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Interests in #Police accountability, #StopSearch and #anti-racism. ex-Town Councillor, ex-Stop & Search Scrutiny Panel. Support Forest Green Rovers. #Stroud Green Party member. #GPEW Most time spent flitting between #Gloucestershire and #Glamorgan. #Akkoma Personal blog: https://write.as/glospolicess/

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This is interesting. A petition, in Germany, about getting their Universities to stop promoting Facebook/Meta, Alphabet/Google, TikTok et. al. for corporate communications.

Instead requesting that communications be made using the Fediverse.

The same is true in this country (UK). I came off Facebook for two of three years after Brexit, but found myself being sucked into it again (because it's difficult not to and various community groups require it!) and it's not a healthy environment.

I think we should start thinking about weaning the Town, District and County Councils, along with other public service organisations, off these propriety platforms.

The major social media platforms operate by collating very personal information, all sold to data brokers, and along with the increasing use of so-called AI methods exposes users to ever more subtle manipulation.

These American platforms really do represent a serious threat to our democracy.

More information and background on the petition here......

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I didn't know that Vodafone and EE have already started switching off their 3G networks! Others will follow.


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It's hardly surprising that control was lost given the turnover of Post Office minsters since the computer system was introduced.

1997 - 1999: Ian McCartney (Lab)
1999 - 2001: Alan Johnson (Lab)
2001 - 2002: Douglas Alexander (Lab)
2002 - 2004: Stephen Timms (Lab)
2004 - 2006: Gerry Sutcliffe (Lab)
2006 - 2007: Jim Fitzpatrick (Lab)
2007 - 2009: Pat McFadden (Lab)
2009 - 2010: Lord Young (Con)
2010 - 2012: Ed Davey (Lib Dem)
2012 - 2012: Norman Lamb (Lib Dem)
2012 - 2013: Jo Swinson (Lib Dem)
2013 - 2014: Jenny Willott (Lib Dem)
2014 - 2015: Jo Swinson (Lib Dem)
2015 - 2016: Baroness Neville-Rolfe (Con)
2016 - 2018: Margot James (Con)
2018 - 2018: Andrew Griffiths (Con)
2018 - 2020: Kelly Tolhurst (Con)
2020 - 2022: Paul Scully (Con)
2022 - 2022: Jane Hunt (Con)
2022 - 2022: Dean Russell (Con)
2022 - Present: Kevin Hollinrake (Con)

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So, that TV show has stirred up a lot of interest in the Post Office saga. I've been following the Inquiry on the live feed for over a year now!

It's become pretty clear, that POL, being able to bring its own prosecutions was a big part of the problem. Even the Police have the CPS as a check and balance.

But I think there are many other issues too.

Core systems and infrastructure outsourced to third parties, offering/encumbered by legal separation. PFI, this is a consequence, I guess.

Commercial pressures hollowing out expertise. Poor calibre staff reduced to box ticking. Training seen as a cost etc.

Also, from listening to the Inquiry, it seems to me that laws and best practice are changing at speed and becoming increasingly complex. It's almost as if companies like POL cannot keep up. Yet, other, older law considers computer evidence always correct, which is bizzare.

It's a real mess which stems from breakup with Royal Mail, I think.

But at the end of the day it was the UK Govt. that created POL and it was also ultimately responsible for running the Post Office. Govt. defined the ethos, they appointed the leadership.

There is a Govt. minister who is meant to oversee all this, but given the rate of change and calibre of ministerial appointments nowadays it's hardly surprising that control was lost.

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Uh? What's this all about? A Happy New Year from Ubuntu?

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Ummm.... Not sure if this aligns with the truth given today's verdict.

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At today, Rishi Sunak said "rough sleeping in this country is down by 35%…thanks to the efforts of this government".

An official snapshot survey shows the number of people sleeping rough is down 35% since its 2017 peak. But it's up 74% since 2010.


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So, the USA uses its UN veto to prevent a ceasefire in Gaza. The very next day the US President uses his emergency powers to sell $106.5m worth of tank ammunitions to Israel.

That tells you everything you need to know about the United States, human rights and the unfolding genocide.

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So after a bombing in London, yesterday, that caused damage to property and ULEZ equipment, but thankfully, no loss of life, there has been no comment from the local MP or from No. 10.


Could the reason, for the lack of political comment, be that Tory Government’s policing minister, Chris Philp, the MP for nearby Croydon South, is also a member of a social media group in which criminal acts, damage and vandalism to public property, in the name of ULEZ, are celebrated on a near-daily basis?


I can't help but think if Just Stop Oil engaged in this sort of domestic terrorism the full weight of the establishment would be brought to bear instantly.

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It cannot be right that UK Govt. is paying half a billion £££ to Amazon for cloud hosting, can it?


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Has anyone come across an inline 'toggle switch' for cat5/6 cable?

I'm just looking a simple way to disable an IOT type device on a lan without logging in etc. or physically disconnecting the device.

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Does anyone have any words of wisdom about Jitsi running on an 80/20Mb/s VDSL? I'm think about the practical number of simultaneous users on a video call. I have a spare mini PC i3 6th Gen with 8Gb that could host it.

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Geez. I've had a @protonvpn account for a couple of years and only just realized they have a FireFox extension.

I've always configured the VPN at the OS level which can be a bit problematic for certain tasks. sigh.


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I've been following some of the Post Office Horizon Inquiry. I came across a report used in evidence to 'showcase' the level of programming used in that system.

The example they used in evidence was the code devised to reverse the sign of a number (equivalent to the command :- d=-d )

Public Function ReverseSign(d)

If d <0 Then
End If

ReverseSign = d

End Function

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@fkamiah17 Gove. He really has gone off the rails, hasn't he?

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@fkamiah17 Actually, that wouldn't surprise me, the Tories are pretty ruthless and Sunak isn't cutting the mustard for them. I guess those two could be front runners. I hope that pans out because it'll make them even more unelectable.

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Atari just bought Digital Eclipse!

How is this company making so many high profile acquisitions recently?


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@atomicpoet It wasn't so long ago they wanted to create a blockchain division to capitalise on NFTs and blockchain gaming! Maybe they're repurposing money raised for that?

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@atomicpoet Actually, the company history is quite interesting. Quite removed from the original Atari Inc. of the 70's.


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🇳🇿 🇿🇦 Final

Whoever wins, they will be taking home a record-breaking fourth William Webb Ellis Cup.

Perhaps fitting that the two most successful rugby nations meet today.

Interesting stat: the Boks have never conceded a try in a World Cup final! Rain forecast, should favour South Africa. These two teams met in the final in 1995, going to extra time in that historic battle, with SA coming out on top.

Game on!


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@jaz @rugby The kit colours are a bit too close for my liking. :(

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The EU is split on the UN general assembly resolution for an "immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce" between Hamas and Israel.

8 in favour
4 against
15 abstentions


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@Loukas I think it's accurate to say that the resolution was carried 8 to 4 (amongst EU members) with only Austria, Croatia, Czechia and Hungary voting against. Abstentions never count.

But, it comes as no surprise to me that the UK could not bring itself to vote for the “protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations” which was the title and purpose of that UN resolution.

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@jaz lol. They just all blur into one! @rugby

ProjectFearlessness, to random

"For me, Muslim-Jewish coexistence isn’t an abstract concept. It’s not an ideal. It was an everyday reality. We lived it, we experienced it, we touched it, and therefore recalling the experience of the Jewish community in Iraq and my family enables me to think of a better future for our region. To counter the Zionist claim that Muslim Jewish Arab-Israeli hostility is preordained and that the two sides are doomed to live in perpetual conflict."

Avi Shlaim


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@ProjectFearlessness and from what little I understand that was also aligned with the UK Govt's position on Palestine at the time because it was also grounded in international law, in particular UN resolutions 242 and 338 which call for an end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories. Which meant the West Bank (all of it, not pockets), Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Even though the situation in the occupied territories has only worsened since then it shows how far this Govt's and indeed Labour's policy has abandoned balance and international rules.

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So it turns out Europol want the access to all the data that would be collected under plans to scan messages for CSAM. Confirming worst fears that child abuse is being used as an excuse for routine mass surveillance of all images and messages https://balkaninsight.com/2023/09/29/europol-sought-unlimited-data-access-in-online-child-sexual-abuse-regulation/ .

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@JamesBaker Was there ever any doubt?

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