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Hello, I'm Brawaru. I like to code various things in #Go, #Java and #TypeScript. Love #Minecraft 💚. I also moderate Discord server and translation project for https://floss.social/@modrinth. He/Him. 🏳‍🌈

ℹ On Mastodon since July 2019.

#️⃣ #fedi22 #i18n #opensource

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brawaru, to Discord
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the irony of a platform concealing so much useful information only for it to be scrapped anyway by some nerds to sell for AI training and other creepy purposes

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arc on windows first impression: hugely disappointed

that's very lacking for a wrapper on top of chromium...

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not even automatic dark mode, insane 🤯

brawaru, to random
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the state of web browsers is beyond depressing

tito_swineflu, to random
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@tito_swineflu ooo we recently tried to figure out what windows were those fuel pumps running. Apparently it's WinCE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Embedded_Compact

Cldfire, to random
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the year is 2024. I now have all of my favorite social media services on my dock as cute little web apps. Sandboxed, snappy, and with full push notification support. Each one is able to freely experiment with UI/UX to push beyond what "native" UI frameworks offer (with Phanpy being a stunning example of what that freedom unlocks). And they can all publish changes dozens of times a day with no overhead and no app review to slow them down.

Life is good 🙌

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@adamas desktop app prolly would be better if you are actively using it for voice and screen sharing, since they'd use native modules for screen recording rather than relying on browser one which can be quite junky. Otherwise browser version is almost identical, minus some features that discord doesn't show in browser version for whatever reason (like many context menus are missing), but this can be solved with vencord extension (tho idk how that works with PWA).


stux, to random
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As an experiment, I have setup a YouTube channel where I'm uploading compilations of the videos I share here in Mastodon to see if I can get it popular enough to let Google pay for our server bills here :ed_grin:

Not sure if it's a good idea but we can always try right :blobcatgiggle:

It would be a great start if one likes to sub here:

Let's try and make Google pay for the Fedi :youtube:

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@stux are you not worried about getting a copyright strike or legals after you? the rights to any such videos usually being bought by some large media companies. ask daily dose of internet what it takes to get all the permissions for the silly vids

JenMsft, to random
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@JenMsft user: also this padlock symbol in my address bar means you can't see the sites I visit!
ISP: oh! that's true! btw, what's this handshake request your browser just sent to cornhub.com?
user: HUH what- I thou- actually that's not- handshake? what handshake?? this is internet, it's digital ha ha!
ISP: yeeea

guigui, to random
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there's an annoying feedback loop.
people want to move to open source communication methods
-> the open source stuff isn't used much
-> no one ends up sticking to the open source stuff due to not everyone being on there
-> everyone goes back to the closed source big tech app

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@guigui they had them for a brief moment in 2022, still show up in my old messages

brawaru, to random
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closes mastodon
opens new tab
opens mastodon
ah yes

TodayInTwitter, to random
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X rolled out a change that automatically converts all links that have the string “twitter” anywhere in them to “X.”

For example, if someone tweets the link setwitter.com, the X client application will change that link to sex.com.

This is not a joke.


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@TodayInTwitter well, let's be fair, regex is difficult, especially for a company like this

soop, to random
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UI designers try not to make a row of tabs one or two of which disruptively send you elsewhere entirely challenge (impossible)

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@soop close should redirect you back to settings, before that they had back to settings button. but yeah, that's still terrible ux. navigation tabs should not be used for actions

brawaru, to random
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wtf who turned the lights off

op stop playing with the /time command not funny

teidesu, to random

dear americans

nobody outside usa knows what the fuck are EST EDT ET PST CST and 289191 other "standard" timezones.
please for the love of god use UTC+X

sincerely, ​:haggard:​

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@teidesu there's a neat trick like https://time.is/EST

brawaru, to random
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AI is revolutionary! 🤯 Now you can wait 10 seconds for it to change two words and be charged a couple cents after 🚀

GIF showing how person invokes AI ‘proofread’ action on ‘I think this makes sum ssense’, only for it to be changed to ‘I think this makes some sense’ after 10 seconds.

pixelfed, to Pixelfed
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✨ You can now use 3rd party webUIs like phanpy with Pixelfed!

#pixelfed #phanpy #mastoAPI

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@pixelfed woa, amazing!!

The only nit: I think Pixelfed doesn't let third-party clients know the image sizes, which causes slightly annoying layout shifts when the images are loading. Is this something that can be fixed?

Oh, perhaps this is an issue on Phanpy's side for not falling back to calculate box size based on the original size (Pixelfed doesn't expose small media attachment meta).

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@pixelfed works great with @elk too!

mike, (edited ) to random
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So much energy going into AI chatbots. I'm curious what you think. Do you find AI chatbots useful? Are they useful enough that you are willing to pay to use them? Or do you think they are over hyped and not useful to you at all?

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@mike at Modrinth we use Intercom platform and their AI chat bot which uses our knowledge base, private snippets, and other conversations to answer users.

When it's able to answer users who don't bother to search anything on the site, it saves us time and energy, allowing to work on actual, unique conversations, or something else entirely, like writing more support articles. [1/3]

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On average it's not good, though. It often produces garbage answers, because it doesn't have this expectation of ‘follow up’, where many users won't go further than ‘help me please’, and you need to ask them ‘hello, how can we help you?’.

It also fails miserably for generalised questions, creating a mishmash of different ‘related’ articles, thus producing a wall of pure garbage. Thankfully majority of the users notice and click the button to route conversation.

@mike [2/3]

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We're on a special plan which is going to run out eventually, so it's also going to be very expensive ($1/resolution!!). For all those reasons we're planning to switch to a very primitive button-based non-AI triage bot, and then have options to route to support.

AI is not there, and probably won't be there for a very long time. And we don't want our users to have awful support experience, even though it means a lot of work for us.

@mike [3/3]

zachleat, to random
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you pay for the health insurance for your teeth separately—practically speaking your teeth are out of network from your body

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@sclark I'm pretty sure this dental thing is universal. Even the countries with state-mandated insurances will only cover the basics, but you gotta pay out of your pocket for complex procedures or so that basic ones go smoothly (e.g., paying for good anaesthetics). Tbf, even healthcare covered by insurances like that is usually inferior to private healthcare and insurances... but hey, at least if you're persistent you're going to get some treatment without a huge bill.


primm, to random
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My Wii Pointer cursor set is finally finished. It replaces all the default windows mouse cursors with nice and crisp renders of the Wii Pointer hand. And I've thrown in some extra icons too so that every cursor type is updated!! (despite the alt. cursor barely ever being used in Windows >.<)

I'm also releasing the vector image files that I made during the creation of this cursor, as I know a few people wanted high quality versions of the Wii Pointer hand ^^ :hd_dvd_spin:

Downloads and a bit of a longer writeup here:

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@primm wish there was a version for us regular DPI plebs, they look neat but all jagged :sad_dog: good job regardless, hope nintendo lawyers won't mind :blobcatgiggle:

wongmjane, to random

According to users from Europe, Europe is the most diverse place in the world and there is no racism or crime in Europe ever

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@wongmjane oh I'm pretty sure, romani people can agree :blobcatmeltthumb:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism_in_Europe oh what's this

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we're experiencing about 5 spam attacks per day on promoting teen porn and steam scams, and it's only getting worse lately. you'd think they could easily implement automatic detection for that, but nah, why would they, when they can slap more nitro promotions instead. absolutely dysfunctional platform...

anubiarts, to random
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Farewell, Andy 🖤 2017-2024

I still remember when I met you the first time at October 21st, 2017, you were just a tiny puppy, and I saw you grow bigger and bigger over the years. We shared tons of beautiful moments together, and you were always there for me...
I feel sad for having lost you yesterday, for you not being with us anymore, but I'll cherish all those moments we had, you meant a lot for me, even when others may have disliked you, I hope you rest in peace on a far better place now.

A Picture to Andy, AnubiArts' dog who recently passed away.. Andy is standing up with his head slightly tilted to the right side, while being petted by Anubi's hand. I miss you...

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@anubiarts awh I'm so sorry for your loss :sad_dog: :blahaj_hug:

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