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Graphic art, video games, classic TV and movies. Reluctant techie. Introvert. Dog dad. He/They. San Francisco resident since the Clinton administration.

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GottaLaff, to random
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Via Angry Staffer:

She thinks you should be forced to have your rapist’s baby.

Republicans in a nutshell, folks.

Bash: You think there should be exceptions for rape and incest?

#Noem: I don’t think a tragedy should perpetuate another tragedy


Tommy Vietor:

Kristi Noem is considered a leading contender to be Trump VP pick. Here she says that women who are victims of rape or incest should be denied access to abortion services.

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@Urban_Hermit @KimSJ @GottaLaff

Conservatives: Gay people can't reproduce, so they have to recruit.

Me: Conservatives can't recruit, so they have to reproduce.

gwachob, to random
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We tried the zoom AI assistant today at work in a meeting.

The summary it sent to the meeting owner afterwards looks really quite good.

Stunning, actually.


In some places, just factually wrong about what we said. Frustrating. If it doesn't summarize meetings better than 90% then it has a lot less value. Especially in a technical meeting like this where specific decisions/conclusions are made.

It's a great way to get someone who is creating meeting notes/minutes started... but by itself, its almost worse than having no notes at all. I think if we were discussing more generic topics it might have done "better". But on this highly technical discussion with lots of unmentioned context... not so much.

I think this is true of almost all AI applications I've seen recently.

Still, fascinating.

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@gwachob @J12t How about: yeah vs. nope, or yup vs. nah?

pluralistic, to privacy
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@pluralistic What if you don't have a (smart) phone? I miss coins.

haljor, to random
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Watching Live TV on Roku, this just happened on The Price is Right (Bob Barker, ~1984):

Bob: "Here's Joanna who just lost a car. You had a zero and changed it to a one. Why did you do that?"
Joanna [points to the audience]: "A man!"
Bob: "Why did you listen to him?"
Joanna: "He was the loudest. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about."
Bob: "Men with the loudest voices never know what they're talking about."

Truer words were never spoken.

psoul, to random
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Ok reading about this stuff. I’m not a compete computer nerd but I was a mechanical engineer so I can understand nerdy stuff.
ELIamAMechanicalEngineer: What is XZ?

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renwillis, to random
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I’m like 65 hours into Persona 5 Royal and I’m at the point where IRL work is annoying me because it’s interrupting my ability to play Persona 5 Royal.

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@renwillis It took 65 hours to reach that point?

haljor, to random
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It's always fun to watch an eBay auction end for less than half (or a quarter) of the current "buy it now" prices.

skykiss, (edited ) to random
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Dear Citizens,

Who do republicans serve?

Thank you for responding.👏


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@skykiss The last choice is an extension of the second.

the_etrain, to random
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Today's signature scent will be Vicks and Ricola. I call it Vicola.

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@the_etrain Better than "Reecks"

haljor, to random
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Thank you Kansas City for sparing the entire Bay Area of an evening of fireworks. (Signed) Cats, dogs, and a bunch of people.

haljor, to tech
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I can't believe has a link to their careers page in the browser console.

sysop408, to random
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We're getting hit with peak winds from the current storm here in the San Jose, CA area. There are already a lot of power outages all around. So far my neighborhood's been very lucky and we still have power.

I want to get some work done, but I just know that the second I get going, the power will go out... that it's actually waiting for me to start working on something before it goes out.

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@sysop408 This is the new "as soon as I step into the shower, the phone will ring".

augieray, to mastodon
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There is a kind of person on Mastodon that I don't often run into on other social networks: Folks who feel safe judging others based on a single post.

Don't do this. You don't know anything about the lives of others based on one post. We're all doing the best we can in an imperfect world.

I got criticized for a photo at a heated outdoor bar, since that destroys the environment. So does driving, flying, and a lot of things we all do. Keep your judgments to yourself--make kinder.

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@augieray You don't see this on other social networks? What other social networks are you on?

sysop408, to random
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OK, hardware nerds, I have an ancient computing device that takes a 6V 750ma DC power adapter. I'm having an impossible time finding a 6V 750ma adapter.

Am I correct in believing that I can use a 6V 1A or 6V 2A adapter just fine? Is it safe to do? It's a really old computing device so I don't want to take any chances.

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@sysop408 Have you tried eBay? May not be reliable, but there are matches for 6V/750mA. Whether they would fit your port, I can't say. I'm also seeing multi-adapters, where you can change the tip and select a voltage on the transformer but I don't know how amperage works on these.

haljor, to random
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If there was ever a sign that the have lost relevance, snubbing both Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie and dropping into the Adapted Screenplay category is it. Or three.

haljor, to random
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Trying to figure out what size clothing to buy at Amazon by reading reviews like "I ordered a large, they fit, but are perhaps on the small size. I don't think an XL would fit. but could just be me."

Yeah, but how big are you????

TonyStark, to random
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Think of how sickening this situation is, doctors trying to quickly decide if they are breaking the law by trying to save a woman's life. That’s what this is. And for the moment in Idaho, that’s exactly what it is- doctors will be breaking the law to save a woman’s life in a medical emergency and it could be that way in more states soon.

Republicans are doing this. Republicans picked SCOTUS judges that are doing this.

Want a total national abortion ban? Keep letting Republicans get elected.

A screenshot from CNN.com: “Supreme Court to decide if emergency room doctors can perform medically necessary abortions in states that prohibit them By Devan Cole, CNN Updated 5:53 PM EST, Fri January 5, 2024 Kent Nishimura/Bloomberg/Getty Images The US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, US, on Friday, Jan. 5, 2024.”

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@TonyStark @ClintBarton *3 picks, not 4

brennansv, to ai
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There is a lot of criticisms of AI and LLMs. What I wish people would keep in mind is this is by far not a finished product. Still there is a lot of value in what it can do so far and many of the features that are being promoted by various companies or startups are just early attempts to create something useful.

Where I think it should go is to simply make everyday life a bit easier. There was a Kickstarter for "smart" headphones called Vinci years ago. (I have one of these.) The demo video showed the user wearing them on their commute to use public transit and also connect with RideShare to get to work. It connected a lot of dots and was going to be built on Alexa which could not do everything shown in the video, like using real-time data to show their train would be delayed and would miss the connect so it would automatically order an Uber for them. This never worked but the vision was solid.



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@brennansv You can do all of that now without AI. You could have done all of that years ago without AI. This is just data already available through various sites presented in a different, shinier way.

haljor, to tech
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I can't believe my company decides team assignments based on where the feature exists on the screen, rather than what the feature actually does.

I'm reminded of one of the worst things my manager said over 20 years ago: "A good engineer should be able to do any task given to them." Would you say the same thing about medical doctors?

Specializations exist for reasons, and those should be used for efficiency.

renwillis, to gaming
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It's wild to me that this game controller layout just evolved to become the standard de facto layout in gaming.

Joy con top left and bottom right
D-pad bottom left, buttons top right.

My question is for the left-handed folks out there. Does this work for y'all too or would a mirror version be better?

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@renwillis Playstation would like a word.

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@renwillis It's the upper left one in your image (and bottom center). Both analog sticks are on the bottom, D-pad and buttons on top. There is no "standard de facto layout", unless you want to just look at the D-pad/buttons thing, but that goes back for years.

haljor, to random
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Doing a braindump with me three months ago does not give you permission to Slack me a "Happy New Year" message during my PTO.

TechDesk, (edited ) to fediverse
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In case you missed yesterday: Flipboard is embracing the open social web by breaking down our walled gardens and federating some of our favourite publisher accounts.

@pitchfork - music news, features
@FrommersMag — travel news, features
@AfarMedia — travel news, features
@LGBTQNation — LGBTQ news, lifestyle
@mental_floss — lifestyle, quirky news
@Semafor — U.S.-based global news/politics
@Joysauce — AAPI lifestyle, culture, pop culture

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@TechDesk None of these are linked. What instance(s) are they on?

haljor, to random
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Throwback to my early 40s when I learned that truffles were not, in fact, chocolate-covered mushrooms.

haljor, to random
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Accidentally posted a comment on a blog using one of my alt handles, so I guess that cat is out of the bag.

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