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Climatematch Academy is a wide-reaching, inclusive and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science. The existing climate science research community severely underrepresents the global population that will be impacted by climate change. Climatematch strives to create a globally diverse climate sciences community, trained on cutting edge techniques to access and analyze open-source modeled and observational climate data.

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The mentoring experience is one of the most unique assets of the academy, for both the students and the mentors.
So if you are at a stage of your (academic or not) career and feel like you have two hours in all of July to spare, become a mentor yourself 🌳

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Climatematch brings together outstanding students from 103 countries, many of whom lack career connections. Spend just one hour a week for 2 weeks with these talented individuals and make a real impact on their lives and career paths. Apply here: https://airtable.com/appd4DSKbwTVkCWAS/pagXTqRh1IeMqN3sE/form
Learn more about it: https://neuromatch.io/mentoring/

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🚨 Today is the day!! 😱 Student applications are due tonight, March 31, at midnight in the last time zone on Earth! This is your last chance until next year, so get those applications in!


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Applications for Teaching Assistants and priority applications for students for the 2024 Computational Tools for Climate Science close TODAY! Apply now: https://buff.ly/3ITMRo9
This course is a wide-reaching, inclusive, and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science.

If you are a student and registered before March 24th, your application will receive a higher consideration for acceptance, don't miss out!

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Climatematch Academy is a great opportunity for all students in ! Here's what our students learn over the intensive two-week online course.

Apply today: https://buff.ly/3Tj5dDA

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Applications are open for the second annual Climatematch Academy! We've made some awesome updates to the Computational Tools for Climate Science course. You won't want to miss it! 🌍 🌎 🌏

➡️ Apply to be a student or TA here: https://neuromatch.io/courses/

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Enrollment is now open for teaching assistant positions at Climatematch Academy 2024 😀! Join us for Computational Tools for Climate Science 2024 from July 15 - 26th 💻.
TA positions available 📣.
Enroll on the neuromatch.io website before March 24th.

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Our academies are also a unique human experience, all from the comfort of your home 🥰 Only a few hours left before applications open on March 1st, everywhere on Earth!

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As the upcoming 2024 Neuromatch and Climatematch Academy approaches, we reached out to students and teaching assistants to share their most cherished memories from past editions. Besides the great technical skills, our academies also offer professional development opportunities. Applications open on March 1st 😉

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We are pleased to announce that the second edition of the summer course Computational Tools for Climate Science will be taking place in exactly 7 months ! 🌳 🎉

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when applications will open, at academy.climatematch.io

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📣 Believe it or not, we’re already getting started for next year’s course! We are looking for someone to fill the Curriculum Chair role and several Social Media roles.

Check out all the open roles and apply here: https://academy.climatematch.io/volunteer

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📣Teaching Assistant (TA) Spotlight

Welcome our incredible and dedicated Climatematch TAs! We appreciate all your hard work and contributions to the course! You all are great additions to the team.💚

Meet Mackenzie Blanusa, Carlos Jorge Benítez Collins, and Jacob Joseph! Our amazing CMA TAs have been a great part of the team helping students throughout the course! Also, thank you Carlos for your helpful feedback on the course’s content!

A big shoutout to all our TAs 🎉


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Paleoclimate holds the key to predicting future changes, understanding environmental responses, and refining climate models for more precise projections. On Sloane Garelick will guide throught a series of tutorials where you'll learn about ice cores and isotopes, computational tools to interpret paloclimate data and how to interpret paleoclimate model simulation.
"Past Climates Inform Our Future" by Julien Emile Geay is the perfect reference before jumping into earth's climate history.

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Thank you to all our collaborators listed below who have helped create content for Computational Tools for Climate Science!

It wouldn't have been possible without your incredible contributions 💯🎉

@ProjectPythia is an educational resource for the entire geoscience community, providing open-source, Python-centered learning materials. 🐍

@Linked_Earth has been instrumental in collecting and analyzing valuable data, helping us understand our changing planet. 🌎

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) is a collaborative framework designed to improve our knowledge of climate change, facilitating multi-model comparisons and making data publicly available. 📊

ClimateMARGO provides a framework for optimizing climate change control strategies, bridging the gap between climate science and policy-making. 💚

Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP) is merging climate science expertise with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, advancing near-term climate projections. ⚡️

@ClimateChangeAI is an organization that brings together experts from academia, industry, and beyond, harnessing the power of machine learning to tackle climate change. 🤝

@2i2c_org is a non-profit project of Code for Science and Society, fostering open communities and leveraging expertise in cloud engineering and open source to advance research, education, and collaboration worldwide. 🌍

@GeoLatinas is an empowering community dedicated to embracing, promoting, and inspiring Latinas in pursuing and thriving in careers in Earth and Planetary Sciences, providing tools, inspiration, and bridging gaps for success in the field. 🌎

@GoogleDeepMind is at the forefront of artificial intelligence research addressing complex challenges and driving innovation across various domains, including climate science. 🤖

@NASATOPS is a transformative initiative driving the adoption of open science principles to create a more accessible and equitable scientific culture. 🚀

We're grateful for your incredible contributions. Together, we're making a significant impact in understanding and addressing the challenges of climate change. 💚

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🦖 Get ready to stomp and groove with . Our pod names follow the theme, "Dinosaurs and Dances from Around the World"!🕺🏻💃🏻

📣 From the Fossil Footlights to the T-Rex Tango, share your COOL pod names with us! 🎉

Special shout out to Antoine de Comité and @mannazsci for creating these unique pod names!

GIF Dancing Dinosaur (the Dinosaur looks like a T-rex)

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📣 Attention, prospective students and teaching assistants!
✉️ Application decisions have been released!
Check your email and remember to accept your offer by 7th June 🗓️ !

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A gif showing a map of observed global surface temperature change

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📣​ Check your email!
Our review process has ended and we have sent our responses!
We hope you'll be part of our cohort in July!
🚨​ The last term to accept the offer is the 7th of June!
We were not able to accept all the candidates, but with 802 students and 44 TA we tried our best.
If you didn't make it, don't give up on climate science!

🖖 @neuromatch

GIF A cat walks in holding a sign with "Attention please" written on it.

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Over 8️⃣0️⃣​0️⃣​​ applicants from 92 countries have already signed up! :tada:
We want to reach every corner of earth! Help us reach the missing countries! 🌍​🌎​🌏​
Applications are open until May 8th
Handful of spots left! 🤯​
Apply now!

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