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Chose a terrible time to be less of a massive introvert. He/Him, British, in Seattle.

Space, biology, archaeology, anatomy, technology, and all sorts of other random esoteric things I'm interested in...

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futurebird, to random
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In the park near my home there is a great outcropping of rock. A cliff in miniture. It's about 20 foot high, and too perilous to climb. It's encrusted with lichen and trees emerge from the wider cracks.

This isn't so unusual in NYC. When a parcel of land remains "undeveloped" (by people) it's often because it's too uneven and rocky to permit construction. The bedrock that anchors skyscrapers is exposed to the elements and becomes a wonderful habitat for all manner of creatures. 1/

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@ptoothfish @futurebird
I'm randomly reminded me of an important (and utterly forgotten) part of the recent history of the East Midlands town of Derby - where plants intended to spell out the inspirational 'DERBY IN BLOOM' ended up showing the much more accurate 'DERBY IN GLOOM' instead.

Nobody knew if it was vandalism, or nature itself conspiring to tell the truth.

Fortunately, there's still a picture on the intertubes:


coprolite9000, to random
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Best bit of the #eclipse / #eclipse2024 hashtags right now is that the people with Big Cameras and Big Lenses are getting home and are posting the first of their photos...

futurebird, to random
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I just read a review of a children's book written in 1911 (the review is from 1913) and the person reviewing the book totally missed the point of the story. The whole thing went right over the reviewer's head.

Tempted to write the latest, least expected bad book review clap-back in the history of humankind.


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@martin_piper @futurebird
It is 1913. At a desk, the reviewer writes one last word, puts down the pen, takes the paper, gets up, walks and hands it to the editor. This review should put that damned author in his place.

Then a sudden, indescribable, overwhelming sense of dread, of utter shame. What a terrible thing to have done! But too late - too late to correct this foul deed.

Unseen, on a bookshelf - a tiny ant blinks out of existence, having delivered her psychic message from the future.

elizabethtasker, to random
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Me n’ my asteroid chip! A selfie at the London Science Museum yesterday, seeing the exhibit of the grain from asteroid Ryugu returned by the Japanese Hayabusa2 mission. This is the first time I’d seen the exhibit after delivering the asteroid grain from JAXA to London last summer! (The how-to for smuggling asteroids is here: https://cosmos.isas.jaxa.jp/how-to-carry-an-asteroid-around-the-world/ )

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(At which point does it get returned to Japan, and are you still up to transporting it?!)

mattdm, to random
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PSA: if you are not in the path of totality, you don't really want eclipse sunglasses. You want a colander.

#eclipse #solareclipse #sun #facts

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@sundogplanets @mattdm
I was just looking through photos I took during the August 2017 eclipse from Seattle, having remembered the colander trick there .... and saw an entertaining extra. A doughnut! Not as effective, certainly.

(Shadows from foliage also become something wonderfully strange...)

Shadow from tree foliage on concrete tiled footpath, with hundreds of overlapping crescent suns from an in-progress solar eclipse.

Rycaut, to Seattle
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visiting Seattle next week for my son's spring break, we'll be staying downtown, not going to have a car (but the whole family loves walking/taking trains places), we might do a boat tour one day, will definitely take the monorail (yes know it barely goes anywhere), probably the requisite Space Needle, and Pacific Science Center (has a reciprocal arrangement with our local Tech Interactive) what other kid friendly things should we do? (geeky kid/parent friendly things) #seattle #parenting

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Absolutely up there on the nerd scale - the Connections Museum, open every Sunday. Can get close to there from downtown by bus. Old telephone exchange stuffed full of old telecommunications hardware, with a lot of it powered up and clicking and whirring away.


(They're on the fediverse too: @connections )

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@Rycaut @connections

Bonus Georgetown extra, with even weirder opening times - the Steam Plant museum:


"We offer public open houses on the second Saturday of every month between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m."

futurebird, to random
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So the way my ants do it is they raise ants who are a good fit for the job of queen then cull them until they have the most effective one (the queens may also simply leave and try to make it on their own)

Why don't we do this instead?

Ant colonies are very much worker run collectives... maybe even a little too much.

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I suppose Henry VIII had a go at sequential queen-culling, although that didn't exactly go well for anyone?

... Then again, in his attempts at producing male heirs he did inadvertently produce Elizabeth I, so perhaps his effective-queen strategy was quite successful, after all. Shame she didn't miraculously start producing workers...

(Yes, I have been watching too many Lucy Worsley documentaries. Now I want her to team up with George McGavin for some proper royal entomology.)

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Insomnia has reached critical levels, as evidenced by my browser tabs...

Fornvannen, to Archaeology
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@Fornvannen @archaeodons
Those beads! Wow.

eclectech, to random
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Oooh, if I was in London (or in the vicinity of) I would definitely go for this. Absolute favourite radio show. Tickets for John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme being allocated by random draw.


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I suspect I'm considerably further still from London - but yay! More Souvenir Programme! (Looks like another one-off special?)

Absolute favourite radio programme too. I put it on when I'm stressed out or can't sleep - which has been too much lately...

coprolite9000, to Seattle
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Heavy rain keeps beating against the windows - seems much more than was forecast! Capitol Hill, #Seattle.


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CatherineFlick, (edited ) to random
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Thanks everyone! Got a lot of good recommendations. Appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions. Probably got enough to explore for now 🥳🥳

Hey Mastodon hive mind. What's a good self-hosted RSS reader? I currently use TT-RSS but the attitude of the developer is really frustrating. Needs: Google reader type shortcuts and feel if possible

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Yet another recommendation for FreshRSS - I switched to it from TT-RSS a year or so ago, after also being thoroughly put off by the latter's developer...

coprolite9000, to random
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Tonight's #monsterdon - the Werewolf of Washington D.C., not state. The latter would be me - yes, I need a haircut.

(Mute the hashtag to avoid a rampage of assorted hairy creatures...)

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The (presumably) not-yet-werewolf is demonstrating the British technique of communicating with foreigners by Shouting English At Them. Lovely chap. Would be terrible if he, say, got bitten by a lycanthrope... #monsterdon

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... and now he's attacked someone's dog with that dodgy wolf-styled walking stick acquired earlier. As I said, lovely chap. #monsterdon

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Starting to think the old lady saw him attack her dog, so is making up this monstrous warning about werewolves in order to destroy his angry American mind. #monsterdon

@coprolite9000@mastodon.me.uk avatar

(Tubi copy looks like a VHS copy from the 1970s. I think this may actually add to the experience - I swear it lost vertical sync for a moment.) #monsterdon

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"Guts ... ripped open." Precisely the sort of details to be relayed over a short, tragic telephone call. #monsterdon

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Werewolf on the car roof! #monsterdon

sundogplanets, to random
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Ohhh yessss!!! Tonight there are likely auroras https://www.spaceweather.gc.ca/forecast-prevision/short-court/zone-en.php

and a lunar eclipse!! https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2024-march-25

The forecast isn't totally cloudy, so I might actually get to see this! Who needs sleep? (I need sleep. But it'll be hard tonight!)

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@DeweyOxberger @sundogplanets
It's also guaranteed to be cloudy in Seattle for any kind of celestial event - although it's currently surprisingly clear, which I assume means the aurorae won't reach this far south...

(Definitely going to look for them - and the partial lunar eclipse - later, just in case!)

coprolite9000, to Archaeology
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Some #archaeology for this Friday evening - Prof Alice Roberts on the Red Lady of Paviland, the Amesbury Archer, Breamore and more:


(I went looking for another talk and stumbled across this recent one instead - with a criminally low number of views. Loads of interesting stuff!)

skinnylatte, to random
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‘Fahrenheit is what humans feel’

No, Fahrenheit is what Americans feel

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You've prompted me to finally figure out how to switch some very American digital thermostats to display stuff in Celsius. Yay!

(I've lived in the USA for ~15 years and I still have no basic intuition for Fahrenheit. Next task: the oven...)

blogdiva, to random
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BTW i haven't laughed this hard with all the post-movie commentary. y'all fucking awesome.

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If anyone hasn't already - go read about the director on Wikipedia. He was an Artist. With a capital A.


(Then there's his earlier film Troika - which has been screened just once in the past fifty-odd years...)


A mine of gloriously surreal stuff...


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