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Electronic Experimental Artist in SF
Modular Synths Guitar Bass
Current: Alphastare
Flesh Eaters (Guitar)
Andalusia Rose (Bass/Baritone Gtr)
Turn Me On Dead Man (Bass)
Originally from Buffalo
LA from 96-03
SF 03-Now
Vinyl collector since mid-80's most genres,
CDS and tapes too
primarily punk/60's Garage psych/Electronic-Experimental (vintage and modern synth) Spoken word/weird records, Deathrock/OG Goth, Industrial
Screen Printer (Garments)

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An old friend of mine has been releasing some sick wax as of late. This is the latest from Double Dee and Steinski pioneers of the โ€œmegamixโ€
sample based collages. were influenced by these O.G.s
Limited release don't sleep on this.


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@acousticmirror Nice! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was saavy. Had to boost this twice. The Lessons are legendary. My friend is releasing a boxed set at some point, I just listened to some masters. The most mainstream influence of this approach i'd heard was Paul's Boutique before this became a bit of a genre unto it's own in the later 90's early 00's. Negativeland are a great comparison, maybe an influence?

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@yoniden @acousticmirror @feedyourrobot Nice, I appreciate the rec. Check out my homies label, he's been releasing quality stuff. A bunch of Jungle Brothers, including the latest "Keep it Jungle" and a new one from Schoolly D! He just brought him in L.A. to perform at his warehouse/studio spot. That was kinda surreal.https://www.discogs.com/label/2351110-Slamboyant-Records

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Bernie Krause of "Beaver and Krause" responsible for the Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music (1968), set up a booth at worked with everyone, released a ton of stuff. I have a bunch of these records. I had no idea the Nonesuch collection spent 26 weeks on the classical charts. I believe he lost all of his master tapes in one of those massive Cal fires a few years back.


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If you are a Legendary Pink Dots fan, make some space on a hard drive. This massive batch of releases set to 'name your price' status on through July 31.

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Happy day of arrival to Sun Ra. Born May 22 1914. A cosmic force and source of endless inspiration.๐Ÿ–ค
This pic from our recent visit to in DC at the exhibit.

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