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That’s fair! For me, a 5 doesn’t need to be ground-breaking, just thoroughly enjoyable, top-to-bottom. I do agree that there’s some projects that’re more creative with the production (see JPEGMAFIA’s production on LP!) and that, lyrically, deal with some issues that are more poignant or that are explored more thoroughly (see Kendrick on basically everything).

But, for me, if I really like the way it sounds it’s a 5!!! I STAND BY MY RATING!!! hahaha

Thank you for your thoughts :D

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Saw this on Twitter just a minute ago. So awesome!!

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Nice, GJ Phillies! Did Harper play? I know basically nothing about baseball.

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Portuguese here. I don’t think we have that at all. I guess rural areas in general get that wrap a little bit but not really.

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Oh I’m Azorean so maybe that’s why I didn’t think of that… We’re not inbred!!!

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Ok what’s up with this one? It’s like the 3rd Beef Stroganoff meme I’ve seen today.

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Good things about Poland:

Bad things about Poland: The Polish

Point proven.

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Well, there are plenty of awesome things that can happen and do exist.

First of all, cryptids might actually exist. Maybe not the most famous ones that have been searched for for decades, but what about all the other cryptids that pop up once in a while? It’s exceedingly unlikely they exist, sure, but is a huge moth that kinda resembles a person in bad lighting somewhere really impossible? Mayhap.

But the rest, I think explaining things is great! Why do you think ghosts and demons are cool? Personally, I think human psychology is very cool, and science is cool. Explaining ghosts and demons with carbon monoxide poisoning is cool, in my opinion… Even ghosts, if they were real, might have a scientific explanation. We’d certainly look for one!

Maybe what you’re saying is that you wish things that we just couldn’t explain existed? But the reality is that there have always been, and there will always be things that we cannot know and cannot explain yet. It used to be ghosts, cryptids, and demons, now it’s some quantum stuff I think, and black holes or whatever. Maybe you should just look at the things we don’t understand yet, and you’ll find there’s plenty of wonder and creepiness and weird implications and possibilities. IDK, just saying.

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I feel like that’s a very odd rail to cart ratio for a monorail. Cool art though for sure 😊😊

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