LinkedIn Learning instructor tackling #SQLServer, #PostgreSQL, #MSAccess, #ArcGIS, and other relational database topics. Dabbler in maps, electronics, Arduino, 3D printing and other maker-stuff. Weather permitting, probably in the garden. Weather not-permitting, probably in Microsoft Flight Sim #MSFS.

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awilbert, to random
awilbert, to random

Learning astrophotography time lapse on my Sony A7C on the fly tonight.

a short timelapse video of a green and red aurora over the treeline

gedeonm, to random avatar

I think my older AirPods v2 are dying. I can barely get any volume out of them any more. When I use my AirPod pros I can hear them loud and clear but I don’t like them as much, they never stay in my ears.

Hate to spend rhe money on a new fresh set of AirPods (non Pros) but i can barely hear what I’m listening to anymore. Boo! 🫠


@gedeonm a soft toothbrush and some isopropyl worked wonders on mine. Those mesh screens get clogged with ear gunk.

Gustodon, to retrogaming avatar

Because I love you, I hope there was a time in your life when you got to play 'Blades of Steel.'


@Gustodon I won my copy of Blades of Steel from a Chips Ahoy! cookie promo. Greatest thing ever to my 10 year old self.
Just found this commercial:

gedeonm, to random avatar

My new Sondiko cooking torch arrived this week. I can’t wait to try it out! 🔥🥩🍅🧅

The torch attached to a small green bottle of 2 pounds of propane


@gedeonm Fun! This may also be good complement for the smoker, which doesn't get hot enough for searing. I have a Weed Dragon torch for the garden thats functionally the same device. I'll have to give this a try!

obrhoff, to retrogaming

Got this beauty as a birthday present.



@obrhoff Everything that Bitmap Books publishes is a gem!


@obrhoff I have Point & Click as well, and have given SNES and GameBoy as gifts. It's fun to flip to a random page, read about the game, and then pop over and play it for a bit.

awilbert, to retrogaming

Slowly making my way through SMB3 (All Star edition) on the Pocket. This thing has been great for quickly picking something up when I have a spare five minutes. Play through a couple levels, then put it down again.
#RetroGaming #AnaloguePocket #SNES

A silver Analogue Pocket handheld game system with the overview map of World 4 from Super Mario Bros 3.
A silver Analogue Pocket handheld game system with the overview map of World 5 from Super Mario Bros 3.


@OffTheBooks Not this time. It's been ages since i've seen worlds 3–7.


@glennmagusharvey the Analogue Pocket supports different platform cores, and they have different capabilites. The NES core does allow sleep/pause while the unit is off. The SNES core does not, but Mario All Stars on SNES has its own save system built in, so thats okay.

awilbert, to random

Is it over? Y'all will keep posting owl pics though, right?

awilbert, to random

When a package delivery company sends you a photo of your box at someone else's front porch. 🤦

They have dozens of verified photos of my house. What is the point of AI Everywhere™ if they're not even going to do the simplest image comparison analysis.

awilbert, to 3DPrinting

Need to be in one of my zen places tonight. Cleaning up some resin terrain prints. 2.5x magnifiers on, scalpel in hand, lo-fi beats playing in the background.

A nitrile glove holds a small resin printed bakery stand model full of various knotted and plaited loaves.
A blue nitrile glove holds a tiny bakery table model with pies and cookies

daringfireball, to random avatar

From the DF Archive: Are There Any Tetris Games for Mac?

awilbert, (edited )

@daringfireball macOS comes with Tetris pre-installed since Catalina. It's built into zshell:

autoload -Uz tetriscurses

gedeonm, to random avatar

Gimmie Ham on five, hold the Mayo.


@gedeonm Watching ✈️! ?


@gedeonm I prefer movies about gladiators.

awilbert, to random
awilbert, to macos

I just found out that the MacOS emoji picker can be expanded to show glyphs as well.

Small icon in the upper right corner turns it into a Character Viewer allowing you to add characters to your favorites list, and even allows you to choose the specific font variation to pull the glyph from. Gives easy access to multiply ×, em dash — and other frequently used characters. The expanded mode is sticky, so the next time you hit the 🌐 key, it defaults to the character viewer.

The expanded emoji picker, now titled as “character viewer.” Categories on the left side of the window organize glyphs into Frequently Used, Favorites, Emoji, Arrows, Bullets & Stars, Latin, Math Symbols, and more. Options on the right of the window allow users to search by character name and add items to a favorites collection.
A TextEdit window containing the text “I just found out the MacOS emoji picker is a full glyph character picker as well!” The emoji picker has been expanded to show a search result for the “thin space” unicode character, which has been added to favorites.

tangocharlie, to Typography avatar

Typography Friends,

Can you tell me about the style of typography in this image? I am assuming it was made using an architect's type template-thing? The kind that holds a pen?

What is that tool called?
Are there any fonts that mimic the look? (or conversely, what font does the template mimic?)

Boosting much appreciated. ❤️

#typography #fonts #architecture #Maps #MapMaking


@tangocharlie The tool to make these was called a Leroy Lettering Set, manufactured by K+E. There were different templates that you could choose from, but they all are characterized by a consistent stroke width determined by the pen nib size. Here's one of their catalogs:

The "National Park Typeface" fonts use basically the same letterforms, though inspired by the limitations of a wood router instead of an India ink pen. But conceptually the same:

awilbert, to retrogaming

I've been dabbling with GB Studio for making Game Boy Color games, and decided to futz around with a reimagining of Adventure (1980, Atari 2600). I FINALLY understand why the maze in that game never made sense to me. The entrance and exit points to each screen warp around, and are not laid out in a cartesian grid when you move East/West. Granted, the last time I played Adventure I was 8, but still... happy to get closure on that mystery.

britt, to gaming avatar

What are some of your favourite PC VR games?


@britt Built a gaming PC specifically for MS FlightSim VR. It's incredibly immersive.
For quick pick-up games, every new course released for Walkabout Mini Golf is like its own little theme park. Their newest course is in collaboration with experience/artist collective Meow Wolf, and it's wonderful!

palafo, to random

I am sure it is good but “one of the most thumbed up shows” feels like a linguistic war crime


@palafo A good question to throw over to @grammargirl. ‘Thumbed up’ sounds weird to me, but follows ‘zipped up.' Is ‘thumb upped' better?

shoq, to random avatar

Have you seen Yellowstone? Has there ever been a mainstream TV show to use so much Native American history and modern issues in their story arcs? I can’t think of one. I’m not commenting on the quality of those arcs. Just that they exist at all.


@shoq Not modern per se, but see also the prequels, 1883 and 1923. The latter specifically for the brutal representation of boarding schools. Also, Dark Winds on AMC with a majority Native American cast.

awilbert, to Typography

I didn't know that color SVG fonts were a thing in Illustrator, but apparently they've been around for a few years now if you have the right families loaded from typekit.

awilbert, to Typography

This "texture healing" technique is really impressive. It uses OpenType’s contextual alternate glyphs, usually seen in stylistic embellishments such as swash caps or ligatures. With Monaspace, they dynamically adjust the widths of characters in a MONOSPACED face, while still respecting the monospace grid. It's pretty wild. The website has a neat interactive step-by-step visualization on how it works. Also, comes in 5 faces!

via @idan & @rileycran

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