An idle fox.

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If you’re on your own instance it’ll be very quiet until you start adding sub-lemmys (lemmings?)

You need to paste the entire link into your instances search bar and subscribe from there. Otherwise you’re taken to the instance it’s hosted on and need to log in.


fox, to asklemmy


Can anybody see this?

Just testing from mastodon to see if my shriveled brain can understand how this works.


@simple Hey! Cool so it worked, kinda. Unless I stuffed it up somehow and there actually is a way to set a title from mastodon.


@Shdwdrgn So all I did to join asklemmy was search ‘’ on mastodon and follow. Then to post I just mentioned asklemmy and wrote the post. I hit return after the mention so that might be why there’s no title.

I found that some replies did not make it to my masto account and I’m not sure why really...


@nightauthor @asklemmy

Yeah kbin seems to have a better organisation scheme.

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