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Other than the slightly similar camera angle - and emphasis on slight: those games have very different styles of camera - those are completely distinct games.

I get the idea that you’re not a fan of those titles for their design choices which led to mainstream success, but holy crap give them an iota of credit.


Well, to be fair, they did write - in bold letters - on the Steam page that a Playstation network account is required to play.

They simply didn’t enforce that rule up until now.


I’m totally with you on that latter point - Sony needs to do something about that.


That was Sony’s site. Super shitty what they did there.

But on the Steam Store page it was always “a PS account is required”.


A game where you pay up front for access, as opposed to a free-to-play/freemium title where the initial download is free.


I use Navidrome myself, and I still think it would be nice for people to know a little bit about the software in an update announcement post.

Seems like a very reasonable request, I don’t grok the vitriol in your response.


You know what you sounded like.

It’s a small text addition for context, not a big ask. Most of these upgrade posts in this community have people asking the same thing, so they can discover new software.

Ultimately, though, it’s your choice.


You: [ copy pastes link ]

Others: Hey, can you also tell us what that link points towards?

You: wHaT iS tHiS, a BoLsHeViK LaBoR CaMp?

derin, (edited )

Steam goes down for maintenance at this time every week.

Edit: Tuesdays ~3pm PST


Same here, my dude… Same here. Why does my back suddenly hurt?


This section of the tutorial you followed shows how you enable registration.

This section shows how you add a user.

The official Prosody documentation for adding users and opening registration can be found here.


I use Fantastical; pretty decent for an iOS App - if not a bit pricey.

Edit: As an important note, while I’ve used Fantastical for years, it’s really only for the Mac ecosystem so I’m looking to move away from it.

Nowadays Morgen is my Calendar app of choice, but its iOS app isn’t feature complete yep. It’s fantastic on desktop, though.


Well, that looks great. Hopefully it’s as good as the last DLC.


Not closed source. It’s just a Matrix server instance running their own bridges. All the backend stuff is open source, the only closed source part is their client.

The client is specific to their site and unnecessary: just deploy Synapse, then pick and deploy the bridges of their suite you want to your server. You can then pick and use any of the available Matrix clients to get the same exact features. You can even sponsor them on Github, as I’ve been doing for months.

derin, (edited )

It’s open source, here’s the code. It uses the discordgo library to connect to Discord and read your DMs.

e: You’re free to download and deploy the source yourself, and write your own ToS. That’s the nice part of open source software.

derin, (edited )

There’s a lot of FUD in this comments section, so I’d like to clear the air. I’m pretty big on OSS myself, so it pains me to see a company doing all the right things get lambasted like this.

Beeper is just a Matrix server running in tandem with a series of custom, open source bridges written by Beeper. The value proposition is not having to deploy a Matrix server yourself, and not having to deploy each bridge yourself.

However, if you want to do that you absolutely can. I’ve been running Synapse + a subset of their bridges for a couple years now (the WhatsApp one being the oldest), and they are fantastic.

The devs contribute back to Matrix all the time and are great about supporting the spec as a responsible third party.

Their only closed source software is their client, which is - by definition - only written to work with their servers and not generic Matrix servers (e.g. It’s just a preconfigured matrix client which expects each bridge to be deployed, and doesn’t ask you for things like what server you want). As a result, you wouldn’t want to use it with your own stack; you can just pick one of the myriad OSS clients available for Matrix and go with that. I use SchildiChat, for example.

I don’t understand why, after doing all this work and publishing the source online for free (free as in freedom), they aren’t allowed to offer a preconfigured service to non tech savvy folk?

Honest question: Shouldn’t they be paid for their work?

Edit: And, please, stop asking questions like “How do they connect to X/Y/Z, anyway?” - just go read the source and see for yourself. These are the good guys working completely in the open, and you’re treating them as if Twitter just wrote a chat app.


You can use any Matrix client with Beeper, you don’t have to use theirs.

Regardless, there’s nothing stopping you from recreating the same stack using the available tools.

What makes their service unique are the bridges. Download their sources, compile them, and then pair them with any server client combo you want.

If you insist on using their stack, you can still use an OSS client. They chose not to make their client open source as it is, by design, for their service only.

They’re trying to run a business aimed at people who don’t care about open source, and want the same closed source experience they get from their other chat apps but with inter connectivity between third party services.

If you want the latter without any closed source code, you can just go and do that. They’ve released all the important parts.

Edit: Here’s a guide to self hosting beeper.


Just use any open source client. You can literally do that.

And if you don’t trust the company - for any reason - use their code to deploy your own backend.


You were asking how it interacts with Discord. That is the code.

Beyond that it’s running a version of Synapse and has its own client - the latter being optional.


I disagree. Beeper’s client is meaningless, it’s the service being offered that has value.

If you don’t mind trusting a third party service with your Matrix instance + bridge hosting, use Beeper.

If you’re into OSS and owning your own tech stack, self host the whole thing.

At no point do you have to use their client for any reason.


Fair point, if you’re just against the fact that they wrote a closed source client.

It’s frustrating that closed source software exists, but in this context I’m (personally) okay with it as it funds the development of free software.


I am worried about that acquisition, to be honest.

I’ve been supporting them via Github sponsors for about a year, now - as I only use their open source software; I’ve no intention of touching the service or closed source client.

As a result, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was anxious about their new owners basically telling them “hey, why are you releasing all your bridges for free, anyway?”

Really hope that doesn’t happen, as their bridges have been my primary communication channels for a long time, now. I love not having to keep WhatsApp or Discord installed on my phone.


The not cool parts just relate to any sort of hosted bridge. If you don’t trust them with decrypting messages on their end, then don’t give them your data - there are no bridges capable of doing that, anywhere.

So it really comes down to “trust someone else with your data, or host it yourself”; and if you’re - understandably - frustrated with those options blame companies like WhatsApp or Discord that make it nigh impossible to integrate their services with outside networks.

Functionally, these bridges just forward your content to a library acting like a headless client - there’s no way to encrypt that as the reverse engineered clients are not libraries and need to take raw input. You can’t end to end encrypt it as the client is one of the “ends”.

As an example, the WhatsApp bridge uses WhatsApp web as a backend, and has all the limitations of WA web.

As a result, I find the expectations to be a bit unrealistic.


I hope they continue to do good, but am also skeptical.

And, man, I miss the old Gravatar.

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