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Software developer based in Tokyo. I like games, coffee, and starting projects that’ll never get finished. Originally from https://fosstodon.org/@fosstodon.


#foss #webdev #videogames #coffee #gaming

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blake, to random

The finishing blow to firefish.social has been made: it now simply gives up and returns 503. Sure there's more decay past this point, like at some point it won't hit anything and at some point the DNS will stop resolving and at some point the IP will stop resolving but there's no Firefish left on firefish.social.


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@devnull @blake The plus side is that unlike when a traditional platform loses funding and shuts down, open source projects can live on after death.

caseynewton, to random
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It's Hard Fork Friday! This week, Kevin grills me about leaving Substack. Then, WSJ's Kirsten Grind joins to talk about Elon's drug use, and researcher Felix Wong tells us how AI may have discovered a new treatment for MRSA https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/12/podcasts/hard-fork-substack-controversy-musk-drugs.html

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@caseynewton Your insight into the issue of content moderation was really interesting. This episode was one of my favorites. :blobwizard:

wjmaggos, to foss
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I'm hearing people have been able to leave with few interruptions to their payments and reader relationships because the new services also use the payment processor Stripe. That's great but that's also concerning. What if people decide Stripe is evil? Or what if Stripe decides it doesn't want to support certain opinions or writers? Can't we build a decentralized, open protocol version of , , etc?

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asteroidrainfall, to node
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Been playing with and to build a small app for , and the developer experience has been amazing so far.

is freaking amazing. It's the closest I've ever gotten to push and forget. I usually like to , but for this project I didn't want to bother with all that.

Deno will be on the top of the list for whenever I want to work on a side project. (Now just need to think how I can champion for it at work...)

asteroidrainfall, to RSS
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Anyone else use an feed reader for instead of the official site?

asteroidrainfall, to random
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wraptile, to dota2
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Anyone on watching this year's ? Who are you rooting for? Very different teams from the last year.

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@CenturyAvocado @wraptile I love the vibe. Feels like a classic late night show with the band. The hosts’ banter and games make me actually want to keep watching between games. I can’t wait for the season this December.

WeavingWithAI, to aiart
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@WeavingWithAI these are great :blobwizard:

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@WeavingWithAI I love the vibe of the third one. Would you mind if I download it and use it as my profile pick?

reiver, to random
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From a document written by someone trying to understand the Fediverse 🙂


I think they meant "Firefish" rather than "FireTuna" 🙂

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@reiver what is this that’s popped up recently? I took a break from the for like 20 minutes and now there’s a new hot thing fresh out the oven. :sickmeme:

asteroidrainfall, to tech
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Moved off @fosstodon over to @Mastodon Would’ve preferred to move over to @mozilla but I’m still waiting for that invite code. :fatyoshi: Will still be posting about random and whatever. I just felt a little abandoned and out of place in the zone (I rarely posted about ) :mastodon:

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