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asep, to knitting
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Sweater season: A documentary about the iconic Cowichan knitwear is up for a screen award
The Cowichan Sweater: Our Knitted Legacy has been nominated for the Best Documentary Program award at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards


@knitting @spinning

asep, to environment
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Biodiversity loss is biggest driver of infectious disease outbreaks, says study

Researchers say reducing emissions and biodiversity loss and preventing invasive species could control disease


#biodiversity #infectiousdiseases #environment

asep, to Ohio
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Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young "Ohio"


asep, to mauritius
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Chagos Islanders fear loss of identity as birth certificates altered to remove disputed homeland

Exiled islanders from the disputed British-owned Chagos Islands are finding their heritage has been removed from new identity documents in an apparent move by Mauritius to stake its claim to the territory.

To qualify for UK citizenship, people must prove they were born on the Chagos Islands or are a descendent of somebody who was.


asep, to random
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Karl Marx wins Stockport seat for Labour

Councillor Karl Peter Marx Wardlaw has been chosen to represent the area of Brinnington and Stockport Central in landslide victory



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asep, to sustainability
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Tens of thousands protest against Canary Islands’ ‘unsustainable’ tourism model


asep, to crochet
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Apparently, March is (Inter-)National Crochet Month, so here are some links with activities (patterns) to join in:


Today they have on their agenda the Celtic Bracelet pattern:



asep, to random
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Chris Packham: We've Been Granted Judicial Review – We're Taking The UK Government To Court

asep, to knitting
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Pristine sweater in parcel posted in 1807
"A 200-year-old sweater in a traditional Faroese knit has been found in a stash of 19th-century letters at The National Archives in our Prize Papers collection. The jumper, handknitted in vibrantly coloured fine wool, was intended for a woman in Denmark, but never reached its destination because the vessel on which it was shipped was seized by the British Navy during the Second Battle of Copen.."

Free_Press, to news
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Latvian member of European Parliament allegedly Russian agent.

Tatjana Zdanoka, a long-serving member of the European Parliament from Latvia, is allegedly an agent working with Russian intelligence services, according to a collaborative investigation released by the independent Russian media outlet The Insider on Jan. 29.
#AureFreePress #news #Ukraine #Russia #Latvia

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@Free_Press here is the link to the article you mention: https://theins.ru/en/politics/268694

extinctionrebellionnl, to random
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Op zaterdag 27 januari rond 12.30 uur zal Extinction Rebellion stoffen lozen in de Roer. We verzamelen om 12.00 uur op het station in Roermond en lopen vanaf daar samen een mars naar de lozingsplek. Sluit je aan! https://t.me/+YjbZb-zqtEZmYzM0 [1/5]

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Plz sign: Stop Chemelot's toxic discharges into our Meuse River

HederaVulpes, to knitting
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@knitting #knitting #AdultLearners

Instead of accepting the usual offer of a #handmade accessory for Christmas, my #knitworthy adult friend has asked me to teach her to knit.

She has vague childhood memories of knit and purl: a beginner.

Is a simple hat, worked in the round, too ambitious for a first project? My reasoning is a one-skein project, wearable, several learning points.

#Opinions and #suggestions welcome :)

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@HederaVulpes @knitting
That seems to me a good project to start, maybe after a try-out of what your friend still remembers and can pick up again.
I started to crochet again many years after I had learnt it at (primary) school, and a few years after restarting crochet, I restarted knitting, and it did not take me long to knit a hat in the round. Especially if your friend has you to teach, it is doable. I learnt it from YouTube. It is a nice small project to do.🧶
Good luck!

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@HederaVulpes @knitting Yes, a swatch, that's it! I couldn't come up with that word, lol

asep, to music
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Nice music to calm down and become cheerful:

Music for bugs - full album


stux, to random
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Hm, I love Mastodon... ❤️

It scared the shit out of me when there where toots not from me but I right away knew where to look for the issue!

Since Masto has a perfect account access log plus 2FA it was quickly clear the posts came from a 3rd party app so revoking and done!

Still, a goooood reminder to clean access tokens, perhaps even for apps not used for a bit 🤷

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@stux which 3rd party app is it, do you know?

asep, to knitting
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asep, to climate
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I'm Taking The Prime Minister To The High Court | Chris Packham

In September the Prime Minister and his Government announced delays for key climate commitments, tearing up plans to tackle vehicle emissions & phase out gas boilers.

Today I can announce I'm taking them to the High Court – but I need your help.

Donate at https://chrispackh.am/packhamvpm


GottaLaff, to random
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Update for those following this:

This drive home is more brutal than most. We spoke to father in law as we drove, told us he’s ready to go, wishes it wd happen “as peaceful & easy” as his wife went. Sigh. Not easy to hear. He’s under hospice care, nothing imminent though.

Backstory: yrs of congestive heart failure finally taking its toll. He’s 97(!). Still sharp.

We leave Portland for Medford, OR today, then to Sacramento, then home to SoCal.

TY for your empathetic replies❤️

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@GottaLaff that is difficult, I know. Take good care, godspeed

dancinyogi, (edited ) to random
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Do you eat breakfast?

And by "breakfast", I mean the first meal of the day, and actual food (coffee, tea, and juice, don't count as food but smoothies do)

Please boost for a wider demographic! 🙏

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@dancinyogi I suppose 'breakfast' is the first meal of 3 larger meals during the day/evening... as a type 1 person I do eat breakfast: bread and tea :-) around 8 or 9 or later, depending on work or days off...

thegiddystitcher, to knitting

Not sure if I've mentioned it here or not but this week was an emotional rollercoaster in which my other half had surgery (it went well, don't worry!) and I had to try and hold it together and be a proper adult for a change 😱

So not a huge amount of crafting time this week, but I finally got all these ends weaved in! It's not blocked yet, will have slightly more ease afterwards, but as you can see it's wearable enough to count for #FallFinishAlong_FOs 🥳

@knitting #Knitting #FallFinishAlong

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@thegiddystitcher @knitting beautiful jersey! And much strength to you these weeks!

dancinyogi, to random
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This is so weird - finding a new home for or selling my father's old WW1 rifle while trying to find a home for or sell my mother's sewing machine she got from my grandmother, who bought it in the 1940s.
Guns and sewing machines. That's my 'lunch hour' today.

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@dancinyogi maybe a museum is interested?

RadicalGraffiti, to random
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"If you saw someone stealing food; no you didn't"
Poster spotted in Manchester, UK

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@RadicalGraffiti I saw this and other texts on Mastodon recently, posted in some Tasmainian supermarkets (see: https://grassrootstas.com/organising-and-campaigning/ - Eat the Rich (Download the pdf of culture jamming the supermarkets here!)

asep, to Morocco
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CraftingWithoutSight, to knitting

Help! As a blind knitter, I have trouble understanding if a pattern on a knitted cloth can be seen if the yarn is not a solid color. So, if I knit a butterfly dishcloth/washcloth with a two-tone yarn or multicolored yarn, will the pattern be visible? Thanks!

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