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Chili and cinnamon rolls. Are you from Kansas?

Finished the Knight (lemmy.world)

Finished up my Knight in my Grey Knights color scheme/finish. Whole things is magnetized like crazy. Can swap out the masks, banners, shield, all the weapons, etc. Also magnetized the wrist joint on the fist so I could rotate it. I wanted to use the whole dang kit! (Including Sir Hekhtur) :)...


Makes me think of the Rat-thing from Snow Crash. Is that sucker nuclear?

Country music recommendations

What country music would you recommend to someone who wants to listen to some country that isn’t bro/truck country? I know not all country music is Like That but unfortunately at the moment that’s most of my experience with the genre and I want to broaden my horizons. Maybe some good gothic country or bluegrass suggestions?...


I’m encouraged that the percentage was that low.


See Deuteronomy 22:5. From what I can tell, Dennis Prager treats the bible as a foundational document in his life. The thought process probably comes from that verse.


The article is about direction, not position.

The report is even already way off regarding Slovakia, who just elected an authoritarian with sympathies towards Russia. Romania is a bit shaky too, they have very little trust in the democratic government, and could probably easily be swayed by a populist who says what they want to hear.

The article uses the report to show that Slovakia and Romania have improved relative to their prior measurement. It is silent on their positions relative to other democracies.


It’s always been, “The devil is getting married,” for me.


The neighborhood on the left side of the photo was part of the West End. The city government referred to it as Kenyon-Barr. They destroyed it and displaced its residents. It makes me angry to think about.


Shouldn't we be switching buses with light railway? (lemmy.tf)

Even if you think what you would say is obvious, please add. This is genuinely something I think makes sense regarding local bus routes given the longevity of light rail and how infrequently routes change, but I also suffer from confirmation bias, so I’m hoping for reasons this would be a terrible idea but obviously would...


They still have those buses in Dayton, Ohio.

bonkerfield, to solarpunktravel


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    My wife and I ride tandem and are considering replacing the old Burley we ride. What kind of tandem are you riding?


    13 years for me. Deleted my account July 1.

    It's going to be a fateful week. What do you think is going to happen? Hebrew

    As I’m writing this, the protesters are marching towards Jerusalem, over thousand pilots will stop serving, investors are losing their confidence, the current government refuses to negotiate while finding the problems in anything but themselves. While likely there is no majority of citizens to support their actions, the...


    It continues to surprise me how long this coalition has stuck together when prior coalitions seemed to fall down in a slight breeze.


    I think you’re correct, but how do you get Nine Inch Nails from a board with two nails in it?


    I’ll buy that. Wish they had made it more concrete than that.


    Ender’s Game is great. Orson Scott Card is a disappointing human. Buy it used. I recommend not reading the sequels.

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