Joel as a Sontaran has recently become very important for me.

    It's for my work.


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    rasterweb, to random
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    Someone at work ordered a bunch of cheap "slap bracelets" for a silly project and I said "Hey, do you think if I cut this open it'll just be an old tape measure inside?"

    And yup...

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    @rasterweb it may not even be an old tape. It might be a cheaper resource for them to buy new “dollar store” tape measures and use them to make the bracelets.

    derekvanvliet, to photography
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    riding bikes every day until i can’t for some reason, day 986

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    @derekvanvliet excellent photo. interesting ..fenced enclosure?

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