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How often do you use the ?

(read and / or write)

  • Monthly: ~few times a month
  • Weekly: ~some days per week
  • Daily: ~every day at least once
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@stux If you want to reach people who only use fedi once or twice a month you probably needed to set poll timeout to more than one week ;)

pvonhellermannn, to random avatar

#ClimateDiary Pope Francis:

"How worried are you about climate change?"

"Unfortunately, we have gotten to a point of no return. It's sad, but that's what it is. Global warming is a serious problem," Francis replied. "Climate change at this moment is a road to death."

deightonrobbie, avatar

@pvonhellermannn Not worried enough to stop using a private jet apparently.

danie10, to TeslaMotors avatar

The Dayun Yuehu will be the cheapest practical in at under R400,000.

It is claimed to have a 330 km range and a top speed of 100 km/h, making it suitable as an urban commuter.

It's going to be very interesting to see how this does in SA, as the price is nearing affordable, and it is faster than the 80 km/h that smaller EVs tend to have.

Is this still with the high EV import tax I wonder...


deightonrobbie, avatar
compost, to climate avatar

I am living next to several cities that are the worst for allergies.

This article points out is responsible for linked with . I quote:

" Climate change is leading to longer and more intense allergy seasons. More exposure to pollen can trigger asthma and other allergic responses.

Due to climate change, there is also an increase in carbon dioxide in the air, causing trees to make more pollen. Since 1990, pollen seasons have 21% more pollen. Tree pollen levels saw bigger increases than grass or weed pollen."

I have pointed out in several posts that the was responsible for my allergies here is the proof.

So again change deniers will be blocked and reported and are very unwelcome in this community. Your opinion is irrelevant.

deightonrobbie, avatar
deightonrobbie, to random avatar

'Many of the scientists said they foresee a “semi-dystopian” future, with famines, conflicts, and mass migration, driven by heatwaves, wildfires, floods, and storms of an intensity and frequency far beyond those that have already struck.'

hazelnoot, to random
deightonrobbie, avatar

@hazelnoot "Later this month, Microsoft will showcase new AI features for Windows 11, which could become the first solid reason to leave Windows 10 behind"

Or it could be the reason to bury it for good 😜

IngridHbn, to random Dutch avatar

Een school hoort zijn leerlingen voor te bereiden op de toekomst. En als deze toekomst enorm beïnvloed of zelfs bepaald wordt door de klimaatverandering, vind ik dat het ook de verantwoordelijkheid van een school is om zijn studenten te tonen hoe er op een duurzame manier geleefd – en dus ook gereisd – kan worden.

deightonrobbie, avatar

Niet kunnen meedoen met een reis op het einde van het laatste jaar is wel een raar criterium om weg te blijven uit een school. Als ze willen dat niet zo welgestelde gezinnen wegblijven kunnen ze dat op betere manieren doen vermoed ik.

compost, to random avatar

“The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.” —Joshua Becker

For you can start a compost pile and take the habit of composting the benefits are amazing.

deightonrobbie, avatar

@compost Now billionaires will start gifting each other private jets 😜

deightonrobbie, to random avatar
enobacon, to random avatar

"the average modern American, by one estimate, travels 7,500 miles a year, and put in 1,600 hours a year to do that, they are travelling five miles per hour."

Now if we could all learn to see the hidden potential of pushing one lane of cars off the road.

deightonrobbie, avatar

@enobacon It's a pity no sources for the data were provided. Also, I'm fine with people saying "calories" in normal every day conversations, but in an article about energy it sounds more plausible if the correct terminology is used. In this case they highly likely meant 0.15 kilocalories which is 1000x more than 0.15 calories. (which still only a tiny amount when compared to cars)

deightonrobbie, avatar

@enobacon There is only one type of calorie. However saying an average man with a sedentary job needs to eat 2 million calories per day doesn'r sound as intuitive than saying he needs to eat 2000 kilocalories. It's like saying you drive 20.000 meters to work instead of saying you drive 20 kilometers to work.

ronanmcd, to random avatar

It has been suggested to me that phones are too big for pockets and we should resurrect scabbards for this use. I'm only passing on this information

deightonrobbie, avatar

@ronanmcd I remember phone scabbards fondly 😜

repo, to random avatar

Dat zal hem leren...

Voetballer Sofian Kiyine die met zijn auto in sporthal van Flémalle vloog, krijgt opschorting van straf

deightonrobbie, avatar

@repo Allemaal goed en wel, maar als hij 1.6 promille alcohol in zijn bloed had dan gaat de verzekering de schade aan de sporthal niet betalen. Wie dan wel?

gerrymcgovern, to random avatar

Big Tech's lack of transparency is undemocratic

Google warned Dorchester County, USA, that the amount of water it needs from the county's utility to cool computer server farms and other equipment it plans to build is a closely guarded "trade secret." Google has imposed a gag order on officials elected by the public, warning them that they must not tell the public anything about Google project.

Big Tech is a threat to democracy.

deightonrobbie, avatar

@gerrymcgovern If they're going to be using next gen AI GPU's which draw up to 1000 watts a piece they will need to secure even more water 😞 😞

baldur, to random avatar

JFC, people in tech are really out there saying that language models will be better at therapy, financial advice, and career advice than trained people.

WTF is wrong with you people? Do you really have no clue about what other people’s jobs actually involve?

Language models can’t even do maths how are they supposed to get good at financial advice?

And therapy? Just… 😑

What’s wrong with people in tech?

deightonrobbie, avatar

@aguleb VC funding on blockchain is probably drying up so they need to find a new shiny toy.

LeftistLawyer, to climate avatar

Pretty sure needs to kick the living shit out of humanity at least two or three times before we internalize Aldo Leopold's sufficiently for humanity to live sustainably on this planet.

Sorry folks.
We just don't cut the evolutionary mustard. Carrying capacity is a harsh master.

I wish your family's genes good luck in the coming

deightonrobbie, avatar

@LeftistLawyer It already did. Several civilisations in the past ran out of natural resources and died off. We're too arrogant to learn...

gerrymcgovern, to random avatar

Degrowth is the only hope

Imagine a world where you work three or four days a week. In your free time, you play sports, spend time with loved ones, garden, and engage with local politics. Overnight shipping, advertising, private jets, billionaires and SUVs no longer exist, but health care, education, and clean electricity are free and available to all.

We must massively reduce our energy and material consumption to have any hope of saving our environment.

deightonrobbie, avatar

@gerrymcgovern Durability and public transport are also key in degrowth. I have a feeling that most if not all degrowth concepts automatically benefit the most vulnerable in society.

gerrymcgovern, to random avatar

"Imagine easily replacing batteries and other components yourself, extending the phone’s lifespan without needing specialized technical knowledge. This, coupled with seven years of updates, would truly be a game-changer."

What we need is innovation in order to create a phone where you can remove the battery. This would be true innovation: doing something thought impossible, doing something that's never been done before. What a challenge!

deightonrobbie, avatar

Many people pay a lot more then €200 just for bragging rights 😜
@tschenkel @gerrymcgovern

aral, (edited ) to fedora avatar

In our new place I don’t have the luxury of being right next to the router and connecting directly to it via ethernet so I wanted to see if I could team up the powerline connection via ethernet with the WiFi connection and, at least for incoming traffic, Fedora seems to team the two interfaces automatically and I’m seeing a considerable increase in bandwidth.

(It does only seem to use the ethernet connection for outgoing packets.)

deightonrobbie, avatar

@aral If I recall correctly, wifi is half-duplex, so having outbound traffic over powerline only may not be a bad thing.

suswatibasu, (edited ) to NoStupidQuestions avatar

of the day

Do you think libraries will NOT survive and eventually become obsolete? Please respond why below and share. If there's enough respondents, it will be used for an article.

deightonrobbie, avatar

@suswatibasu Depending on politics, libraries can dwindle or flourish. The public library in my local town of 12.000 inhabitants has all the "normal" public library facilities expected in Belgium, and also has a board game lending section. A couple of times a year I organise a week of surplus vegetable and plant swaps there.

peterdutoit, to climate avatar


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    @peterdutoit I work in 2 schools (2.5-12 y/o)
    I'm the only person who is climate literate out of about 80 teachers and staff. Apart from me there's one or two people who talk a bit about recycling or composting, but only when I bring up the subject. A lot of them do cycle to school, but the only reason is that they get paid 27 cents per kilometer for doing so.

    deightonrobbie, avatar

    @peterdutoit It's a Belgian federal incentive. This year it will rise to 35 eurocent for federal/local authorities and many companies.

    2023 (Dutch):

    2024 (Dutch):

    pvonhellermannn, to random avatar

    Does anyone have any advice here on how to make your Mastodon less eurocentric? I do regular searches, follow people from outside Europe/US whenever I come across them, etc, but it’s quite slow, hard work. I was wondering whether there is a more strategic way - ie is there a list of instances that are not Europe/US based, and from which I could follow one person each or something? Not interested in changing my own instance, just to get more global connections.

    deightonrobbie, avatar

    @pvonhellermannn In fact, you don't even need an account there to follow their feeds. You could just go to
    same on other servers. Having a backup account can sometimes be nice though.


    Sustainable2050, to climate avatar

    EU CO₂ emissions have now returned to the level of 45 years ago. They peaked in 1979, and came down by about 1/3 since then.

    deightonrobbie, avatar

    @Sustainable2050 Are these actual emissions or paper emissions? (eg a car which emits 120gr co2/km on paper under controlled conditions emits a lot more in real life)

    davidho, to random avatar

    Hey Belgian bike Mastodon, where can I get one of these hats from the X²O Badkamers Trofee series?

    deightonrobbie, avatar

    @davidho Knowing x2o they're probably giving them away at their events. They were giving away inflatable "bath ducky" lifesavers at the beach last summer resulting in huge queues.

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