Artist and Assistant Professor of Creative Technologies @ Virginia Tech

Transwoman working at the intersections of art, trans studies, and technology.

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cthompto, to genart

My digital project commission for the San José Museum of Art opens today! The work is titled “The Fog” and is centered around the politics of knowledge making, data collection, and trans visibility through an exploration of fog as a common subject/trope of horror narratives as well as metaphor used in military strategy. It can be viewed here:


@jake4480 thank you! :)

cthompto, to max

Today, I had the wonderful pleasure of having the original developer of the software come and speak to my students! I know nothing about max, , or / (my avenue into code had nothing to do with music) but I followed along and made this little . He was incredibly generous with his time and expertise and he rolled into the room rocking a laptop running Linux which impressed more than a few students. Seriously such an inspiring visit!

cthompto, to retrocomputing

After reading the excellent at https://permacomputing.net/ by @320x200 and @viznut I changed the hashtag in my intro from to as it really attends to my interest in older tech in a more accurate way. I am not interested in nostalgia or considering systems dead due to a lack of perceived economic value.

I so appreciate the care and attention to detail in this wiki, if you have an interest in this stuff and haven't taken a look you should!

Hoping to be able to teach a class on ecologically informed new media practices in the coming year or two and this will be so valuable!

Impossible_PhD, to random
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

There's a very specific piece of gendered violence that the trans community rarely talks about, and which was inflicted upon us by WPATH (before WPATH was WPATH) and the APA, and which I will never forgive them for.

By requiring trans people to go stealth after transition, to pretend that there had never been a transition, by effectively making generations of us a shames of who we were, these organizations have robbed us of our elders. Of the people we can look to to see the future we...


@Impossible_PhD this is all so true. I started transitioning roughly 13 years ago (I am in my mid thirties now) and it was over 5 years of being out before I met a trans person who was over 30. It does real and ongoing damage to us as a community.

I have also been referred to as a “trans elder” recently and it is so telling that someone would consider a person in their mid-thirties an elder.

cthompto, (edited ) to trans


I am an artist and professor of Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech. In my work, I focus on the ways technologies of visualization and control intersect with and threaten lives.

I work in , , , , and more. Lately I have been doing a lot of for my projects and in my teaching.

Earlier this year, I combined my / / teaching resources into a single (free and open) site that I am really proud of:


I am also interested in , , , , , , , , , and .

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