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darrylhthomas, to random
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I seldom regret making donations, but if I’d had any clue how poor a steward #ActBlue would be of my personal information and the resulting sharing of it that would take place through countless political house file trades (a practice that should be banned), I never would’ve supported whatever campaign it was that lead me down this path.

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@schwa @darrylhthomas Could not agree more.

I will say that Bouncer (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bouncer-private-sms-blocker/id1457476313) has been amazing in cutting down the SMS spam. Just blocking “actblue”, “Stop2End”and some specific politicians names catches 95% of the junk.

stroughtonsmith, to random
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Apple pitching Vision Pro as a 'spatial computer’ from the outset is setting it up to run head first into the ‘iPad is not a real computer' arguments for the next decade, except this time it costs 7x the original iPad.

I already see people on Reddit thinking the device is as powerful as a multi-screen Mac, and they're going to be quite upset when they realize it’s an iPad with a very limited app selection 👀

Apple is going to have to work damn hard to make it live up to 'spatial computer’

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@stroughtonsmith This is where I’m at. After trying a decade+ of hacks to get the iPad to be a passable dev machine, it’s hard to justify $4k for the same level of capability. Not to mention that semi-advanced tasks like using Safari dev tools (or another browser engine) to diagnose/workaround bugs on random sites, smart folders in Photos, adding my own music to my music library, or simple scripts for file management just aren’t possible on iPad or Vision Pro.

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