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We can afford nice things … if we stop spending billions on nothing

🅭🅯🄎 #tfr DOB: 332.4ppm CO₂

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RickiTarr, to random
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I'd like to think our genetics don't define us, and then I'll meet a herding dog, and start thinking, "Well, maybe..."

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@RickiTarr I mean, ask yourself why you can't have 12 fingers

RickiTarr, to random
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Y'all I just made myself feel so old, hubs looked up top 100 music from 2001, 2011, 2021, and today and the amount of music I could recognize decreased by significantly. I recognized probably 70% of 2001 and decreasing as I went on. BUT I blame the internet, I can listen to exactly the kind of music I want with no dependence on the radio, but also I'm old!

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@RickiTarr Haha I was 9 when the trend started passing me by. I was really into the sounds of my 5-year-old days.

luckytran, to random
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It's ridiculous that most Democrats are just watching passively as Republicans are passing mask bans. In states where Democrats hold power, they should absolutely be passing laws that codify and protect people's rights to wear a mask.

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@luckytran I know the answer but

Whatever happened to “You Do You”?

Oh it’s now “NOT LIKE THAT”

renewable_energy, to nature
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Portugal is crushing it: renewables met 91% of Portugal’s electricity needs in the first 4 months this year & have pushed their⚡️prices to a 4 yr low!

Renewables are carrying an increasing % of their electrcity demand in the first 4 months in 2024:

  • 95% April
  • 91% March
  • 88% Feb
  • 81% in Jan

Portugal’s rapid transition is evidence it can be done: renewables are up from 27% in 2005 & 54% in 2017 with their last coal power plant shut down in 2021.

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@renewable_energy @glynmoody Never let them forget: Nuclear is the nuclear option — super expensive. The only room for argument left is what mixture of investment to have in more storage vs redundant renewable capacity vs gas backup.

glynmoody, to random
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House quashes Marjorie Taylor Greene motion to oust speaker Mike - https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/article/2024/may/08/marjorie-taylor-greene-speaker-mike-johnson-motion-to-vacate "Far-right congresswoman booed on House floor before chamber votes 359-43 to kill proposal to remove Johnson from post" nice slapdown for this odious woman

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@glynmoody I congratulate all who sail on the fine ship FFS Finally

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@ajsadauskas @unionagainstdhmo @Baku Wow, it's actually starting

We'll see more of this elsewhere — local and worldwide, but the pointy end was regional Victoria, obviously in hindsight. They had a "ffs finally" parity with the cities, a 3rd network as a dividend of switching to digital.

Last week the UK announced the beginning of the end of Freeview … what do you think, beginning of the end of Australian FTA @SydneyCityTV ?


ajsadauskas, to sydney
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"It's going to be a bloody disaster": Tell me again about how the second road tunnel under Sydney Harbour won't make congestion worse?

"Civil engineer Les Wielinga, a former CEO at the now-defunct Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), made the fiery comments at a NSW parliamentary inquiry into the bungled Rozelle Interchange.

"The Western Harbour Tunnel, which is under construction, will allow drivers travelling between the inner west and the North Shore to bypass the CBD.

"Entries and exits to the tunnel will lie at the Ernest Street interchange in Cammeray and near the Falcon Street interchange at North Sydney.

"'It's going to be a bloody disaster,' Mr Wielinga told the upper house committee on Friday.

"Paul Forward, another former CEO of the RTA, told the inquiry he was concerned about the project's design.

"'You've now got three motorways coming out into this short area, and whilst I would recognise there are some exit points, some off-ramps, those motorways are now all going into the Lane Cove Tunnel,' he said.

"'A large number of lanes are going into two lanes at the Lane Cove Tunnel. Sounds familiar?'"



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@ajsadauskas @fuck_cars So when are they going to have the courage to close the City West Link and most of Victoria Road through Rozelle? You shouldn't be using those "streets" unless you're local (or a bicycle).

We're halfway to solving these stroads. Let's do it.

deflockcom, to TeslaMotors
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confirms intentions to new users a temporary to let them post

This man is a joke who the fall of X


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@deflockcom @glynmoody I’m going to say it — this is the least worst idea he’s had for Twitter

If I bought it when he did, it would be the first and only change I’d make for months. On the other hand, my goal would be preserving wealth not burning it. Not that this move is a revenue generator.

mekkaokereke, to random
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People on Twitter are debating whether a person using uncommon words like "delve" are trying to sound smarter than they are, or worse, are ChatGPT bots, because "normal" people don't talk like that.

You don't have to get upset, or embroiled in the debate. Not worth the time or attention. But I'll share some important context as your friendly neighborhood Nigerian 🙋🏿‍♂️

Many Nigerians have bigger English language vocabularies and better command of grammar than the typical American or English person

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@bynkii @mekkaokereke Do they, do you, does anybody have the rule that you must be able to define the word you use … or use it in a sentence maybe?

I once came 2nd in a Scrabble tournament because I didn’t know the word “qi”. Last time I played I got sick of seeing my opponent use 3 or 4 other two-letter words. At least 2 of them he couldn’t use in a sentence.

It’s bad enough that these are words they never use outside Scrabble. It’s against the spirit of the game.

Macquarie dictionary?

ajsadauskas, (edited ) to tech
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My real worry with Google's voyage into enshittification (thanks to Cory Doctorow @pluralistic the term) is YouTube.

Through YT, for the past 15 years, the world has basically entrusted Google to be the custodian of pretty much our entire global video archive.

There's countless hours of archived footage — news reports, political speeches, historical events, documentaries, indie films, academic lectures, conference presentations, rare recordings, concert footage, obscure music — where the best or only copy is now held by Google through YouTube.

So what happens if maintaining that archival footage becomes unprofitable?


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@lps @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology When YT’s “musk kitchen sink” moment happens, I’ll switch over

For now there’s a few things missing, like HDR, and current leadership at YT is surprisingly understanding how to keep an ecosystem fertile

But already I know to actively maintain a backups folder of all my uploads. Which is interesting — so do they. YouTube preserves every upload, and has periodically reprocessed the originals to higher quality (less downgrades).

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@lps @AstaMcCarthy @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology Everything I’ve been doing in the last 12 months is HDR experiments

I’m starting 2 new channels soon, and one of them will be SDR only so I think I can publish that onto PeerTube easily

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@AstaMcCarthy @lps @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology I’m all down for that, especially for non-video. For video I’ll have to self-host as if it’s Web 1.0 because PeerTube will reprocess and mangle my videos.

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@lps @AstaMcCarthy @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology

Hmm I looked into this a year ago. But from this screenshot, it’s only talking about resolution. I’m after bit-depth and colourspaces, and yes you’re very right about avoiding transcoding.

I throw a lot of CPU/GPU at my encodes, more than other people would. And so I’d prefer it if others wouldn’t transcode it. I’m happy to live within some rules — just tell me a CBR or VBR maximum …

deewani, to random
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Starts TODAY: “Across California, masks will be required in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in an effort to limit the spread of RSV, the flu and COVID. The mandate will last until the end of flu season in March.”

“Marin County and Santa Clara counties require everyone who enters medical facilities to mask up. Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, and Sonoma counties will require health care workers to mask up in patient care areas.”


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@deewani @chrischirp congrats 🥂 on the bare minimum — but let’s be generous and pour one out

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@deewani @maggiemaybe I’d hasten to add that it would have always been good and wise

Flu has always been a big killer — folks in hospital would be at risk — and I’m as guilty as everyone for taking flu less seriously than it deserved

Covid is still roughly a “3x flu”, though I’m putting that under review for an upward revision if Long Covid impacts life expectancy for most of the decade

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@AutisticAdam @actuallyautistic well I just think I found a litmus test for autism

I know that my friends always felt they had the “inside track” and could feel the right answer, like a vibe coming through the page from the examiner. Well at least the teachers had my back when it came to the formal challenges in exam rooms — they’d announce a word change, or clarification, mid-exam … if people like me caught them out on a sloppy bit of question writing.

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@Susan60 @AutisticAdam @actuallyautistic My maths teacher had a great motto for life — not that he meant it to be, but we never knew if he had reached the point of the day where he DGAF:

“You do what you think’s best”.

He didn’t use this in high-stakes contexts, but it made us back up our authority with documentation. And in hindsight, that was a good skill for so many kinds of real-world decisions.

GottaLaff, to Bulgaria
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Via emptywheel:

One reason you put out a policy of abandoning democracy before the election is to increase the likelihood that those who hate will interfere on your behalf.

Noah Shachtman:

EXCLUSIVE: and his team are actively planning to pull the United States out of NATO — or, barring that, kneecap the collective defense provisions at the heart of the alliance.

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@Laukidh @GottaLaff They’re going for a strongman with Christofascist racist homophobic leanings, so for them, what’s not to love?

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@Laukidh @GottaLaff yeah they’ll make some reference to communism, if you find one that’s thought about it

All the “commie”, “pinko” and “hippie” insults have just been upgraded to “woke” now

shoq, to random
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I’d normally recommend reading a manual on writing manuals rather than a Ross Douthat article, but he does knit together some harsh realities underlying our Matt Gaetz problem

How Gerontocracy Explains the Matt Gaetz Clown Show - The New York Times


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@shoq @glynmoody Yet again, Japan shows us the future?

Brendanjones, to Hydrogen
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Emissions from computing are apparently higher than for air travel, and that’ll only go up in the coming decades.

“As a society we need to start treating computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible. We need frugal computing: achieving our aims with less energy and material.”


@ckent@urbanists.social avatar

@Brendanjones @Pkbwood This is an awful example of reaching for the high-hanging fruit, when the low-hanging fruit are right there

Computing is a purely electric activity and we can produces oodles more electricity now than we need. Depending on time of day, it’s priced negatively.

Scan carefully for an agenda.

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@raphaelmorgan @LillyHerself @Brendanjones I think we’re losing sight of the basic distinctions between burning aviation gas and plugging in an electrical device https://urbanists.social/@ckent/111184778670157628

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@preslavrachev @Brendanjones it’s fine — electricity is really not the problem this think tank piece wants us to worry it is — I make a profit year-round and it’s USD$200 a month on the wholesale electricity market because my house’s 30 panels supports the supply/demand curve instead of burdening it

There’s a distasteful temptation to equate electricity to aviation gas and the two just don’t compare. I’m highly suspicious a fossil fuel lobbyist got into the chat.


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@raphaelmorgan @LillyHerself @Brendanjones Yes. I still insist we reach for the low-hanging fruit — it’s far simpler (and easier) to switch to cheap wind and solar, currently underpricing everything else, than it is to create some kind of upheaval in our IT infrastructure … rather theoretical right now.

Capitalism unbridled would want the cheap energy; it’s the oil billionaires who are interfering in the natural order by forcing parts of the anglosphere onto fossil fuels. Trying nuclear, too

fulelo, to climate
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- Attention-grabbing leak turbocharges politics
By Chris Mason

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@fulelo @glynmoody I wish Chris Mason’s article would nominate a few examples of emissions and industrial use. It kept promising to reveal something.

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