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Co-founder of Studio Regen.
Console Porting for W4Games. 3D Artist. Krita Developer.
Friendly person (hopefully).

Migrating back to mastodon. Fun fact: Gamedev.place is the instance I originally joined back when I was first trying out mastodon ~2017. I had to make a new account so I could change my user-handle though. 👋

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eoinoneill, to technology
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How has no one ever told me about this brilliant website?


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@yora what really blew me away was the intractability of the skins, down to the EQ filters.

Makes me wish someone would make a jellyfin interface that behaves roughly like this lol

eoinoneill, to random
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I don't really get why the default view for "Files Changed" in github is to only show one commit and not show all commits in a pull request.

It makes it harder for reviewers I think.

PixelBandits, to VideoGames
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I am not 100% that Crow Country was the best choice for games to relax in bed with. In the dark, dark bedroom. Eep.

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@PixelBandits Loved what I played of this @ GDC this year. It was a surprise to see it as I was just talking to friends about whether or not the PS1/N64 aesthetic is redeemable and I think this game highlights that there are things to like about the art style for sure.

retrododo, to retrogaming
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Gen 1 or 2… which one are you going for?

#retrogaming #pokemon #nintendo #gameboy #retro #gaming #games #gamer

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@retrododo I really only ever played Gen 1 through, really.

By the time Gen 2 came out, I was already playing bigger RPG games.

eoinoneill, to drawing
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I think I've been sleeping on kneaded erasers. It's actually really nice to not have to deal with eraser scraps all the time.

But now I have the issue of storage. It's kind of awkward to find a place for it.

eoinoneill, to art
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My girlfriend recently gave me the Akira Toriyama Dragon Quest Illustrations book from Japan as a birthday gift and it's awesome.

I love the way the watercolor (or perhaps ink? Can never tell...) illustrations look for the monster and character concept illustrations. Highly recommend this book for any artist out there who happens to also like RPGs.

jeffgerstmann, to random
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The Atari 400 was my first real computer and video game machine. I love that Atari brought it back in the form of a mini console kind of thing. Final product needs a little work, though. Here's me reviewing The400 Mini. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks8mYN-L_a8

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@jeffgerstmann These projects are always awesome, but I feel that the MiSTer has dampened my enthusiasm for them a bit. It's hard to justify going back to emulation when hardware-level accuracy is possible and provides a near native experience.

eoinoneill, to technology
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It's a tiny bit annoying to share files between a linux host to a windows guest.

Right now, I have a firewall-protected samba server that can only be connected to from my VM to share files but I don't love this. When I tried webdav sharing via spice, though, the performance was too slow and a bit annoying to work around.

I'm almost tempted to just use syncthing and forget about the file redundancy. Thoughts fediverse?

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Should be worth noting that I'd like to work on most files in Linux, where I'm comfortable, and mostly just compile / run a terminal on the windows side to compile a project and run necessary software on a windows vm.

This seems like a job for SSH but seem to have a lot of issues connecting to a windows ssh instance from my linux host. This is most probably a skill issue. #virtualmachine

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@scherzog Well, ideally I would share my files between host/guest but I seem to run into a lot of performance problems when doing so. Syncthing would have duplicates, which is fine also

I think I've found a decent compromise with webdav where I treat it as my git remote on my virtual system just so I can pull code and then compile. This at least makes it less burdensome to write my code on my linux system. When passing windows builds back, I'll just use warpinator or something of the same vein.

fufroom, to gamedev
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Trying out doing #gamedev on the SteamDeck tonight!

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@fufroom The steam deck really is a hero for Godot Engine.

We've had so much use of it when it comes to GDC and other presentation opportunities, such as the latest W4 Godot GDC 2024 showcase. Enough so that I'd love to make development and deployment of test applications even easier from a separate desktop client.

eoinoneill, to random
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I feel like seeing @potus on the fediverse is a nice step in the right direction. Let's federate our social media and have more interoperability please!

eoinoneill, (edited ) to godot
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I was a bit preoccupied to post about it last week, but I had a good time at #gdc2024 . Good to meet up with colleagues and talk in depth with others about #godotengine .

Hopefully we continue to make progress on our goals and have an even better GDC in 2025. :)

edit: I used the word 'tweet' like it's 2014.

emmetoneill, to random
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I went into the theater ready to take a stand!

...but I caved and bought an overpriced soda and popcorn.

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@emmetoneill let me know how it goes!

eoinoneill, to godot
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Compiling code late at night at the hotel bar the day before GDC expo hall opens. 🍹 🤓 ⏳

Difegue, to photography French
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@Difegue I've never seen the GBCamera produce this level of output. Amazing.

Kleen, to art
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Today I finished a year-long project 🍾🎉 of painting a 1 inch (2.5cm) square for almost every day of the past year. As a novice watercolorist it was a good challenge and I’m glad I did it.

The main subject was the slice of Pacific Ocean and sky I can see from our house. If I traveled or had something otherwise interesting to me I painted something about that.

Things I learned:

  • Simplify! A very small canvas means pare down the details.
  • Clouds and waves are hard.
  • Arthritic fingers don’t like tiny areas to paint.

I used 6x9inch 140lb cold press paper.

#Watercolor #watercolour #sketching #art #drawing #calendar

Watercolor-painted days of the months of September 2023 through February 2024. Mostly scenes of the sea and sky in all their many possible colors, with and without waves. The month of November is mostly sunsets, including a week’s worth painted as one image. There are scenes from a New England trip in September, atmospheric rivers raining on us in December through February, and many blue sky days.

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@Kleen Neat idea!

eoinoneill, to art
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Trying my hands at some watercolor. It's definitely hard but lots of fun. Thanks to @emmetoneill for the tips. Hope to do more at some point.

#art #watercolor #aquarelle #mastoart

SweetAmelia, to Anime
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@SweetAmelia damn. Of course this had to happen when I'm out of town.

St1ka, to random
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Today I played the "WORST GAMES OF ALL TIME" only to discover many of them are are actually really good!



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@St1ka Quest 64 is really flawed compared to most PS1/Saturn JRPGs though, not just FF7. Grandia, Lunar, and others all vastly out pace it and have much more interesting combat systems (Grandia's for instance is excellent, even if the story is mid but enjoyable.)

I do think the game gets more hate than it deserves, but the mana system alone is underbaked and while combat is interesting, it fails to provide a mix of options per turn.

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@St1ka Great video btw. I didn't say it but enjoyed it, will subscribe for more.

kissane, to random
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I'm going to continue my post-Mozilla policy of not commenting on Mozilla, but:


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@kern @kissane If they were it was delusional. I signed up for a mozilla.social invite quite early but they never got around to me during the invite waves, so they clearly haven't been able to keep up with the demand they had at their original staff size. I'm not sure how downsizing is going to help them, outside of maybe just focusing on their own staff / product pages in the near future.

reidrac, to random
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"Going forward, the company said in an internal memo, Mozilla will focus on bringing “trustworthy AI into Firefox.” To do so, it will bring together the teams that work on Pocket, Content and AI/Ml."

Oh, dear.


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@reidrac 😬

eoinoneill, to Amd
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Hmm... So now I can get AMD HIP to work with blender but some materials that uses a normal map seems to be glitched out rendering black with blue/green distortion. Doesn't seem to happen to all my files so perhaps there's something wrong w/ my materials.

The crashing is absolutely bonkers though. Seems to be a 1/5 chance that GPU compute rendering causes a crash.

@eoinoneill@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

@bitinn Bah, it almost worked. I could get rocm to ignore my integrated graphics with ROCR_VISIBLE_DEVICES but cannot get it to stick in blender. Blender will simply show me no graphics cards compatible with HIP. I'm asking in the support chat and maybe promoting it to a bug if nobody seems to have a clue.

Thanks for the help though. :)

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