Benjamin's dad. Retired youth baseball coach. Amy's husband. Coco and Sully's treat provider. Oh, and I own White Rock Interactive and White Rock Technology. Opinions are my own, because I'm not certain who else's they would be. I'm not nearly as funny as most of the people I follow.

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ender3, to random

Other thoughts on the Vision Pro.

It’s heavy. I didn’t feel like the fit at my demo was fantastic.

In a year or two, when it’s cheaper, lighter, and there is a ton more content (the sports demos were impressive) I’ll consider it.

For right now, it feels like a $3500 technology demo.

jerry, to random

Now that Fusion 360 costs more than the GDP of many countries, what are the cool kids using to design their models for 3d printing?


@jerry I’m a recent Fusion to OnShape switcher, and I could not be happier.

ender3, to random

I’m obviously out of touch with modern day television critics.

Reviews on Criminal Record seem middling, and I find it electric.

Reviews on Masters of the Air seem very strong, and I’m generally unimpressed.


@lilstevie I totally agree. The more confusing it gets, the more invested I am. Capaldi is absolutely riveting.

jerry, to random

To those leaving due to my “heavy handed”, “ethically questionable,” and “morally bankrupt” decision to let people decide whether to interact with Threads: I am sorry it didn’t work out.

To people on instances who will soon block me/us because I did not block Threads, thanks for being there, I wish you all well.



@jerry Just wanted to let you know that I’m staying specifically because you decided not to block Threads. I’m perfectly capable of blocking accounts or entire servers myself.

jerry, to random

Little known fact about me: I hate needles. I passed out the last few times I had blood drawn, and so I generally avoid the Dr. I am about a week in to some sort of excruciating foot issue and it’s making it super hard to sleep, so I am resigning myself to the inevitable trip to the people vet in the morning, and the prospect of needles is stressing me out.

Now, I have been giving my cat shots 2x daily for almost a year, so I am hopeful that may have desensitized me enough.

Getting old sucks. I don’t recommend it.


@jerry Getting old does suck.

It is, however, better than the alternative. 😂

ender3, to random

@MonaApp Is there any mechanism for synchronizing mutes on device with filters on the website? Or any way to edit website filters from within the app?

ender3, to NFL

OK, so the Buffalo Bills are firing their offensive coordinator, while having a top 7 offense in the NFL.

Let me get this right… it’s the coach’s fault that Josh Allen has 51 turnovers since 2021?

agiletortoise, (edited ) to random
@agiletortoise@mastodon.social avatar

We gave out something between 1500 and 1600 pieces of candy tonight.


@agiletortoise One of our slowest nights since moving to this neighborhood, 8 years ago. Weird.

I blamed it on the World Series, but obviously not.

agiletortoise, to random
@agiletortoise@mastodon.social avatar

I posted by voting plan on Texas's current ballot if any one wants to try to change my mind. It's hard to be knowledgeable about all these things, but I do my best. https://www.facebook.com/greg.s.pierce/posts/pfbid02icZssyw6ohNRxxNt3Kf8KnTgQE78CsQ5yiKbNk7artiFToDogLLp6e3Fxu6BxXPJl


@agiletortoise I’m lost at the moment as to what they mean, and this seems to have been removed from Facebook?

ender3, to random

It is October 21. My wife (who is a very talented piano player) is practicing Christmas music.

Please send help. I don’t know how long I can hold out.




@jerry Oh, I’m sorry 😂

My wife replied, “See? Stop complaining!”

gruber, to random
@gruber@mastodon.social avatar

Weird bug I’ve never seen with any previous iPhone I’ve owned: my iPhone 15 Pro stopped charging over USB-C. Tried multiple cables, multiple chargers, nothing.

Powered the iPhone off and back on, and it’s back to normal. But I can’t recall ever seeing an iPhone refuse to charge before. (iOS 17.0.3.)


@gruber I have seen this, albeit very rarely, with an iPhone 13 Pro and various iterations of iOS16.

jerry, to random

The server is at grave risk of catching fire from all the hot takes this evening.


@jerry That many people fired up over the ejections in the Rangers-Astros game?


ender3, to macos

I freely admit this may be a silly question… but I don’t understand how the shared space features work in MacOS.

If I follow steps to dual boot Sonoma and Ventura, does my Sonoma install have to be a clean install? Or can both my installs have my apps, user info and preferences, etc?

Additionally, does anyone have a good set of reliable steps to accomplish this?

ender3, to random

Does anyone have a completely free-form drawing program for the iPad that supports handwriting=>plain text conversion?

Apple Notes “convert as you go” method distracts me, and I find it hard to use.

My dream app would be Linea by @Iconfactory with a “convert found text” command or something similar.



@agiletortoise Thank you for this recommendation.
Good Notes is nothing short of amazing.

ender3, to random

This weekend’s purchase (1/2)


This weekend’s purchase (2/2)

marcoarment, to random
@marcoarment@mastodon.social avatar

Well, one of my Slacks got the redesign, and it's exactly as bad as everyone's been saying.

Initial impressions:

  • It looks like Windows Vista. Were the designers getting paid by the gradient?

  • This was clearly designed exclusively by and for people with only one workspace.

The disconnect between what I need from Slack and what Slack offers continues to widen. I guess it's just not for me, and I'm not for them, as much as I’d like for that to be different.


@agiletortoise @ismh @marcoarment Same here. Half and half is even worse than the redesign.

jerry, to random

There is a “Dungeons and Dragons” TV show now?!?


@jerry As others have mentioned, this was for D&D:Honor Among Thieves, and was in theaters, but Paramount+ bought the streaming rights.

Crazy as it sounds, the movie is far better than it has any business being. It’s a very fun ride.

jerry, to random

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on calming my dog during fireworks season. I was able to get an XL thundershirt for her. Hoping it helps.


@jerry If this works, please post about it. Mine gets so neurotic about thunder we occasionally have to resort to drugs, which I don’t think is ideal.

virtualbri, to random
@virtualbri@mastodon.online avatar


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  • ender3,

    @virtualbri @lisamelton That day can’t arrive soon enough

    ender3, to RedditMigration

    So I left Twitter for Mastodon, and I’m happy with the switch.
    Selecting a Mastodon instance seems to only make a small difference in the experience, unless you spend a lot of time on the “Local” timeline, which I typically don’t. Reliability and moderation rules seems to be the main deciding factors.

    So, enter the … lemmy vs. kbin seems to be which software you like better (I have not been able to tell much of a difference). But choosing an instance? Does it make ANY difference besides reliability? Can someone explain it like I’m five? Is moderation done at the magazine (or community) level, rather than the instance level, like Mastodon? kbin seems bigger at this point, but Lemmy seems a more blatant copy of Reddit (which I don’t mind). Can they see each other’s content? There has to be a web page explaining this, right?


    @Jcb2016 So useful! Thank you.


    @trynn Thank you for a very informative response.

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