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Engineering, https://freedom.press

https://lib.reviews and other free/open projects.

Opinions my own :-)

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eloquence, to godot
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"Slay the Spire 2" being developed with #GodotEngine is a huge milestone for #IndieGaming and #OpenSource.

"Slay the Spire" was an indie mega-hit -- it currently has 130,000 "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam. I've put some 180 hours into it -- that's how good it is.

The devs switched away from the proprietary #Unity engine due to enshittification. They, and other indie devs who have switched to open source engines, won't be coming back. This is how we win.


eloquence, to random
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Just finished "The Excavation of Hob's Barrow", a wonderful #PointAndClick adventure. Set in 19th century rural England, you play as a researcher investigating ancient burial mounds. One such barrow, in the small town of Bewlay, may harbor secrets of great personal significance to our protagonist ..

Atmospheric music & pixel art and stellar voice acting, especially by Samantha Béart (Thomasina). You're unlikely to need a walkthrough -- puzzles are very straightforward.


Protagonist Thomasina Bateman doesn't take crap from anybody. (In this animation, she is seen outside an inn in the rain. She carefully puts down her suitcase, then slaps a drunken patron, then picks up her suitcase again.)

eloquence, to python
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@dangerzone is an open source app that uses container sandboxes to create a "virtual photocopy" of a document.

This is to protect journalists and others from malware & trackers that might be implanted in documents sent to them by someone pretending to be a confidential source.

We (@freedomofpress) are hiring a software developer on a 6 month contract to work on the project. Remote, $70/hour, >=3 years of Python dev experience.

More info here:

#GetFediHired #Python

eloquence, to random
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IMO one of the worst SaaS practices is locking higher seat counts under massively more expensive plans (looking at you Mailchimp). It's a great way to incentivize bad security practices for small orgs.

Role-based access control and the option to add seats should never be a "premium" feature. It's a basic security/privacy measure.

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Nonprofit/open source job alert: @OpenArchive is hiring a Lead Mobile Dev. The org is focused on enabling human rights defenders to "share, archive, verify, and encrypt their evidentiary media."

1 year contract; hourly rate in the $80-100 range. Fully remote, overlap with US time zones is preferred. Senior role, with 7+ years experience listed under preferred qualifications.


john_fisherman, (edited ) to random
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Hey #indieweb #openweb #webstandards folks, I'm writing a piece for @fumacapt on why RSS matters and why it's cool.

Can you share your personal perspective, resources you go back to, clients for different platforms?

That would be ace.

It's going to be out next week, and it's in Portuguese.

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I'm a big fan of NewsBlur. It's open source, but they run a hosted version as well.

I use both the web UI and their Android app which gives me basically everything I want -- being able to track read/unread stories across devices. My only criticism is that the UI is a bit clunky, but I've gotten used to it.

eloquence, to VisualNovels
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If you enjoy and , check out the latest issue of , a free zine dedicated to the genre:


It's chock-full of reviews; I contributed two:

  • Night Cascades, a mystery romance set in a New Age infused version of the 1980s, by @hanakogames

  • Seers Isle, an interactive graphic novel by @novabox in a fantasy medieval northern Europe setting. Themes include individual survival, and the clash between monotheism & polytheism

cheeaun, to random
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This is probably too hacky but can't help trying it out. Phanpy's shortcuts settings are saved as (private) notes on my own profile, which will allow export/import in the "cloud".

It's possible to use the API to add notes for other profiles, and they're hidden from (self, currently-logged-in) own profile. I'm using it to store data 🤪

NOT available on the dev site yet, still on my local machine.

Demo of the "cloud" import/export feature for Shortcuts Settings on Phanpy.

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@nikclayton @cheeaun @thisismissem

IMO any privacy consideration for storing per-app settings on the server could be mitigated by making this clear in the permission dialog.

"This app may store settings, drafts, or other information on this server" or similar.

I don't know if the idea is feasible in terms of separating different apps' settings storage. It seems preferable to me over a third party service though. I'd much rather have my instance store such stuff than, e.g., Google.

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@nikclayton @cheeaun @thisismissem

But I also agree with Em's comment on the issue. Limiting the storage size is probably the easiest way to mitigate those concerns.

That would take a draft feature off the table, but I think drafts are a good fit for localstorage anyway. It's always a bit problematic to send unfinished text to a server potentially without the user realizing it.

eloquence, to random
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Disappointing to see downsize mozilla.social before they even properly got it off the ground. Lack of perseverance will doom any effort to achieve transformative impact.


luis_in_brief, to random
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Things I haven't thought about in a while: Freedom Defined's Permissible Restrictions, which is ... a really interesting time capsule. https://freedomdefined.org/Permissible_restrictions

cc @eloquence @mako @mlinksva

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@luis_in_brief @mako @mlinksva

Technically it's still the backbone of Wikimedia's licensing policy so if we need to clarify any part of it we probably should :)

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@luis_in_brief @mako @mlinksva @dimi

My take would be that the definition is chiefly concerned with choices that are in the licensor's control ("I use X license, I have signed Y separate contract, I have registered Z patent"). I don't think it adequately speaks to the impact of law and regulation beyond that. I'm wondering if it should 🤔

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@luis_in_brief @mako @mlinksva @dimi

Yeah, that's fair. I think it could be useful to tease those things apart explicitly in a definition:

  • choices a licensor must make for a work to be considered free;

  • limitations a regulatory body must not impose for the creation of free works to be even possible.

DFCW was always intended to have a write API (the freedomdefined wiki) if you're interested in trial ballooning some ideas for a potential revision.

thunderbird, to mastodon
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At long last, the Thunderbird blog now has a "Share To Mastodon" button!

A hearty round of applause and eternal thanks to @micah, @oopsallnaps, and @devmount for making it happen 💙

#Mastodon #Community #OpenSource

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@gabek @micah @thunderbird

That seems like a much bigger project tbh, given the different "share" implementations in different software. Looks like there was at least one previous effort to build a generic fediverse sharer: https://github.com/Uden-AI/fediverse-share

eloquence, to UX
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One of my favorite fails are websites that make it practically impossible to find their login forms once you've made an account. Usually this is justified with logic like "thanks to these changes our sign-ups have gone up 10%" logic, ignoring annoyance/frustration of returning users.

eloquence, to Germany
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It sure looks like Twitter/X is dying as a mainstream social media site in . Major departures are continuing, now including a network of big foundations. The fediverse (mainly Mastodon) and BlueSky are going strong.

Here's the announcement on yesterday's big departures (German).

I hope the recent wave of protests against a fascist resurgence in Germany will lead to further prominent departures.


anja, to twitter German
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Liebe Fedis in #Deutschland, gibt es eine Liste, welche Organisationen, Institute und Personen hierzulande #Twitter verlassen haben oder nicht mehr aktiv sind auf #X?


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@mwfc @stereo @anja @hnnng

Immer noch aktiv:


Ergänzungen jederzeit willkommen, Co-Maintainer ebenso ;)

hailey, to random
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computing is so god damn annoying these days and i'm thoroughly sick of it

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@hailey That's usually what I put in these surveys if they come up repeatedly. "How can we improve your experience?": "PLEASE STOP BUGGING ME"

andresmh, to random
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We're looking for suggestions for creative subdomains for a Mastodon server at a university.

The main constraint is that the university doesn’t want to let us use a third-level domain like foo.princeton.edu, but they might be okay with foo.bar.princeton.edu.

What would be a good foo.bar subdomain?

Some ideas:

Any other ones?

P.S. Using mastodon in the domain might not be a good long-term idea because the software might change.

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Any room for pushback on the two subdomain requirement? Since users actually have to deal with those fully qualified addresses, maybe you can bring out the "this would be really bad for UX" argument?

J12t, to random
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Congratulations to @ben, he now gets to lead technology at ProPublica!

No pressure, Ben, but you do know the world needs changing right? :-)


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@J12t @ben

Congrats Ben!

FPF (my org) has worked with ProPublica a bunch, if we can help with DigiSec, SecureDrop, or just kicking around ideas (stronger fedi presence for nonprofit media?), don't hesitate to reach out.

eloquence, to random
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Are you a front-end dev who's looking for a time-bound gig doing mission-driven work?

At @freedomofpress we're hiring for a 6 month web dev contract at $75/hour @ 30 hours/week. Remote-friendly as long as you're able to join meetings during afternoon US eastern time working hours.

You'll be working with our web team on the full site redesign of our main site, https://freedom.press/ .

More info here:


eloquence, to opensource
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Always good to see US gov't focused civil society groups move off Twitter/X: @drupal4gov is an annual conference focused on the use of the open source content management system @drupal at all levels of US gov't.

They'll no longer be on X starting next month. Give them a follow here if gov't use of software is your jam.

eloquence, to TwitterMigration
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@algorithmwatch is a German nonprofit (with a Swiss partner org, @algorithmwatch_ch) that "ensure[s] that the use of algorithmic systems benefits the many, not the few".

They've just joined many other civil society organizations in fully leaving the cesspool known as Twitter/X behind. Congratulations! Consider giving them a follow here :)

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As a reminder, I maintain https://bit.ly/eXit (->GDoc) to track notable accounts that have left Twitter/X behind. If you notice other prominent departures I've not tracked yet, don't hesitate to give me a ping :)

thetyee, to mastodon
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Post Canada's and Meta's ban on Canadian news content, sharing journalism on social media has been tough to say the least.

And yet The Tyee has seen much growth here on .

We want to see how far we can go. If you enjoy coming across Tyee stories on your Mastodon feeds, share our profile with your friends, or repost this toot, to help us get to 6,000 followers. 🐘🌟🗞

A pair of hands from the bottom right corner of the frame throws a folded newspaper — which reads "THE TYEE. News. Culture. Solutions. We put readers first!" — onto a beige surface. Another hand in the form of a thumbs-up appears enthusiastically from the left side of the frame.

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@jfmezei @thetyee

Agreed. Charging companies for links is bad law. Fediverse instances would block links to Canadian sites en masse if they were asked to pay for links to them, so I can't really fault Meta for doing the same. (I realize the ONA does not require payment from smaller servers, but it's bad law nonetheless.)

I'm glad The Tyee is here, in any event.

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