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In 2024 we have one candidate who can’t stay awake during his criminal trial…

And one candidate who isn’t facing criminal charges because of his age and memory issues…

Special counsel Robert Hur has declined to prosecute President Joe Biden for his handling of classified documents but said in a report released Thursday that Biden’s practices “present serious risks to national security” and added that part of the reason he wouldn’t charge Biden was that the president could portray himself as an “elderly man with a poor memory” who would be sympathetic to a jury.

“Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen,” the report said, but added that the evidence “does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”…/special-counsel-says-evidence-biden…

Why do people keep acting like Biden and trump are in anyway capable of being president?

This could be the easiest election ever if Dems just ran someone who wasnt 20 years past retirement age.


No one said both were equally bad…

I said neither are good enough.

It’s pretty simple, but so is civility


So what’s your excuse for 08 Obama being young and portraying himself as progressive resulting in not only winning, but flipping some red states for the first and last time in decades?


Pretty clear to everyone who the lesser of two evils is

No one said it wasn’t chief…

I said both candidates are bad. Not that they’re both equally bad.

If the most important thing is beating trump (and it is) why are we running a bad candidate against him instead of a good one?


because this election could be VERY close

Because we’re running a bad candidate against a worse…

Like, why are so many people mad at the ones pointing out Biden is a bad candidate instead of Biden for staying in the race as a bad candidate that might not even be able to beat trump?

There’s no logic to that

You can’t just shout down everyone that mentions Biden’s flaws.

But if the whole Dem voter base says Biden isn’t acceptable and we need a better candidate, there’s still 2 months to the Democratic convention.

Shit isn’t too late to do the one thing that would most help prevent trump from becoming president:

Run a candidate popular with voters.


You can’t do that this year.

Yes. We can.

The DNC set the convention for two months from now, if that’s not enough time to run a general campaign, then why is the primary scheduled to keep going on?

Why are so many states not able to vote in the primary until “it’s too late”?


Man, you just reminded me how depressing it is both candidates in 2024 are ripping off Reagan’s campaign slogans from over 40 years ago…

Like, they were both middle aged adults at the time, so I’m sure they don’t realize how much it highlights their age issues.

But it’s just depressing republicans and Democrats both go to Ronald fucking Reagan when they think of what voters want.

This shit ain’t representation


The difference here is Trump

This is the third election in a row where it’s trump tho…

And if he loses, he’s likely running again. If he wins, 2028 is going to be someone else just as bad if not worse.

We can’t run a country “paycheck to paycheck”, we have to plan further ahead than “next election”.

Still, people he had no chance of winning the general election, and he won.

Because we keep running unpopular candidates against him

So let’s stop doing that? Biden barely beat trump by the skin of his teeth and Biden is substantiallynless popular than he was four years ago with his own voter base. And that cost over a Billion dollars to beat trump in 2020

There’s no logical reason not to run a candidate that voters actually like


since it was proven that he lied in that report

I’m just going to finish reading that source you linked, I’ll reply back as soon as I’m done.

It’s weird tho, I’m having trouble clicking on it. Almost like it’s not there, but surely someone wouldn’t just insist it was true when it would be easy to prove it.


Well. I linked sources so you don’t have to take my word, you started your opinion in a condescending tone…

Do you understand the difference?


53% disapprove, 43% approve

Doesn’t seem like cause to celebrate…


That’s the worst part.

Biden wants us to believe the worst thing that can happen to America is trump in office.

And he’s right.

But instead of logically realizing that means he should be doing what voters want, he thinks that should mean he can do anything he wants, and if we don’t like it that’s not his fault.

It’s exactly the same as Hillary in 2016.

Neoliberals don’t want Republicans to be less extreme, they want Republicans to be so terrible that it makes the neoliberal standing next to them feel like a good option. Even if that means sometimes people like trump becomes president.


The filing also includes all the shares held by the former president. Trump, however, remains under a “lockup” deal that largely restricts him from selling his shares for another roughly five months. His son, Donald Trump Jr., who is a director on the board, and CEO Devin Nunes, are also bound by the lockup.

The stock plunge has erased billions from Trump’s stake — at least on paper. The shares soared when they began trading on March 26, giving Trump’s 57% ownership position a value of $6.25 billion. But after DJT’s recent slump, that stake is worth $2.1 billion, representing a paper loss of $4.15 billion.

People keep saying trump wasn’t prevented from selling for 6 months, and I have no idea why.

But this is why I was happy it started trading so high. trump was/is pushing supporters to buy shares as a way of donating. But those people are throwing their money away and it’ll still crash before trump can sell. He’s not just losing profit, he losing donations too.

Plus this way trump has to spend 6 months watching something literally trading under his name (djt) constantly hemorage money and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

When he saw that 6 billion number, he immediately considered it “his money” so even if he makes a couple hundred million selling his whole stake in this; it’s going to feel like he’s lost billions to him.

And hopefully the DJT stock lumps on without him for years as a shitty penny stock


His son, Donald Trump Jr., who is a director on the board, and CEO Devin Nunes, are also bound by the lockup.

Who exactly do you think can waive it?


Why is it the Biden supporters that sound most like trump supporters always have a post history making pro genocide comments too?

I’ve noticed it a lot, so I’m genuinely curious.


You want one name?

Elizabeth Warren.

But that’s not the only name.

Hell, the major reason for voting Biden is literally that he’s not trump, a qualification everyone eligible to run for president shares, except trump.

Do you honestly think 7 months isn’t enough time to run a general campaign? Why is the primary not scheduled to end for two more months if that’s true?

Seriously, how can you rationalize the primary not being scheduled to end for two more months if that’s not enough time for a general campaign?

I’m dying to hear your answer.


If it’s too late to change candidates, why hasn’t the DNC convention taken place?

Why did they schedule it so late in the summer that they missed multiple state deadlines to be on general election ballots?

And if your answer is going to have anything to do with the DNC being completely incompetent: why are you insisting we keep letting them be the only thing that stands between America and trump?


What bases do we have between Iran and Israel?

There’s one “base” in Israel……

Which exists inside of what was already an Israeli air base, is under control of Israel, and was only put there in name by trump so the US would have an excuse to attack anyone that attacks Israel.

Like, this shit isn’t ancient history, but I’m constantly surprised on here that I’m the only one who remembers stuff from the last decade.


Elizabeth Warren off the top of my head, but lots of people can.

But you’re ignoring the reason most people are voting Biden is he’s not trump. Name recognition hurts Biden.

  1. Take an estimate of how many you think they can stop, let’s say 100.
  2. Set up 500 in incrementally increasing waves, give them a weeks notice it’s coming, then a short warning before you launch.
  3. When some start to make it thru, flip a switch to drop some out of the next wave

You now have an accurate number for how many drones/missiles can be shot out of the sky by Israel and the US over a range of time.

This wasn’t an “attack” it was pushing up and finding out exactly how much Israel can handle.

The implied threat being if Iran wanted to, they could overwhelm Israel’s defense, and they now know exactly how much that would take. Along with what out of a huge range of options gets thru best.

Say they launch an actual attack, they could include a bunch of dummy ordnances delivered by the payloads most likely to be shot down, and prioritize the heaviest payloads in what’s less likely to be shot down.


So you think if Biden did the right thing and drops out, she wouldn’t run?

Before you were saying she couldn’t, now you’re saying she wouldn’t…

I know for a fact that 7 months isn’t long enough to run a presidential campaign

So why do you think the DNC only gives 5?

And if they’re making such obvious wrong choices and you’re so much better at this, why are they still running the only party against trump?

Shouldn’t we have people as smart as you running the party if you’re so obviously right?


. So I can’t really comment on why you think the DNC doesn’t let folks campaign before the convention.

Oh ok, you don’t know what other people are saying…

That’s why you can’t understand.

Hope that helps. Best of luck in your future interactions


Thanks for replying doing the thing you’re telling me not to do…

Hope that helps!


Keep repeating that mantra and you too can be just as shocked as Hilary diehards in 2016.

The rest of us know that strategy results in republicans winning and will keep pushing for a better option so we’re not stuck with trump.

Have fun

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