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Queer • trans • :nonbinary: nonbinary [epicene]
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Weightlifter • cyclist • bush league at both
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We should improve society somewhat

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It dawns on me:

While Coursera wears a mask of academia, all the quizzes & tests are softballs because they don't want to fail anyone. They're selling a product, which is this cert, and they want everyone to pass so as customers we have a Positive Experience and go back to buy another cert.

I just have to get to the end of it. I'm at no risk of failing. There's no academic rigor to this at all, because capitalism.

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Last time I tried to get an HPV vaccine (ages ago) I got shut out bc they weren't giving it to ppl over 26 fsgdr 🙄

This time I'm signing up for my next COVID vaccine and they just offer it as an add-on. Fucking thank you of course I do.

It's not like ppl over 26yo can't get HPV. That made no sense at all

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  • Upon research: the age group threshold for the HPV vaccine is now 45yo. Again, it's not as though 46yo people can't get HPV :blobcatno:
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[repost w/alt text] Yuri

Artist: simz.art

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It's always odd to hear people talk about sexual attraction bc as an ace person I don't experience it

Back when I was still a guy I even tried to teach myself to ogle women bc I thought I was supposed to. (This was also an autist-trying-to-emulate-NT-behavior thing.)

I eventually gave up. I don't know what seeing a sexually attractive person does for a non-asexual person & I never will. Like this whole separate band the vast majority of ppl are receiving on that goes right past me

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Question for non-asexual non-alexithymic people:

Would you consider 'experiencing sexual attraction' to be an emotion? Is there an emotion to it you could name?

mybarkingdogs, to random
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when does this officially become WW3?

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@mybarkingdogs When two nuclear powers start sabre-rattling at each other I think?

Israel is already a nuclear power so we only need one more

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Wading through upwork's new freelancer education series bc I've got a paid-for coaching thing coming up and it's recommended.

Sat through a whole 21min vid about "mindset". You know, the whole "you must be smart!" vs. "you must have worked hard!" imagined dichotomy. What a joke. I put it on 2x speed just to get through it.

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Mom just told me I was smart.

She never said it was because of anything. Schoolwork was not used. She told me I was smart, "unconditionally" I guess. That I was intelligent was a fact about the type of human I was, it didn't need to be proven, and the verity of that fact was unaffected by anything the school system did to me. (She and the school system were not friends.)

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Using 'afab people' and 'amab people' as pseudo-trans-positive replacement terms for 'women' and 'men' is really tacky

An essential concept of transness is that the genders we're assigned at birth aren't boxes we're stuck in for life. That they can be transcended, that we should be empowered to do so, that we shouldn't be hindered in any way from doing so

So, like

stop that

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Saw this go by on upwork

First sentence: "We are looking for an individual with experience in building, training and deploying ML systems."

Pay range: $10 - $15 / hr.

fuck off

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splattne, to random German
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Every turtle should be provided with a skateboard.

A small turtle riding a little skateboard. There's also a cat watching.

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@splattne What I love is the turtle immediately gets it. There's part of their brain that's been waiting their whole life for someone to put them on wheels and now that they can move at 1 or 2 mph they know exactly what they want to do: chase cats

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Finally a clear and instructive guide

epiceneVivant, to random
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I miss normal fucking menu bars

What was wrong with them

Why replace menu bars with inscrutable "hamburger menu" fucking bullshit

How is this a UI and UX improvement


aubrianne, to random
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It's that time of the month again

Time to chase down another 30 days of adderall

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@aubrianne I mean sometime Satan makes a pretty compelling offer. No sense dismissing Satan out-of-hand imho

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  • epiceneVivant,
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    @flockofnazguls YellowDog Linux v1.1— a powerpc port of RedHat— via a CD-ROM my dad brought home from MacWorld in 1999. Getting it to work on my Quadra was all kinds of fun O_o

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    I wish I had the nerve to legally change my name to Senemura

    Which like

    Some people can legally change to something like Raven Darktalon Moon, and like, go them

    I don't quite have the nerve

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    TIL that unlike the Mayans and the Olmecs, the civilizations of the Aztecs and the Incans are not ancient history. Both of them are younger than Oxford University. Teaching at Oxford began around 1096;

    while the Aztec civlization is considered to have started with the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan— in 1325. And the Incan civilization started in the 1200s.

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    I gotta say doing a victory lap around the rink wearing her medal and trailing the pride flag is like pro level display of pride. Like, that's what it's for. Also that must've taken incredible nerve!

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    I'm opposed to using biometric security on grounds that if the cops ever want to unlock my device against my will it'd better be harder than forcing my fingertip onto a reader

    So I very much hope this passkey bullshit doesn't get to where I'm cornered into using biometrics over my objections

    But I am not optimistic

    Enshittification be enshittification

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    istfg the next computer I buy will have the most RAM I can possibly get it. 128Gb if I can. I never want to run out of memory ever the fuck again

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    Fuck I'll be glad when I'm back on my bike

    @epiceneVivant@mas.to avatar

    @kai Yep; aggravated an old knee injury. I'm seeing a sports Dr next week, I'll find out then when I can resume cycling and what I need to do so safely.

    @epiceneVivant@mas.to avatar

    @kai For me it's for fitness and also to get around. So weight loss is on hold til I can ride again, also I'm back taking the bus and the busses here suck

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