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Will Work for Launch. Spacecraft troubleshooter for hire at Flying Circuits. Former happy little elf at Sparkfun Electronics. Friend of parrots. He/him.

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virtualbri, (edited ) to Starwars
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It's finally here: Jenny Nicholson's Star Wars Hotel...um, post mortem?

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@virtualbri this is amazing! I'm imagining every low-level Disney marketing employee watching this and gritting their teeth, because they emphatically made these exact same points at planning meetings and were overruled.

flyingcircuits, to random
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Life tip: if you see something cool at the salvage yard, buy it. It won't be there when you go back.

North, to random
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Realizing that some of the frustration I've been feeling lately has been caused by the scaling on my laptop monitor being too small for me to comfortably read. Changed from 200% to 300% scale (it's a 13" 4K monitor) and my mood instantly improved 🙄

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@North 13" x 4K = really wee pixels! 🤯

North, to random
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So... it took until I received my $80 chunk of stainless steel from Duniway to realize that my deep discount ion gauge is actually not 0.75" tubulated. Despite there being no part# that I can find for a 0.5" tubulated gauge, that's what this appears to be.

The good news is, that makes it compatible with the MUCH cheaper and more common 15.5mm ion gauge adapters. Besides, I'll get some use out of this 0.75" adapter down the road.

Everyone join me in admiring the expensive nugget.

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@North On the bright side you've gained a great coffee table fidgety bit.

flyingcircuits, to random
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Anyone have any leads for a forensic microSD card data recovery specialist? (There are lots of scammy ads out there for this so I'm looking for personal recommendations.)

The card in question returned from the space station with a small crack in it and won't enumerate. Reflying the experiment is an expensive proposition, so there's considerable motivation to recover the data. ;)

Thanks Mastodonians!

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@incroyable_anis Merci Anis. C'est plus difficile car les pièces sont plus petites, mais nous espérons trouver un expert. (Je m'excuse, mon français est limité. :)

foone, to random
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given how many rp2040 based microcontrollers there are now, I wonder if anyone has made a "5v" pico yet?

yeah it's a 3v chip but you could put level shifters on all the GPIO

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@foone the recent Arduino Nano Every has, surprisingly, actual 5V I/O. I'm using them on a current project and it's saving me a bunch of voltage translation parts.

flyingcircuits, to random
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Look at this complete badassery from @North! 😍

Among Nick's MANY talents are two I especially admire: 1. he comes up with AMAZING ideas, and 2. he actually follows through and creates them.

Thank you Nick for bringing this into the world (I'm sure it was a slog!). It is going to make me happy every time I use it.


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