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streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of facepalm

keyword salad: dad, engineer, railroader, bicycles, slow runner, music, guitars, woodworking, texan (the good kind), ISTP, U of TX Longhorn + Maverick alum (๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค™) , Texas BBQ, lover of dogs, esp aussies, border collies, whippets

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Fort Worth (and Dallas), TX USA

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Little-known fact: the name "Trader Joe's" actually comes from an Algonquin word that means "parking lot that gives you anxiety"

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One of the things I've enjoyed about being here on #mastodon is how surprisingly positive and supportive it can be, just in general. I woke up this morning to a couple dozen (troll-free, it's important to note) notifications on a post celebrating a #sobriety milestone and it was a great way to start off the day in a #grateful way.

Glad to have found this place. Thanks to all that are doing their part to keep it this way.

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So around the beginning of the year I made a decision to go , and this week I crossed the 90 day mark. One of the biggest motivators has been learning the physiological benefits as they happen, and as it turns out 90 days is a significant one - where the mental clarity from regeneration of damaged brain matter starts to take off.

It's been a challenge on many fronts, but it's exciting to have reached this point, having tried many times before.

Happy to be 90 days

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Man, I love this band. Great to see new music from Waxahatchee


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Reminded all of a sudden about the time - Eve, 2007 - where I went to spend Christmas with my mom. She was a flight attendant at the time and was going to be overnighting in Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. So I agreed to fly to meet her there.

Long story short, I get there and am not really able to find her anywhere. She emerges sometime later with someone I'd never met before. A woman, probably 18, maybe 19 years old. She introduces me then fills me in on why she was late.

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Giuliani owes a ton of money, Alex Jones is having his feet held to the fire to essentially liquidate his personal brand for running his fool mouth, TFG is facing legit find out consequences for legit fucking around. All within like, a week. I don't know what planets are in alignment or whatever but let's just all take a moment to appreciate whatever this moment is

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Random thought, but I think we all need to take a moment to just sit back and appreciate how it's been at least a year since we've heard any amount of dumb noise from Alex Jones

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Every now and then I have to stop and take a picture of this particular view of

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๐Ÿ“ท links to my images. Comments welcome.

Reserved Parking

October 13, 2023, 8:38 PM

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@DemocracySpot .....but on the other side (which as it happens is this side), it didn't say nothin!

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Been a week of everything turned up to 15. It's a week that in past times would have sent me hurtling off the edge of overwhelm. And I didn't this time, I just kind of tightroped on the edge instead. Big for me.

Here's to taking a blind leap of faith to actively improve my environs a year and a half ago, knowing what steps to take to effectively play defense this time, and to at long last finding out what was behind my specific predisposition to overdoing and burning out.

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    @Hey_Beth POTUS can't pardon a state conviction

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    I don't know how I got this far in life without discovering this until now but mezcal negronis are the perfect summer drink and if you beg to differ I will fight you

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    Stockholm syndrome.

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    @Radical_EgoCom Midwesterners are extra whatever this is

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    My thing is: he's not even good at his job. Hes not someone you think about and say "yeah, cool guy, I don't agree with him but I bet he still has friends he's had for 20 years over to his house and they talk about the world in the backyard and drink craft beers and smoke bbq. Nobody is even convinced his own family genuinely likes him. He's a f*cking dweeb who can't even let people like harmless things and he (allegedly) represents my otherwise great state and he's the woooooorst

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    @Hey_Beth I can at least comprehend how Hawley would appeal to someone on a basic personal level. General likeability at least seems to be a nonzero number

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    Breaking: Michigan is my favorite state until further notice

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    @MnemosyneSinger it's funniest when reading "that remains to be seen" in pooh's voice in your head

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