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The KDE Eco project advances sustainable software design in Free & Open Source Software.

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be4foss, to berlin
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Digital sustainability workshop in Berlin 3 June!

KDE Eco and the Berlin groups of (@fsfeberlin) and (@bitsundbaeume_berlin) will host an installation workshop from 18-21h CEST at @cbase in .

At the workshop we'll dive deeper into the topic of digital following our joint table at the in April.

To accommodate all participants, contact us to confirm your attendance.

See you there!


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FOSS - ensuring even new hardware stays in use when vendor-support eventually ends!

Whether or not you install GNU/Linux on it today, your new will eventually lose support. Thanks to the impressive work of project (@AsahiLinux), it will not need to end up in the landfill once it does.


Great to see as the default desktop environment!


be4foss, (edited ) to berlin
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You don't need a new computer for up-to-date software ... just the right software!

Come to #Umweltfestival 2024 in #Berlin to learn about the role of independent #FreeSoftware in the sustainable use of hardware.

🗓️ Sunday 28 April, 11-19h
📍 Straße des 17. Juni (Brandenburg Gate)

#KDEEco together with #FSFE (@fsfe) and Bits & Bäume (@bitsundbaeume_berlin) will be there! Some in the #GNOME and #postmarketOS community may be joining as well :)


#KDE #BMUV #UBA #GermanEnvAgency #OpenSource

be4foss, (edited )
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We will have old, otherwise unsupported #computers and #smartphones for visitors to try, as well as some new ones, all running #FreeSoftware.

The oldest, Dell Latitude D600, would have become #eWaste in 2010. If it were human, today it could legally drink alcohol in the USA ... it is that old and, with a little patience, still quite usable!

Come by to try it out :)

@fsfe @kde @bitsundbaeume_berlin

be4foss, (edited )
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KDE Eco's stand with FSFE and Bits & Bäume Berlin will be here on Sunday from 11-19h (as far as I can tell):


Here's the official map (we are listed under "Bits & Bäume Berlin"):


The digital privacy initiative is directly next to us!


@fsfe @kde @bitsundbaeume_berlin

be4foss, to KDE
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I wonder how software licensing fits into this new EU right-to-repair directive. It seems pretty critical for repairability!

Press release: Right to repair: Making repair easier and more appealing to consumers


"Manufacturers [...] will be prohibited from using contractual clauses, hardware or software techniques that obstruct repairs."


(h/t GNOME Berlin)

be4foss, to Energy
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How can we ensure energy data from KEcoLab are stable?

@sthak9 has some ideas.

"Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test"


is a KDE tool for measuring software's consumption, but it needs robust testing to ensure stable functionality after code changes. Sarthak presents his work in Season of 2024 implementing dedicated test builds with test scripts.


be4foss, to KDE
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Selenium automation for measuring software's energy consumption?

@prady0t wants to guide you!

Read about his Season of KDE 2024 work on documentation for AT-SPI, including video guides for the community.

"How Selenium Helps Build Sustainable Software (And More)"


Keep an eye here for the videos (coming soon)!


be4foss, to Energy
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More good news on the day of KDE Plasma 6 megarelease!

is proud to be one of 12 groups of researchers and practitioners (including @a_guldner , @HTW_Berlin , @vuamsterdam , @oekoinstitut) co-authoring a paper published today in Future Generation Computer Systems.

The paper describes the main components of software and hardware usage measurements.

More here on this novel measurement reference model:


be4foss, to KDE
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The power of Free Software: Turning trash into treasure!

The Cape Verdean American Community Development () group has been reviving otherwise-obsolete computers with KDE ().

"The result? Less and more control over the functioning of personal devices. That means not having to buy new when your software becomes unusable over time."

Read more:


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The most environmentally-friendly device is the one you already own!

let's you use your devices until the end of the hardware's life cycle, not the software's!

See these previous posts about the environmental harm of and the role of Free Software in combatting it:


https://floss.social/@be4foss/109421504418938343 (see thread)

Interested in getting involved with ? https://eco.kde.org/get-involved/

be4foss, to Energy
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Making way for Wayland in KdeEcoTest!

is an automation and testing tool. It is used for creating usage scenario scripts to measure the consumption of software.

Season of contributor Athul Raj K has added support to the tool. Now it is possible to compare the energy demands of software on Wayland vs. X11!

Read more here:


be4foss, to sustainability
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KDE Eco at KDE India Conference today!

2 KDE contributors present their work on at the 7th conf.kde.in in Pune, Maharashtra, .

  1. Karanjot Singh: A Layman's Guide to Sustainability with Free Software


  1. Rudraksh Karpe: Emulation Tools for Sustainable Software Development: Simulating Real-World Usage Scenarios at KDE-Eco


Here's to a great conference today!

be4foss, to sustainability
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Die gemeinnützige Organisation, die hinter der KDE-Community für Softwareentwicklung steht, sucht eine/n Projektleiter/in und Veranstaltungsmanager/in für ein neues, von der deutschen Regierung finanziertes Projekt zur Förderung umweltverträglicher Software und langfristiger Hardware-Nutzung.

Es handelt sich um eine Teilzeitstelle (10h/Woche) für die Dauer von zwei Jahren.

Wenn du interessiert bist, findest du hier weitere Informationen: https://ev.kde.org/2024/01/14/2024-01-14-job-project-lead-event-manager/

be4foss, to Software
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There's no time like now to start contributing to the sustainable initiative!

Submit a proposal for one of 3 sustainability projects in KDE's program Season Of KDE 2024.

Details about submitting to found here: https://discuss.kde.org/t/call-for-proposals-want-to-start-contributing-to-kde-its-time-to-submit-proposals-for-our-mentorship-program-sok24-deadline-8-jan/8772

SOK website: https://mentorship.kde.org/sok/

Let's make the most efficient software, together!

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was a huge success, so much so there was even an article about the great work from 's mentees in heise.de last May:


Let's see it we can make even better!

be4foss, to Energy
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​Are you working on systems and energy usage in ?

Consider submitting a talk to the "Reimagining the Energy Ecosystem through Open Source" devroom at on 3 Feb. 2024.

Submission deadline: 1 Dec. 2023

For details: https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2023q4/003495.html

be4foss, to foss
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Learn more about software-driven environmental harm and the initiative today at 14:30 (CEST) on the Bits & Bäume stage!


foss_android, (edited ) to opensource
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Document Viewer

Okular is a universal document viewer developed by KDE.
· Supported Formats: PDF, PS, Tiff, CHM, DjVu, Images, DVI, XPS, Fiction Book, Comic Book, Plucker, EPUB, Fax
· Sidebar with contents, thumbnails, reviews and bookmarks
· Annotations support

Download: https://cdn.kde.org/android/fdroid/repo/okularkirigami-arm64-v8a.apk
or add repo: https://cdn.kde.org/android/fdroid/repo/ in F-droid


@be4foss@floss.social avatar

@foss_android @kde

You can add to the list of hashtags 😍

"First Ever Eco-Certified Computer Program: KDE's Popular PDF Reader Okular"


If you are curious to learn more about Blue Angel eco-certification and how it applies to Free Software, check out the handbook:


be4foss, to Futurology
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Today people all over the world are sharing graphics for day.

is a world-wide community of software engineers, artists, writers, translators and creators. Therefore, posted below are the warming stripes for the entire globe. The picture is alarming.


What's got to do with ? Glad you asked:

"What is , After All?"


be4foss, to opensource
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KDE's initiative KDE Eco featured on the "KDE For Activists" page alongside many other excellent projects!


KDE. Made for activists, by activists.

Made for you, by you!

KDE is developed by a community of passionate people. We develop KDE for everyone, from kids to grandparents and from professionals to hobbyists. Join us:


@kde @carlschwan

be4foss, to opensource
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Are you working on Green Coding in ?

Submit your abstract for the Green Coding track at the 37th 2023 conference at Supercomputing Centre (Germany)!

Deadline: 12 June



  • platforms, tools, languages
  • Methods in measuring & analyzing software's consumption
  • Green in universities & industry
  • Best practices

And more.

be4foss, to opensource
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"Sustainable Software" is a strategic goal for KDE, focusing on minimizing resource consumption and strengthening user autonomy. The aim is to create software that uses fewer natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and promotes user choice and privacy.

Read more from Cornelius Schumacher at the blog:

"What is Sustainable Software, After All?"




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How to hit 3 KDE goals with one proverbial stone!

  1. Automate And Systematize Internal Processes

Learn how Nitin's exciting work on Selenium-AT-SPI in Season of KDE 2023 () made progress in all 3 of KDE's goals at the blog:


Automated testing is crucial for the continued quality of software. The webdriver automates such tests. Selenium-AT-SPI does the same but for programs.



killyourfm, to random
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Over the next few weeks, I'm going to TRY to accurately measure my power consumption doing daily work tasks on my big tower PC, the Steam Deck, and the HP Dev One laptop. (Using a Kill-A-Watt P3).

ALSO? Gaming power consumption comparisons between my desktop PC & the Xbox Series X, both at 4K resolution.

I expect it will be an eye-opening experience and I'll never turn on my tower again.

This will undoubtedly branch off into all kinds of software testing too. YES, I'll record & share data...

@be4foss@floss.social avatar

@killyourfm @baldpolnareffart

You can follow Engineer Detlef Thoms, who does relevant back-of-the-envelope calculations in the "Sustainable Programming" course (see 04:20–06:10).

Calculate the energy savings, make certain assumptions about use (e.g., how often the savings apply), and multiply out. Given the global nature of software, the numbers scale up very quickly.


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